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the AI article also included information about 10.7.2 - probably why iChat was being remarked about.
so does 10.7.2 hold the fix for TimeMachine??? i hope... \ https://discussions.apple.com/message/15662400#15662400
is MS' codename for Windows 8 really "Windows 8"??
while it is true that China is the largest single holder of debt, it is still an investment for them. All the Fed Reserve needs to do it increase inflation a bit, lower the value of the dollar, and all of a sudden the bonds held by China are easier to pay off and have a worse return (devalued dollar) for the Chinese.
1080i is still more discrete pixels of information (approx 1,000,000) per frame compared to 720p (approx 920,000). while motion artifacts can be present due to the interlacing, 1080i will still give you more information than 720p.
But Steve Jobs does. And quite successfully.
why? dont tell me you were actually using the DVD drive for DVD playback?!? i figured anyone utilizing a HTPC would have the means to rip the disks to a server/NAS/drive.... getting the mini smaller and quieter (and faster-epsecially graphics) makes it an even better HTPC choice. My HTPC software is SageTV, and since they just got bought out by Google, their hardware extenders are now going for $300 and $400 on ebay (MSRP $149) so the mini is being much much more...
just downloaded it in about 15 minutes. it was flying. (50 mbps comcast)
except for Hollywood, which sells DVDs by the millions. And **used to** use FCP. Apple needs to take the Pro off Final Cut now, they cut out 1/2 of what fulltime production shops need.
Their SEC 10-Q filing breaks it all down:http://investor.apple.com/
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