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Honestly it's not that easy. Unless you use FaceTime to transfer missel launch codes I wouldn't worry about it. Focus more on securing your wireless network with WPA2 standards.
Attention people: Apple has seemingly solved the vulnerability! Now if you try and click the "View Account" button it simply does nothing. Apple has successfully solved the vulnerability for now. Good for them. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy this wonderful software!!! Hurrray for Apple support team! Good work...
Honestly...this is a pathetic waste of Steve's time. Everyone I know who has an iPhone 4 is not only completely blown away by its quality (fit and build) but impressed with how much better the battery life and reception has been. Yes I agree if you bridge those two gaps together the signal drops but never kills the call on me. It is a slight inconvenience but NEVER worth going BAT SH*T crazy over the CEO of the company. If you don't like the phone take it back and,...
Gizmodo can expect a threatening call from Apple's lawyers. I mean if your personal artifact was stolen and then publicly sold from hand to hand while being documented you would take action also. You can't just knowingly buy/take something that doesn't belong to you and use it make money buy attracting web traffic on a tech site. I would have handed it back and enjoyed the good graces of Apple for life...especially being a reporter of the apple industry.
Steve Jobs isn't going to be happy....
I highly doubt that the iphone will have a touch sensitive backing...its not a smooth concept and it would prohibit the use of cases. This is bogus information you will see.
Kind of pathetic...but at least they are honest.
Thats awesome. Good for Apple.
All I know is that before iTunes a small artisit like me had to pretty much sell his soul to find someone to help pick up the record and then help pay to make the CDs. I never worked with a real record company. When iTunes came out I just put my own music on iTunes for zero money. Now I mix everything down my self in Logic Pro then send it to a buddy to master it for me. What's really cool is that I'll be playing in some no where bar and people will get on their iPhone...
Judging by that astonishing bit of English literature you just graced the internet with, I'm so glad you are a judge of intelligence. Also, last I checked I am an artist not a record label and it is fair as it is. Instead of passing judgement on the way Apple conducts business maybe you should learn the facts first.
New Posts  All Forums: