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I going to put wheels on my iPhone and pull it around with a leash. The survey didn't address the number of people during that or potential downsides.
Once out of womb, alway out. You can't go back. you gotta keep moving forward.
We're not in the stoneage.
Why the deviation on the Glasgow facade. Why aren’t they smoothing things out and clading stainless?
Convenent local! Apple lawyers won't rack up much travel time on this one. I have the same replacement concerns with the brake pads on my car. I am just trying to find someone to take the case.
<--out of the market!
Looks conservative in size for a new "Flagship". Perhaps they should of taken the Hardrock Cafe spot.
It’s easy to liquefy, thus money honey especially when his job doesn’t pay well.
It doesn't look that big to me.
I think the housing market problem is more than a subprime problem. Banks issue credit cards against ones "home equity" which in La La land where homes are worth 4 times what they were worth in 1994 is millions to ordinary people that might of had a $10,000 credit limit otherwise. My neighbors were buying everything and going everywhere. This was good for Walmart and Prada too. Houses prices in most area are not going up now. So where's the "equity" to keep buying and pay...
New Posts  All Forums: