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So Microsoft could discontinue licensing its Operating System as Apple did in 1998.
I think Microsoft will price the surface with a very low margin to grab market share. They now want Apple's model of selling the software and the hardware. I don't think they care about their "Partners" anymore. For now, most of their "Partners" have no choice with regard to an Operating System anyway. 
The new BlackBerry 10 will be a cool phone! The "Wake Up" is a reference to an App for cooking bacon on the back of the phone when it is placed face down on a table.
That makes sense.
The Taiwan Sub misdeed might have jeopardized the assets of their parent company. That parent company might be coming into a lot of money soon ($1.6B).
When China has a near monopoly on all of the worlds manufacturing, including automobiles, they will probably pass laws requiring high wages and benefits. The Chinese people will be very happy and rich.
Apple is also a retailer of its products, so we should expect a higher margin. They have expensive locations and expensive build outs.
Thank you to China's workers for their sacrifice in assembling my iPhone.
Verizon runs an ugly semi rigid black pipe (trees help) from pole to pole, then a fiber optic "wire" to a plastic box attached to the house. At that point on the house it is converted to cable and distributed to another central point (basement or garage with backup battery for telephone) and then to the rooms of the dwelling.
In older Southern California neighborhoods, Verizon is installing FiOS (Fiber optics) from pole to pole, no digging required.
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