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 the problem is a reliable connection for data. i assume it would not be simple, quick or cheap to tether a ship in international waters to one of the trans atlantic or trans pacific fiber cables... buying private islands would probably be a better method - if actors can do it, i am sure Apple & Google can.
Even more important is the deadlines that Buffet & Gates have set on the giving away of their foundation's monies within a certain number of years postmortem. This is all based on the idea that the cost to solve problems will increase more rapidly than the capital in the charities. Good on the likes of Cook, Jobs, Buffett, Lenfest and others of their ilk. "The man who dies rich, dies disgraced." -Andrew Carnegie
Apple respects my privacy - that alone is worth $25 a year. Though, in all respects, i would like to see Apple increasing capacity/limits for things like iTunes Match. What was good at initial announcement is no longer adequate for marketing purposes. I think it would be great if Apple could roll iCloud iTunes Match any other pay services into one package. I am sure the record labels have something to do with that though...
For those comparing the new 5D megapixel to the "Apple iPhone staying at 8 MP..." article... two words: "L Series" These cameras are simply an accessory for your lenses.
The FCC (and FDA, etc) exist to keep people (corporations have person-hood now in the USA) from harming others. Without these governmental organizations and some amount of regulation, corruption will run amok, and the middle class (that is approximately a family of four with a yearly income of US $50,000) will get reamed. I am all for the internet being declared a utility - access to it should not be the play thing of multi-billion dollar entities who are governed by...
I'm with you guys. In my car, phone is plugged in and mounted for possible map use - in position, like clockwork, before I even put on my seatbelt. Hey Siri was a game changer for my use, this device is another piece of clutter floating around.
 The MHz myth is still alive and well. Clock speed is not a comparative metric of computing performance across chip types. Remember the days of 266 MHz G3 PPC processors outperforming 400 MHz PII's?I do.
  research the difference between CISC & RISC microprocessors. This is exactly the reason ARM can do more with less compared to IntelCoincidentally, it is the same thing that had, mhz for mhz, PowerPC out performing x86. It is not about the laws of physics, rather about the decades of baggage that is attached to the instruction set Intel has chosen to maintain.
IBM Power processors still kick a$$.   The market debacle of IBM leaving the desktop market to a crappy Motorola doesn't change the fact that RISC > CISC. ARM v. x86 proves that more in today's market.   IBM basically decided (and rightfully so at the time) that the Apple market was not where they wanted to invest resources - they wanted to fight Intel harder in the big iron market, and it has been successful for them. 
It is working here in Philadelphia, USA as well Non-developer, normal person account.
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