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Haha believe you me, it is hard to wait, but I'm stupid about battery life and am worried that if I disconnect it from the wall before it is fully charged then I will screw it up some how. Weird, I know. I should only have about an hour or so left until I activate it then. Does the lightning bolt go away once it is fully charged? Right now that is all I have to base it off of because I can't get off the "Earth" screen until I activate it (as most of you know). Thanks...
Hey guys! Just got my iPhone today and was wondering how long it should take for it to fully charge the first time. Thanks in advance!
I know that when you get billed for something and end up getting it credited back to your account, it can take up to 3 or 4 days, especially given the fact that it is a weekend and may not reflect until Monday or so.
Hey thanks for that link! That's the kind of thing I was looking for, because I know WMP does it to some extent, I've just never been happy with the results. I'll def give that MP3tag a shot though. Thanks again!
I noticed that it said in order to obtain album info from iTunes, you have to import your music through said program. I already imported all my songs (approx. 2500) through WMP, and never bothered with getting info from them (always seemed kinda buggy and inaccurate). Anyways, is there not anyway for me to use the already imported songs, or would I have to go through ALL of my CDs again and do it that way? Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the info! I did check out your site earlier and I will be sure to reference it once the day of jubilation is upon me and the days leading up to it. The anticipation is going to kill me for the next few months, but I plan to use it wisely and do some research on all things Apple! Again thanks for the greeting and I look forward to being a part of this forum.
For the longest time, I was anti-Apple on EVERYTHING. I hate the Mac OS, I hated iPods, I hated how everyone had a Macbook at school. I swore up and down about everything Microsoft from Vista to Zune (unfortunately). I don't know what happened recently, but it's as if I went through a mental revolution. All of a sudden I want everything Apple. It took some talking down from the wife to prevent me from buying an iMac the other day (which I am now happy about after all...
They're the same price on apple.com too.
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