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California is not gerrymandered. It has a bipartisan system for determining districts (backed by Republican). California has had several Republican Governors including Ronald Reagan, Pete Wilson and Arnie Schwarzenegger. Jerry Brown instituted several Republican like cost-cutting measures.   
If Election Day was a Federal Holiday everybody would be out of town.
There may have been Intellectual Property issues, but Sony produced quality televisions that were more reliable. They sold better without undercutting the retail price of their competitors.
Apple has added functionality to the iPhone since it was introduced. It now has iWorks. I use mine to read lengthy documents on the go, as I don't want to carry multiple electronic devices around. Thus, increasing the size of the screen, while retaining the compact form as much as possible,  now makes sense.    Obvious Prediction: iPads with Touch ID next year for everybody, not just Tim and a few of his co-workers!
It appears Apple has settled on names, "Air" and "Mini"  for the versions gong forward, like with "iMac". I hope the refresh comes in the first half of  2014 with Touch I.D.
The iPhone 5c will be part of the Apple lineup for years to come. It will eventually be the "free" phone, but for now Apple is able and should maximize their profit. As people upgrade, the iPhone 5c will become available has the "previously-owned" phone, assuming the plastic back wears well or is refurbishable or replaceable.   
The Apple Retail Stores will soon be decorated colorful couches and throw pillows. Nice!The staff will sport new shirts or no shirt and maybe skirts.
 Maybe not. Apparently Apple still needs Samsung to fabricate the chips and would not want to alienate them any further. Also, apparently the NDA is just somewhat meaningless. We know that lawsuits take years, damages are difficult to prove and get reduced. While that is going on, the public become convinced that Apple just buys components from Samsung. Samsung ultimately wins market and mind share.
Samsung could get mileage by reviving the "Intel Inside" ads, as in "Samsung Inside" the iPhone.
Very generic! I can't wait for the bell to ring, so I can go home and watch TV (and do my homework).
New Posts  All Forums: