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$50 for handling another SKU number sounds like a lot. Why would it be more than $5?
Apple should sell different color thin translucent plastic insert logos for $39 that we can apply to front our new iMacs
I just opened the box on my new iMac and the logo is red. What gaves?
Thanx for the research!
I am going to sue my bank because my credit card number is embossed on my credit card where anyone could see it.
A battery status LED light on a the end of a recharger is quite an innovation. Why didn't I think of that. Now I know why the stock fell today.
"And boy, have we patented it,"
Build that border fence on the north side of Texas too. Boycott Texas-no more presidents from Texas.
Perhaps you should wear a black shirt with an large Apple logo to work.
Maybe a system like the one Sears has would work here. You order your Apple product online and go pick it up in the parking lot drive through without interacting wth the salesperson that probabily sold washing machines the day before.
New Posts  All Forums: