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question:   using full bandwidth of the ATT network when "unlimited" was announced, how much data could you consume in a 24/7 month?     how does that compare to ATT 4G?     i am with the "ATT is still offering unlimited data" crowd. the speed limit is probably still faster than ATT's original speeds...
Agree. And i think we may finally be on the cusp of a marketplace that can please both types of users.
 Definitely depends on how much you watch.  There are months when my Netflix fee seems exorbitant compared to my usage. I already get more content than i can watch via my free** OTA HD.  **yes, i have a small HTPC, $400 investment 9 years ago, and it is still running swimmingly, thanks SageTV
 this is actually wrong, and the reason it took so long to get HBO to offer its content without a cable subscription. the *cable* companies have a problem with it, and their distribution contracts have (historically) denied the networks from offering the same content elsewhere in a franchised area. hence why it was such huge news that HBO was, for all intents and purposed, self-delivering content through an app. This also leads into the huge issue of franchise rights in...
i'm firmly in the camp of "i am sick of monthly subscriptions"   i feel nickle & dimed, and would much rather pay per consumption of individual items.   the monthly fees are what led me to ditch cable in 2006 when ATSC rolled through Philadelphia.
 more beholden than they are to the stock holder who own the company? i would be worried if Apple didn,t already have a political track record. They aren't kowtowing to anyone.
I would rather see NASA get the "national defense" portion of the federal budget, and Apple & other companies work with them.   But the reality is the US federal government and the people we elect to represent us would rather spend money on the military. so the military is who has the $$ to provide non-government companies.   And before reacting about Apple specifically, i want to know what their role is. My feelings about non-weapons research are much more muted than...
I know people who have has standing weekly sessions for a number of years.
no.I'm saying apple has ceased charging outright for their operating system.
 I have never seen ads in Parallels (v6 through v10)
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