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No problem. Glad I could help.
Reachability CAN be used to pull down the notification center by sliding your finger from top to bottom just above the apps that get moved down the screen.
This is why choice is good. Some people prefer one-handed use and the most compact device they can get over bigger screens and vice-versa. There is no wrong answer. It's great to have three different sizes of iPhones. It would be even better if they updated the 4" iPhone every year to keep in perfect pace with the 4.7" and 5.5" ones. That would be ideal imo.
I don't think Apple should have stuck with the same big top and bottom bezel design as their smaller phones. The 6 Plus is quite a bit taller than the Note 3 even though it has a slightly smaller screen. It is right past the sweet spot of how tall even a "phablet" should be if you expect to keep it in your front pocket comfortably as your daily phone. I've owned the Note 2, Note 3, 6 Plus, Galaxy Mega, and ridiculously large Xperia Z Ultra.  The Note 2 and 3 didn't feel...
The Note 4 and S6 will have metal frames. I wonder how well they would fare in these tests.
Not surprising. The iPhone's long, narrow proportions with large top and bottom bezels is much better in a smaller phone like the 6. It becomes an issue with a larger, "phablet" style phone like the 6 Plus, where Samsung's shorter, almost-all-screen design in the Note series works better. That being said, I've had the Plus in my front pocket everyday with no issues, and I don't wear baggy pants haha.
I'm a big phone connoisseur and have owned the Note 3, Galaxy Mega, 6 Plus, and monster that trumps them all, the Xperia Z Ultra. Note 3 is easily the most comfortable in hand and in pocket with the 6 Plus lagging a little behind because it's wide top and bottom bezels. The Mega is frankly not much longer than the 6 Plus since it has very small bezels and is slightly too large for daily use. The  Z Ultra is pretty much unusable to me as a "daily driven" phone.
I've owned a Note 3 for over a year and a 6 Plus since Friday. No bending problems with either one yet lol.
True, but I'd prefer if they sacrificed some of the extreme thinness for a larger battery without having to add one of those super-bulky external power cases.
I don't agree with this obsession with thinness. If a phone is too thin, it's actually less comfortable in hand than a slightly thicker phone. My 5S was far more comfortable in the right case or bumper which added some rounded edges and thickness than it was without one.
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