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The Uber drivers will now be able to eat. (Unsold product I assume)
Wow! This is great. Thanks AI
Maxfield opens at 9 a.m. First come, first serve. The Apple Watch has already been dispensed to the store's celebrities.                
  The pins may be transferable from Sport band to Sport band. Apple will make a lot of money by selling accessories for accessories. 
At $49 each, I'm expecting all 170 Crayola colors.
I agree with you. They are probably getting the convenience of being able to select the watch from a salesperson that comes to their home (from Maxfield or such).
I'm still waiting for a call from Maxfield (Los Angeles) to set up a time to bring the watches to my house so I can select one to wear this weekend. I have my credit card ready. So far, all I know is that Maxfield will sell them in the store April 24, 2015.
 I don't believe the Apple Watch necessary needs exclusivity with regard to the number of units produced to sell well. Lots of wealthy people buy similar cars as they don't want to be seen in anything lesser.
I was comparing malls, South Coast vs. Spectrum, and believe that South Coast has the superior stores (Gucci, Prada, Tiffany, De Beers, Fendi). It's a few miles closer to wealth centers like Newport Beach. No one wants to live in Costa Mesa or Irvine. Just stop and get a bag from H&M.
Los Angeles -South Coast (Costa Mesa) is in Orange County (upscale compared to Irvine too)  I hope they accept cash and have a big safe.
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