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ummm....that is what Sprint says they are doing, but only for the absolute highest users:  "Prioritization windows are calculated every 20 milliseconds, and throttled users will see services restored to normal operating speeds once traffic conditions at a particular cell site clear."  if your tower is empty, you won't see any change.
  really? making this political? large urban areas in the US have a large concentration of cell phone antennas. large urban areas are overwhelmingly Democratic in terms of voting. Heck, Philadelphia hasn't had a Republican mayor since the 1940s, and we installed an outdoor distributed antenna system on street light poles that is leased to cell phone companies. 
  no, you can still consume an unlimited amount of data.  i bet all of these companies contracts allow unlimited data transfer, but *not* unlimited data speed. you are misconstruing the two. but like the US road system, you can drive as far as you want, but in areas of congestion, the speed may be dropped. 
 yes, i am. did you read? apparently not. in our production environment, wireless mice came about a decade after rechargeable batteries.
no. I bought nothing extra.I simply know where my batteries are.no. I bought nothing extra. and I get almost the same battery life with 8 hours daily use & no down time to charge.did you read what I wrote?
 At work, I can find & change batteries at work in far less than 2 minutes, and get at least two weeks of daily use out of them. Now i will have to actually quantify how long AA 1900 mAh batteries last in my mouse... off the cuff, i would say it is actually 4 weeks of daily use. We have 5 such mice in my department, as well as a few photographic flashes that use AA batteries, so we simply have a 16 battery charger plugged in full time - makes finding batteries a snap.
 Are you really going to be that obtuse? Yes, on paper, that is how things work. This is reality, in an economy ruled by emotion & a corporate age where cults of personality hold far more power than ever provided to them on paper. Hence the only reason this is rumor-mill news. One cult of personality is decrying another cult of personality.
 He is the chairman of the board. http://ir.teslamotors.com/directors.cfm
  my guess is that Musk's asking price was higher than Apple thought they would spend doing it themselves.
Derisiveness sells in the US today. If word gets out that Jobs wasn't a horrible person, there may be lower ticket sales... Anyway, i say skip the current movies & find Pirates of Silicon Valley - much more entertaining, and because it was before the 15 year rocket to stardom (aka classic Mac era), i think it is a better depiction of the personalities involved in the birthing of personal computing.
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