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One HUGE difference: Apple uses Xeon processors, Pystar uses Core2 - utterly different, and priced much much different. Professional workstation vs. consumer grade desktop computer.
my macintosh runs SageTV and functions as the HTPC in my living room, so getting, and keeping, AC3 passthrough has been an issue with every update of QuickTime since 7.5.5
back in the day, apple would have shipped out your order with the latest hardware anyway, not sure if this is the case anymore....
time machine only copies changed files, so there really isnt duplication. and then when space gets full, it deletes the oldest data first. basically, time machine will use as much or as little space as you give it.
It is about time. The fifth largest city in the nation, and we don't have an Apple store. Bundy (especially) and Springboard Media are going to hate this though - they have had a lock on Center City business, and this location is square in between those two indy Mac stores (Springboard @ 22nd and Bundy @ 18th) I walk past this location everyday on my way home from work, it is definitely an Apple type location (this section of Walnut Street is basically all high...
this looks very exciting. downloaded the app now, and ill try it all out after work. thanks for the info!!!
the ATP device does support CF cards, in fact you can plug a usb card reader into the device and it will read whatever cards the reader supports.
Hence the reason i quoted the post that mentioned the ATP Photo Finder as a (better) alternative.http://forums.appleinsider.com/showp...77&postcount=9
that looks pretty sweet - it looks to be a GPS receiver that basically adds the EXIF info to the images based on time stamp... genius. and you can add any USB card reader to get even more memory card support...reviews seem good:http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/atp-ph...nder-a4032.phpand it uses a good GPS chipset:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SiRFstar_III
eh, i would call it jejune and pedestrian.
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