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Do you really believe Apple "wanted" Samsung to license? That offer might just be lawyering. Apple knew that offering a license would eventually help in court. It established a price for a court to work with. It was a price that Apple knew Samsung, with lower margins, either couldn't or wouldn't likely pay. Samsung couldn't counter either because that would be an admission.    
Enough time to introduce a Samsung Windows 8 phone
Yes, you can litigate the layout of a store.  STØR vs, Ikea! They didn't look alike to me with STØR being better quality. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STØR
Which side requested a jury trial?
Best Buy should mimic Amazon's internet business. It is easy to order online. Repackaging and returning an item online is more time consuming. Knowing that an item can be returned to a physical store would be Best Buy's advantage.
This amounts to a China Tax that Apple should add on to the product price in China times three.
So Microsoft could discontinue licensing its Operating System as Apple did in 1998.
I think Microsoft will price the surface with a very low margin to grab market share. They now want Apple's model of selling the software and the hardware. I don't think they care about their "Partners" anymore. For now, most of their "Partners" have no choice with regard to an Operating System anyway. 
The new BlackBerry 10 will be a cool phone! The "Wake Up" is a reference to an App for cooking bacon on the back of the phone when it is placed face down on a table.
That makes sense.
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