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Check out this video on YouTube: Steve Jobs "One more thing..." complete compilation (1999-2011 http://youtu.be/hyCzbXx9i-M
If a person is incapable of providing $15 per hour of of value to a company, then they are probably adding negative value (i.e. -$5/hour) they're essentially unemployable. As Tallest Skil astutely implied on post 71 above, their job can be performed by a robot. Their well being is a social issue. (and they can get a job at my local post office) Also, Interns should be paid.
The competitive nature of capitalism put too much downward pressure on wages so we need rules to counter that. Employees of fast food restaurants work hard and deserve at least minimum wage. Workers need food and shelter too. Do you want to eat at a restaurant where the workers sleep in the brushes? Restaurants trying to compete are always looking to cut expenses. The minimum wage keeps a level playing field with regard to labor expense. A higher minimum wage may actually...
Working is working. Good people should be allowed to be happy and well paid. It's an expensive place to live. Just don't impose rules that make it difficult to properly deal with the incompetent. 
Impenetrable physical locks and safes could be a problem for manufacturers too. There needs to be limits on invading privacy. Soon, the Thought Police will require people to have mind reading brain implants.
Welcome back "Hear Music" stores.
The Uber drivers will now be able to eat. (Unsold product I assume)
Wow! This is great. Thanks AI
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