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LOL why so much whining about Wozniak? What did he say to upset you?
Haha, yeah, I totally agree. Someone in the marketing department over there needs to get fired.
 Makes sense to me. I don't think it's pure coincidence that once plans for large screen iPhones became more and more of a likelihood (and when they finally became reality), Samsung started to feel the sting in it's large high-end phone lines. The large (and nice looking) displays are the Samsung phones' best feature. Even Android fans largely dislike their Touchwiz version of Android.
It's not that I think I'm all that smart. We aren't talking rocket science here. It's simply that, based on your posts I've read, I frankly think you are not very smart. I usually don't verbalize my opinions like that on the forums, but I figure, if you're going to quote me and "interpret" my points incorrectly, I might as well be honest about it. It's all good, though. Nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree. Otherwise, we'll just keep going round and round making the...
 I admittedly have little patience for someone who quotes me then proceeds to twist the point I'm making into something else I didn't say. Having to break down my point into numbered steps to make you understand reminded me of the last time I had to explain something to my son. My apologies.
 No offense, but when I answer your posts, I feel like I'm explaining something to my five-year-old son. You seem to be stubbornly insisting that I believe that a new small iPhone would have either been a failure or less successful than the larger ones they actually released. That is so wrong, it's comical. I'm not saying that at all. What I AM saying is that some people here have insisted on incorrect notions like: 1. Apple would never release a larger-screen iPhone,  2....
 One of the things that amuses me about the the success of the 6 and 6+ is how smug and arrogant Tallest Skis and his ilk were when declaring how horrible an idea it would be for Apple to have a choice of different-sized iPhones, have iPhones any bigger than 4", etc. It's been clear as day that there is a sizable market for large phones, seeing as how the most successful Android phones, the Galaxy S's, have been 5" and larger for a couple generations now and the Galaxy...
Them big iPhones might not be a "bad idea" after all haha.
Haha do I have to spell everything out for you? Of course a small iPhone would be successful. The success of the 5 and 5s during a time when Android phones were much bigger makes that obvious. How much of a success would a small new iPhone be compared to these bigger 6 and 6 Plus phones? Who knows? Like I said, I never claimed otherwise. However, some here have said Apple would never make big screen iPhones and that it would be a terrible idea for them to do so. Obviously,...
LOL duh. Whoever said sales for a smaller screen iPhone would not be a success? Certainly not me. The point is bigger screen iPhones are FAR from being a bad move, as some here have insisted.
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