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surely it would use its built in sensor to orient the nighttime watch the correct way, depending on watch orientation. Unlike apple to miss things like that
perhaps should have been pointed out in the review.
Not quite sure why removal of home button is always seen as a good thing. Whatever menus appear on the screen, a separate home button can always be relied upon to be consistent.I would like to see force touch added though (on the screen) I like it on my macbook 12 inch, with the only complaint is thats its under utilized at this point
so what about when you have several apple tv, situated miles apart, and that maybe your kids have signed in under their account on one - it would still have to function as your hub for home kit.
hopefully its more than if then that testing, and has some more logic, including status that can be checked from another location? i assume home kit will work even if you have more than one hub (apple etc) deployed in different geographical locations?
and now - not even off topic, but recently (for a festival) and then because my wife has been buying some stuff from craigslist, we have used find my friends. It always works for location, and despite uninstalling, rebooting re-installing etc, not ONCE have I ever got the notification feature to work. I have disable, re-enabled all relevant notifications, I set a geofence, she leaves it, no notification. Has anyone got this feature to work under 8.3?
you need to talk to your closest friends, and do the right thing by them. Friends don't let friends suffer Android.
from the inventors linkedin... At Batteroo, we have developed a product that will revolutionize the battery industry: the batteriser. Batteriser is a thin durable sleeve that extends the battery life of today's disposable batteries by up to 8x.
Thanks - I've not delved into the chemistry - this is useful - my own experience is Duracell can and do leak occasionally, energizer don't seem to
I agree -this is like probably a solution to get more of the life of a battery when used in some cheap and badly designed products, that only work down to say 1.2V - i can't see people shelling out for this device for those products. Similarly I design to keep full operation below 1V.In your experience - have you had much problem with low discharge batteries corroding? I have in both my own designs and others (including 2 apple trackpads, and several led flashlights (good...
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