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Thank you to China's workers for their sacrifice in assembling my iPhone.
Verizon runs an ugly semi rigid black pipe (trees help) from pole to pole, then a fiber optic "wire" to a plastic box attached to the house. At that point on the house it is converted to cable and distributed to another central point (basement or garage with backup battery for telephone) and then to the rooms of the dwelling.
In older Southern California neighborhoods, Verizon is installing FiOS (Fiber optics) from pole to pole, no digging required.
But then you get people that only expect to work 8 hours a day. There is no advantage to half the work for half the price.
Parking is part of my point. Almost all of these "big box" stores have parking lots. There might be, but I have never seen an Apple store with segregated parking. The historic buildings don't have parking and mail parking lots require a walk (or roll).
Target has separate staff behind a showcase with a cash register for the electronics department. You might have to wait for them to finish with another customer, but it seems adequate. One probably shops at Target with a lower expectation, but overall, just like a 7-11, it's convenient and faster then my very busy Apple store nearby. (My city won't allow a Target.)
Target will probably have an Apple aisle with nice signage and their employees will pull the Macbook out of the case, the way they do with iPads, and have you purchase it immediately. Apple is well known for having quality products with no salesperson required. Some Target stores are in upscale locations and already have large electronic departments with expensive items. They have a lot of security cameras that feed a central location and check inventory everyday. This...
Just, go to a casino. It probably isn't legal otherwise. It would not be much fun to pay $500 for a iPod Shuffle even if it has a special 2012 case. The only way to do this would be to offer a free bag if you spend a fixed amount of money ($100) and maybe another bag with better basic stuff and better odds if you spend $1,000.
The Officials at the MTA land Apple as a Lessee and Controller Dinallo shows his gratitude by opening an investigation to win some political points. I hope that he has evidence of wrong doing because it should be either his job or the job of a MTA official. A good deal for Apple isn't evidence, A Lessor may take a deal below what they want for many reasons. A large restaurant may offer more, but is more slightly to fail. The Banana Republic / Old Navy retailers don't seem...
These are not jobs that US workers want. Many of these workers are migrant and live in factory dormitories without privacy and thousands of miles from their families, only going home for the new year celebration. The Chinese documentary "Last Train Home" shows the sacrifice these 130 million workers make so that their children, raised by grandparents, can be educated and avoid decades in the factories. I think people should be able to live near their families and that...
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