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h.264 is now getting professional blu ray encodes down to 15 mbps or so. so figure that would give you "blu ray quality" (as if that is some standard).1/2 that, about 7-8 mbps and you could have some really high quality streaming media. this sounds good to me, as i just switched from verizon's crappy 3 mbps dsl+ phone for $90 a month to comcast's 20 mbps cable + comcast phone (it was required) for $55 a month - and saved myself $35 per month in the process!! (not an ad, it...
you can simply hold the nano "upside down" and the accelerometers will orient the video image correctly.
I would like to see the US Federal government learn that lesson. How about a **real** balanced budget, and only spending what we make?? It is tough to complain about consumers, when the largest consumer in the US, the gov't, is the worst in terms of spending money they (we) don't have.
but this is the beauty of the iPhone. instead of being stuck with horrid software, like on the Treo 750, knowing that things could be improved, apple is actually making the first phones they sold BETTER. Palm (especially) would sell you a new phone, but not improve the old apple will offer software upgrades to improve both the oldest and the newest phones. THIS is why the iPhone is a strong seller and changing the marketplace. Apple is the first major player to realize it...
One HUGE difference: Apple uses Xeon processors, Pystar uses Core2 - utterly different, and priced much much different. Professional workstation vs. consumer grade desktop computer.
my macintosh runs SageTV and functions as the HTPC in my living room, so getting, and keeping, AC3 passthrough has been an issue with every update of QuickTime since 7.5.5
back in the day, apple would have shipped out your order with the latest hardware anyway, not sure if this is the case anymore....
time machine only copies changed files, so there really isnt duplication. and then when space gets full, it deletes the oldest data first. basically, time machine will use as much or as little space as you give it.
It is about time. The fifth largest city in the nation, and we don't have an Apple store. Bundy (especially) and Springboard Media are going to hate this though - they have had a lock on Center City business, and this location is square in between those two indy Mac stores (Springboard @ 22nd and Bundy @ 18th) I walk past this location everyday on my way home from work, it is definitely an Apple type location (this section of Walnut Street is basically all high...
this looks very exciting. downloaded the app now, and ill try it all out after work. thanks for the info!!!
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