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What are you talking about?! Tim Cook is extraordinarily wealthy! Any yearly salary he earns will be dwarfed by the millions he already has in the bank and will make with his options. I expect that he will earn a genuine salary - although the $1 thing would be nice to preserve. However, any salary Tim earns won't increase his "position of strength and credibility" among other chief executives.Tim is CEO of Apple. CEO of the largest corporation in the world on certain days....
True... the $80 million or so in stock he's already cashed in just doesn't buy what it used to.
I don't believe that they discontinued it because it's unused. That's not a good enough reason to discontinue it (if it's there, not being used, it's not hurting anyone, and it's obviously not unused). More to the point, it's not unused! I like renting TV shows! Who wants to buy stuff you're never going to watch again when you can rent it cheaper? What a shame (unless it's a precursor to streaming).
Yes, I read the article. However, I failed to see any reference to an actual release date or a final set of new features. As I'm quite interested in obtaining one of these new machines, knowing the actual date they're going to be released, and their exact specs would be helpful. From what I've read in this thread, there's a lot of speculation, but little cold hard fact. If someone could actually cough up the information, I bet I'm not the only one who would appreciate it.
Apologies - I have yet to read everyones replies to this article. Therefore, if someone could please sum up the following, I'd be most grateful: When is the exact date these new machines are going to be released, and what are their exact features? Thanks in advance!!!
of everyone speculating, no one has offered any reason why they think it might be good for Apple to buy Twitter. The most someone has said is "maybe there's a reason we're not thinking about." But no one has suggested one compelling reason why it'd be a good fit.
If you are not able to find more than "narrow information" from literally millions of available online sources, and you believe a few random responses in a forum will open up a window of insight, then the article might not be very good no matter what. Since I'm a cat and eternally optimistic, I'd like to believe that something might yet be salvaged from this noble effort. Perhaps if you would be kind enough to provide a bit more context, you might get a better...
If you approach this logically, you also have to consider the possibility that her face was not fully formed during the period in which you spent time with her. It's possible that while her body was fully developed, her face was an amorphous, murky blob, a hazy cloud of shifting protoplasm floating above her shoulders. Maybe that's just the way she is, until you get to know her better, at which point the hazy cloud above her shoulders resolves into the sort of conventional...
I just wanted to let you know that I thought Iron Man was a good movie, I had lunch today, and that I'm a cat. Meow.
If true, good for you! Live and learn! Better to take risks and have them backfire and grow from that than to live a boring and safe existence! Seriously. Also, I think when you presented yourself and your video, you misjudged the responders and therefore the response. This is not a hotel lobby full of tipsy ladies pocketing your card. That certainly doesn’t describe me. I’m a musician. I wish I could disclose more about my background in this forum, but I can’t. For the...
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