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Google kept the valuable patents. Hence the low selling price.
Airplay uses lossless transmission.   Bluetooth does not. Whether SBC or aptX, it will be lossy compression.   range is the only other big plus for Airplay. You can extend it as far as you can extend your network (aka, i was able to use a VPN to Airplay from home to work-no real reason other than to try it)
I do believe you would hear the same thing from Sears (appliances), furniture stores, etc. It is a benefit of being a sales tax haven in the midst of the Northeast megalopolis.
i would have liked to see a color target photographed instead. resolution is one thing, but as you can tell from the images, color representation is all over the map. color used to be controlled systemically by the likes of Fuji and Kodak (Fuji/Kodak certified labs) now it is a crap shoot.
We use iPad minis in the clinic. For viewing images on our PACS, it is far better than paper or a desktop CPU. Our next EMR will work on the mini as well - and they fit perfectly inside a white coat pocket. We are also transitioning to an EMR (Modernized Medicine) that utilizes an iPad-based UI for direct patient interaction, and has a web background as well for more detailed data processing/entry. I find it appalling that many current EMR systems require medical staff...
http://www.homedepot.com/p/t/202177984?productId=202177984&storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&MERCH=REC%2d%5f%2dproduct%2d1%2d%5f%2d100608049%2d%5f%2d202177984%2d%5f%2dN#.UY-Ii6VQFGM i have had this for 2 years. works great, and haven't had any issues. it is straight forward to program in a temporary pin number for a visitor, or have semi-permanent codes for friends & family.
Market? NBA players. It seems to be proportionally proper for a 6' 6" - 7' tall individual and their hands... Maybe?
    let them move.    i bet it will be a net gain for the US economy. and the company will make less on their products when all of a sudden they become imported goods, subject to tarrifs, etc. 
or, more likely, a profitable idea.
what features?    there is honestly nothing that Nest provides that is actually useful or more efficient than a properly programmed thermostat with a web interface. they just throw it in a fancy package, create too-complicated electronics for it, and sell it to people too stupid to look for other options. I don't need a green leaf to tell me that i am saving energy when my HVAC system is off.
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