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Apple should produce these in 65 different colors with certain colors only available in certain regions or countries. If someone wants purple they might need to go California to get it or to the Midwest for brown or France for....   I liked the shape of the 3SG in my hand or sliding it into my pocket. I like the esthetics of the 4s and the 5. The glass back of the 4s are probably the most expensive to manufacture.
It's much bigger then my garage door opener which has a button for the veranda lights too. Both should be smaller. 
Where's the $22 million Swiss Railway clock?
I would like to see lower prices on Apple necessity accessories as oppose to just accessaries too, but you can't just go into a store and steal something because you believe it is too expensive. I assume this to be consistent with what you would teach your children. 
I recently saw a bowl of similar cables for sale at a UPS Store. The new franchisee owner promoted them as a good deal because the cables from Apple were expensive. For the owner, he priced these several times his cost. I told him that he was part of the problem and reminded him about the research and development cost that is factored into his phone. I also reminded him of the risk of damaging a customers phone. 
I would like to be in a brick building in an earthquake.   Assuming it was built in California within the last 40 years, the masonry is reinforced. If its older, it has likely been retrofitted which would allow enough time to escape. I have been through several quakes.
The mainstream news now has story for tonight! This is very unfortunate. 
Put the fountain in the store.
I will leave my iPhone under the mat? Keys work just fine.
Perhaps wallpaper should be applied? "Livening up" is a poor approach to design that is conveyed to often by people on a committee. Sometimes a municipality will hire a "great" architecture firm and get mediocre results because of this concept.
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