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There is a movie supersize me - its well worth watching in my option of coursehttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0390521/
The walled garden can be an advantage for experience people as well
Son Of a Gun - a 5.5 rumor -
NO - that is NOT what i think of note taking, please read the words i used - ...surely any large iPad would need to have a good stylus style method of drawing / taking notes. No not like the Tab.....​i can't bring up an ad showing someone writing on a tablet with anything but a poor assed job - thats why i don't have, won't have a galaxy tab.Just as the original iPad managed to eschew a stylus, with brilliant hardware and software design so I will hope for a new iPad that...
I agree with you.And It was brilliant implementation with the original iPad that a stylus was simply not needed. As the iPad has improved, especially the screen resolution - the capability of fine line notes and drawings would now really befit from the partnership of a good fast active stylus. A stylus that you only popped out of its integral holder when you wanted to draw and annotate sketches and drawings. It needs to be MUCH better than the crap stylus available for...
surely any large iPad would need to have a good stylus style method of drawing / taking notes. No not like the Tab - more like using a decent pencil or felt pen on paper experience. sure you should not need a stylus simply to use and iPad - Jobs already said that was a fail - but it not having a really good stylus option really precludes an iPad from taking notes / helping create ideas etc
I say potato....lots of them in English, a very famous character in a series Dads ArmyAt my school - they had an example like ghoughpteighbteau but I can't for the life of me remember what it was - i tried google but to no avail.the intent was the same - to point out the weirdness of certain character combos
chisel chimp chump chop chip choose chortle butchasm kasmcheroot sherootchiropodist shiropodist
not sure I get your point?are you saying it IS TRUE? That performing this procedure really fixes a battery drain issue? If so - how have you confirmed that to be the case?
Ive read this technique before in several places.Bu this - if its true is rather sad and pathetic - that users are expected jump through hippos like this, to maybe correct for old bits of code lying around - if its true then certain engineers / programmers at Apple should be embarrassed.
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