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that looks pretty sweet - it looks to be a GPS receiver that basically adds the EXIF info to the images based on time stamp... genius. and you can add any USB card reader to get even more memory card support...reviews seem good:http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/atp-ph...nder-a4032.phpand it uses a good GPS chipset:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SiRFstar_III
eh, i would call it jejune and pedestrian.
If you don't own windows, there is no need to have VM software. If you want VM software to run Linux, it is $10 (or $10)
the problem with nuclear is less with the reactors (having spent my entire life living near either TMI or Limerick) and more with the disposal of radioactive waste. Sure, Yucca Mountain... lets bury things with a half-life of 500,000 years in containers tested to last 10,000 years. We don't really care about the future, right? But the bigger solution with waste? Already, the backlog of nuclear waste is approaching 70,000 metric tons - right about Yucca's total capacity...
i could go point by point, but that takes too much time. eh, oh well. municipal waste collection is engrained, and it is by far the most efficient process. Could you imagine if every individual household tried to take their waste, individually, to a landfill/recycling center? In Philadelphia, these trucks are multi-use as well - they plow the streets in the winter. Furthermore, diesel engines are far more efficient than gasoline, and can run, unmodified, off of...
Quicktime has been able to deal with basic 5.1 surround sound (DTS, Dolby) for quite a while now. it will either mix down to a stereo mix or, if set and using optical out, it will pass the raw data to an external receiver. This was great, until QT 7.5 broke passthrough. So for the past 6 months + it has been difficult if not impossible to get reliable passthrough of surround sound. Quicktime still has no problem mixing a 5.1 surround sound down to stereo but this is...
hopefully apple will finally fix ac3 passthrough that it broke with the release of QuickTime 7.5.1
my 1G is still working fine. put in a new battery recently, it have >24 hour battery life now. it is currently used daily by an 86 year old woman when she is at dialysis.
dammit. it should be... ah well. i think the point is fairly well heeled though, that the rep from the "clone" "manufacturer" is *completely* off base when it comes to Apple pricing (or the other major manufacturers are running 2-3x Apple's supposed 80% margins.. Certainly, Apple has no (or few) products in certain ranges, but the Mac Pros are full workstation systems for a darn good price - and a better price (fully outfitted) than any of the other majors.
updated to add the monitors and equalize the hard drives...
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