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So it looks like ATT ain't all that it is crapped up to be. It probably is just where I live, but as I stated, no issues with VZW. Anyone out there have Cingular prior to the merger with ATT and if so how was your service. My understanding was that Cingular's network was larger than ATT so one would have thought with that merger the area would increase.
I still have a little wait before I can get out of my VZW contract, but ATT's cell network is my biggest worry. I live in Delaware and have no issues at all w/ VZW. Does anyone know if there were many complaints when it was just Cingular? And wouldn't one think that if they merged that the service would actually get a little better? Is it Cingular's network or ATT's that people have problems with?
Hey thanks for the reply. I did do numerous searches and found "business accounts" were not eligible for discounts. I was under the impression that since I own my account, not my employer, that I could continue to get a discount because of an affiliation.
Many large companies have some sort of affiliations with say (Dell, Apple, Verizon, Cingular) etc... and offer discount pricing on hardware and monthly pricing on cell service. I was reading several threads stating that business accounts were not eligible for discounts. Is this the same thing? Currently I get 15% off my monthly cellular bill through my employer. It is a personal account owned by me (not my employer). Do you think the 15% will still be able to be used...
New Posts  All Forums: