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So if Samsung were to buy HTC, if couldn't benefit from this deal with Apple.
The plan alway had two long parking structures along the freeway in addition to the underground. It takes a lot of parking stalls for that many employees, especially if most drive solo to work. I hope they stagger the shifts. 
It might have been a good location for the cafe.
Apple took the Borders location in Santa Monica California.
This is a perfect location for a Microsoft store, as are the other store locations abandoned by Apple. 
The nano-SIM tray should be handy for the occasional cellular user. Just temporary use a card from an iPhone.
The word "window" was used to describe the rectangles on the screen prior to Microsoft's branding of "Windows".   If I open up a store that only sells high heel shoes, I would be able to trademark "Heel Store" assuming that it is not already trademarked.
I think these "offers" are disingenuous both ways. Google may propose something that Apple will never accept. Apple may propose something that Samsung will never accept (and couldn't even counter because it would acknowledge guilt). Means nothing, but sounds nice in a later court action.
So that's why it's not called "the New iPhone". It's pre-owned or used¡
The store is will be closed for a while. So, in addition to the repairs, you need to include lost sales, lost work for the employees and rent for a space Apple can't use.
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