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It's pretty tough not to be distracted by how little Fassbender looks and sounds like Jobs. You can even still detect his foreign accent. At least Wylie and Kutcher somewhat resembled him. Not very good casting.
Haha, this makes Google Glass look like an elegant work of art.
It's funny how that out of all the Android phone makers out there,  only Huawei has come out with a fingerprint sensor that is even close to Apple's. Samsung's swipe style is flat-out horrible.
Haha, I know right. I seem to recall some here saying that like it was the gospel truth lol.
Samsung's fingerprint sensor implementation is garbage. I wonder why they took so long to get rid of that swipe nonsense. Huawei is the only Android maker to come up with a fingerprint sensor that's actually decent.
Agreed about Sony being pathetic cowards when it came to all this stuff. As for most other things, we can agree to disagree.  
(Note to self: Make sure to always put "I think" in front of something that is obviously already an opinion so as to not hurt this guy's feelings on the internet).
Why do I need to make any qualification? Obviously, everyone has their own opinions.
ALL our opinions are speculation. No one's crying when you say Apple is not putting it on iTunes for other reasons. You have your opinion and everyone else has theirs. Take your little self-censored cuss words and go home. And stop crying while you're at it lol.
Weak move on Apple's part just like what Sony and the theaters did before they got clowned for being cowards.
New Posts  All Forums: