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kind of a moot point if the whole iOS 5 upgrade is about being "PC-less"
im cautiously optimistic. i'll wait for a final decision until i try it out for myself "in the wild"
On the other hand, Apple used SCSI for internal drives through most of the late '80s and early '90s.
http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC...co=MTc5OTU4MjAi highlighted the important part...
considering the "rising" portion took a good 20 years, i dont see much to be concerned with.... i've been using Macintosh since its inception in 1984, and still find it amazing that it has taken so long for the OS to begin to "catch on" with the masses.
then question the content of the whole article, since none of it is anything new - as noted in the article, there have already been 200 million news app downloads. fingertips is a perfectly acceptable, and technically correct, descriptor in my view.
i cannot remember the last time i used the middle segment or base segment of my finger to work an iphone or ipad. not sure about you, but i almost exclusively use my fingertips to activate the interface.
see my posts above. brew temp and drinking temp are completely different things. brewing coffee @ 140 F simply wont work. and since optimal cup temp is around 185 F, why should a vendor have to pre-cool coffee for the off-user that wants it lukewarm? they can put the cup in their cup holder and let it cool, MUCH more intelligent than putting it between your legs and removing the lid.just because i like my pizza cold, does that mean pizzerias have to stop serving hot...
...she is suing too....http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/new...ntain-texting/
believe it or not, science dictates a specific temperature to best extract the flavor from ground coffee beans. that is found to be approx 195-205 F. this is part of the reason coffee fanatics are very specific with their brewing - most home drip pots make shit coffee because of very poor temperature monitoring. my espresso machine though, has a thermostat, and the boiler keeps the brewing water @ 92 C (197-ish F) ...best consumed immediately.when i brew "drip" i use a...
New Posts  All Forums: