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Their SEC 10-Q filing breaks it all down:http://investor.apple.com/
that 36 MB ram barrier was the first issue with the LC575... but at least it wasnt a 32 bit "dirty" mac.
how so? im using it now...
you should be fine, as it doesn't sound like Apple is axing iTunes, simply adding more value. SInce you probably aren't purchasing media from the iTunes store, your music collection and your usage will be unaffected.
somebody has to get the short end of the stick.
no, you get mobile me for one year from today. icloud doesnt have an email service, only 5 GB storage instead of 20 GB and no iWeb/hosting. pretty fair i believe on Apple's part.
? it is simply Steve Jobs walking on stage with a giant picture of the Carolina data center being projected behind him... no hack.
kind of a moot point if the whole iOS 5 upgrade is about being "PC-less"
im cautiously optimistic. i'll wait for a final decision until i try it out for myself "in the wild"
On the other hand, Apple used SCSI for internal drives through most of the late '80s and early '90s.
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