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hehe yeah, we are on the same page here. Apple, with the switch to Intel, has been holding the position as the lowest price Xeon workstations.
holy crap. are people that stupid??here you go mdriftmeyer.... The dual quad core 2.8 ghz mac pro with 2 GB ram and a 256 MB video card is $2800the dual quad core 2.8 ghz dell with 2 GB of ram and a 256 MB video card is $3800
i know. getting cable to lose all encryption would be harder than getting movie studios to lose DRM. But, the FCC already requires them to send local channels in the clear, and as such, many cable companies at least send their basic package in the clear - no help with HBO, et al, but can give you 25-30 channels + your local ATSC broadcasts just with an ATSC/QAM tuner.
1) half the worlds population lives in urban areas - with ATSC OTA in the States providing better picture quality than any other broadcast HD, why not push for adoption? i have 1.5 TB of space filled up with television i have recorded OTA, for "free" with a computer based DVR. I could never watch everything i want to on the 25 channels i get OTA. 2) Windows Media Center sells well, and it only supports OTA - cable card can be supported in the future, but the industry...
because, as the article reports, they were just granted the 2nd patent which cements the case.
my exact question. were they sending apple emails based on rumors of an SDK *prior* to its announcement? no wonder they went unanswered....
the current minis are faster than pretty much any PPC machine. and they are headless, and under $700. i dropped my 2x2 ghz G5 when i realized the 2x2 ghz CoreDuo macbook out performed it. while i was using PCI slots for more internal storage, i also realized that a decent NAS on a gigabit enet setup gave me basically the same performance, and i really didn't need the PCI slots for anything then. Now i have realized that 802.11 n give me enough performance to keep my...
i think the problems are based on poor coding, not safari:http://validator.w3.org/http://tinyurl.com/yweguq (the results)http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/http://tinyurl.com/2cftdg (the results)
as of now, apple is still selling replacement parts for the RAID, and, historically, apple has continued offering replacement parts for their products long after discontinuation. Furthermore, the xserve RAID was very long in the tooth. ATA-100 in the days of SATA-300? right. i think when apple entered the RAID market, the xserve RAID was tremendous, but at this point, it doesnt make sense to update the hardware when they can simply continue to create the software to...
sarcastic and sardonic are synonyms. you can use them interchangeably, and in fact the etymology of sarcasm is more "negative" than sardonic.
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