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His stock was worth more yesterday.
Jobs lost money today.
And the Grove L. A. and Tijuana, Mexico.
What missing here? What about the contrbution of Microsoft and Zune?
I have a mini on the way. I wasn't looking for low cost. Maxd out it cost over a thousand dollar, but I would of been happy paid more for more. I wanted small and to use a display (non-gloss and no chin) with an "exceptionally narrow bezel" and didn't want the monster Pro. There may be a stong market for a few more features, even at Apple prices.
I would of liked to see the magnets and tne inset.
I agree. I also think that the nice square edge of the aluminum would be more apparent if the black border on the screen was muted.
$50 for handling another SKU number sounds like a lot. Why would it be more than $5?
Apple should sell different color thin translucent plastic insert logos for $39 that we can apply to front our new iMacs
I just opened the box on my new iMac and the logo is red. What gaves?
New Posts  All Forums: