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interesting. they do - good for them. according to their website:http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/global...ssetId=3720002 it is only a handful of On Demand movies, and to access most of them in 1080p, you need an internet-connected receiver. the fact that they wont estimate the number of actual movies they offer in 1080p makes me assume it isn't many. and they are 1080p24, which is already available via 1080i60 via 3:2 pulldown, which is usually flagged hollywood 24p...
Are you sure about this? or is it 1080i, like iTV's HD broadcasts and the BBC's HD broadcasts? In the US, broadcasts are pretty much all 720p or 1080i - over the air are MPEG-2, which is far less efficient than today's h.264. But there is little, if any, 1080p content other than Blu-ray.
completely depends on your viewing distance:http://s3.carltonbale.com/resolution_chart.html simply put, at specific viewing distances the extra resolution loses its benefits. this is all based on the resolving power of the human eye:http://carltonbale.com/1080p-does-matter
http://ycharts.com/search?q=MSFT%20v...=profit_margin Apple actually has the lowest margins of "the big three" ... By your train of thought, Google is the company screwing the consumer the most If they weren't making profits, we'd be bitching that they are lowering the value of our retirement plans. again
excatly. my television/media viewing works via SageTV www.sagetv.com which is a central media server, and then very low power (6 watts?) media "extenders" at the nodes (televisions) i want to view at. the extenders do all the heavy lifting (decoding, etc) and the server just has the main software, and all the (four) ATSC tuners hooked up to it. i've got a wireless HD extender that i can plug in a wireless keyboard to the extender for data entry , etc. the days of HTPC...
definitely. heck, the extra $8 a month or whatever comcast charges for HD services still gets me agitated - all those companies love to nickel and dime the consumer...
Comcast is still coax to the house in most areas i believe, including mine - but fiber to the node. where i am at is all DOCSIS 3, so they are selling 50/10 service. i have 20/5 for the $55 price.
Comcast, the largest cable provider in the US, allows internet w/o tv. actually, you need to get at least two of their three services - phone, internet and television. i have phone and internet for $55 a month. and an antenna on my roof for free HD tv.
not if google v. viacom is any indication. a guaranteed $500 million couldn't buy google/youtube the content it wanted. content owners are *very* wary of Apple at the moment, and have been since the inception of the iTunes Music Store.
h.264 is now getting professional blu ray encodes down to 15 mbps or so. so figure that would give you "blu ray quality" (as if that is some standard).1/2 that, about 7-8 mbps and you could have some really high quality streaming media. this sounds good to me, as i just switched from verizon's crappy 3 mbps dsl+ phone for $90 a month to comcast's 20 mbps cable + comcast phone (it was required) for $55 a month - and saved myself $35 per month in the process!! (not an ad, it...
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