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In nine months JCP will close. Forever XXI will purchase the leases of many of the stores,
I have been in garages that already have "a find your car" kiosk. Just enter your license plate number.  Each stall has a camera focused on it. 
China needs to buy Apple. Now is the time. It is inevitable that they do. Once they control a substantial percentage of shares of the stock, the price will fall by 90% for them to buy the rest. Apple's presence in China is out of control for the Chinese government. They would be able to keep jobs at home and control the iDevices. Apple could counter by issuing stock and giving it to the US government, but the US might just give that stock to China to cover its debt. Then...
Apple apparently signed a Lease. We don't know the terms of the lease and it could have conditions favorable to Apple, as Apple could possibly leverage such. I'm not familiar with Australian landlord-tenant law either. It seems like Apple then decided not to open a store here. Normally, the landlord would mitigate his damages and try to find a new Lessee. Assuming that the landlord made the best deal they could, Apple would need to pay the cost to procure the replacement...
Why not just use a regular baby cam that can be accessed all the time.
Forever XXI coming soon!
This is not good for JCPenny. JCPenny needs to distinguish itself somehow. Johnson was the person to do it. They should have continued to believe in him. They compete directly with Target at many locations, and Target looks relatively upscale. Without a reinvention, JCPenny doesn't have much of a chance especially when they hire a person who was already a part of their problem.
Apple Mini
Title should be "...Ive's on designing products..." Apple wants to find their own solutions without preconceived design decisions. This is not a new approach to designing. I was exposed to it in the Architectural program at UC Berkeley in the early 1970s.  It served me well!
  IMAX (Image Maximum) predates (about 1971) iMac!
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