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eh. apple sold 200 Apple I's apple sold millions of Apple II's (and 50,000 in the first 2.5 years)
but the CD complete set is still cheaper than the digital complete set....http://www.amazon.com/Beatles-Stereo.../dp/B002BSHWUU
i wont argue the point, as long as you have the same disdain for people who buy $20 million paintings, $150,000 cars, million dollar houses. also, remember that poor people existed, as will exist, outside the "horrific economy"... are you in favor of this money being spent in a "good" economy, which has potentially more heavily downtrodden poor people...
we've got a rack filled with a couple of Xserves and an Xserve RAID (6 TB RAID 5) here at work. they dropped the Xserve RAID, so our second one had to be a 20 TB Promise Vtrak.... regardless of whether they succeeded, apple *did* make an attempt in enterprise, and we are one of those businesses that are living proof. Of bigger news is that they are not discontinuing OS X Server software. the rack mount-only server might be gone, but Virginia Tech started their...
and then if you think they could build a 2 or 3 or more story building, you quickly realize that there is plenty of room. for instance, the corporate headquarters of Comcast is a 1.25 MILLION square foot building situated on a piece of land < 5 acres in size.
precisely. back in 2000, Apple stock was a mere $25 a share, split and dropped down as low as $7.44, and i was marveling over the dual processor G4 500 mhz machines in my alma mater's lab... they were hardly a company considered worth staying in business, let alone one that could attempt to buy a success such as Bungie. I cannot fault Bungie for taking their payday.http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=A...urce=undefined
that is exactly the point though - NBC/CBS/ABC/Fox are all **FREE** to anyone in the US who wants it. the fact that NBC's head is up their butt in terms of monetizing digital rentals is asinine. 79% of the US population lives in an urban area, that means that a relatively cheap antenna (less than one month's worth of cable) can get them about 20-25 channels, just like me. in HD. for no monthly fee. two months cable subscription can get you an HD recorder for your free...
HDMI is probably a requirement from the networks, so they can ensure HDCP lockdown on their content....
1/2 the networks i record now with my DVR are broadcast in 720p. i'd rather see a focus on better content at 720p than shitty content at 1080.
what content can be streamed from other iOS devices? can the Netflix app stream to the AppleTV? Does your iPhone become the remote + apps for the AppleTV?
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