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 The MHz myth is still alive and well. Clock speed is not a comparative metric of computing performance across chip types. Remember the days of 266 MHz G3 PPC processors outperforming 400 MHz PII's?I do.
  research the difference between CISC & RISC microprocessors. This is exactly the reason ARM can do more with less compared to IntelCoincidentally, it is the same thing that had, mhz for mhz, PowerPC out performing x86. It is not about the laws of physics, rather about the decades of baggage that is attached to the instruction set Intel has chosen to maintain.
IBM Power processors still kick a$$.   The market debacle of IBM leaving the desktop market to a crappy Motorola doesn't change the fact that RISC > CISC. ARM v. x86 proves that more in today's market.   IBM basically decided (and rightfully so at the time) that the Apple market was not where they wanted to invest resources - they wanted to fight Intel harder in the big iron market, and it has been successful for them. 
It is working here in Philadelphia, USA as well Non-developer, normal person account.
http://www.nycticketfighter.com/about-ticket-fighter/ read about how it ca happen. probably similar to Philly, every UPS, FedEx, Frito Lay, Pepsi, Coke, etc delivery truck is getting a couple of tickets every single day for stopping in the same illegal spots. If one man (in the link above) can have a fleet of 1400 trucks operating in NYC, imagine the per-truck ticketing rates for a year of daily deliveries.
How many children's deaths is the United States government responsible for every year? Our politicians have already decided that the death of the innocent is a price worth paying for protection from terrorism.
how much is comcast making?   enough to build a second skyscraper next to their current headquarters: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/New_Comcast_tower_cleared_for_takeoff.html   every day, all of philadelphia gets to see the big middle finger that is the comcast center. soon they will be providing my fair city the "double bird"
content producers finally recognizing IPTV* can be profitable & structuring their contracts with cable television companies to allow direct delivery to consumers.  * i know, not strict IPTV, but the promise (and ability) to have direct-to-consumer content providing has been around for sooooo long.
target allowed my credit card info to be stolenhome depot allowed my credit card info to be stolen no. not lazy. simply concerned about security.if the US had chip & PIN i would be less concerned. (i have a chip now, but it is pretty much useless without the PIN)
why 12"? 13" too big and 11" too small?? Body & colors aside, i don't understand the sizing at all. Oh, and maybe Apple should go back to the colors of the toilet seat iBooks. They were humble, minimalist and modest, right??
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