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Haha do I have to spell everything out for you? Of course a small iPhone would be successful. The success of the 5 and 5s during a time when Android phones were much bigger makes that obvious. How much of a success would a small new iPhone be compared to these bigger 6 and 6 Plus phones? Who knows? Like I said, I never claimed otherwise. However, some here have said Apple would never make big screen iPhones and that it would be a terrible idea for them to do so. Obviously,...
LOL duh. Whoever said sales for a smaller screen iPhone would not be a success? Certainly not me. The point is bigger screen iPhones are FAR from being a bad move, as some here have insisted.
Were the Galaxy S4 and S5 good sellers? 5"+ is a big phone.
Haha, yeah. The funny part is that we could find like dozens of even more arrogant, epic quotes from this guy claiming how dumb it would be for Apple to make big screen iPhones (and smaller screen iPads before the Mini came out). It's been pretty obvious for the past couple years that bigger screen iPhones would be a flat-out success.
Wait, who's the guy around here who claimed that bigger iPhones were a bad idea again? Lol.
Weren't there some people on this site who swore up and down that having multiple, larger iPhone screen sizes was a dumb idea? The same people who said having a smaller iPad was also a bad idea? Lol.
 Anyone else think it's funny that Samsung seems to be courting the hipster demographic that some Android users swear only use Apple products?
No problem. Glad I could help.
Reachability CAN be used to pull down the notification center by sliding your finger from top to bottom just above the apps that get moved down the screen.
This is why choice is good. Some people prefer one-handed use and the most compact device they can get over bigger screens and vice-versa. There is no wrong answer. It's great to have three different sizes of iPhones. It would be even better if they updated the 4" iPhone every year to keep in perfect pace with the 4.7" and 5.5" ones. That would be ideal imo.
New Posts  All Forums: