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Agreed. The problem is, Sorkin and the studio thought they could exploit Jobs' name to make more money off this fabricated tripe. They were wrong.
Some of the people on Verizon I know with the old unlimited data plan use over 100GB a month because they use it for their home internet.
I guess iFixit thought the hits and publicity they'd get from all this was worth more than a good relationship with Apple. Dumb decision imo.
Big screen iPhones weren't such a bad idea after all. 
I personally prefer the thickness of my 6 when it has a thin soft case on it over the bare phone. A bigger, longer lasting battery is a much better idea imo.
Yeah, not surprised. A 32GB base model would be a sweet spot for too many people. Apple wants to push everyone to buy the next higher capacity.
Now that Apple makes large screen iPhones and Samsung has gotten rid of their most unique features (removable battery,micro SD card slot, etc), there's no real reason to switch anymore.
 I'm curious to see how Verizon getting rid of cheap on-contract pricing affects how often their customers upgrade.
I'll be bummed when they finally get rid of my Unlimited data. I'm frankly surprised they haven't done a long time ago, honestly.
It's pretty tough not to be distracted by how little Fassbender looks and sounds like Jobs. You can even still detect his foreign accent. At least Wylie and Kutcher somewhat resembled him. Not very good casting.
New Posts  All Forums: