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I have to go this weekend (sigh) looking forward to trying Apple Pay, see if they turned it off at my local...
it seems to be the same breach, but now we find out its not just the bank/cc data, but emails (56 million) so it would seem that your account could be more easily breached. I don't know how Home Depot can dare to remain so closely allied to CurrentC, given this appalling breach, and to find out there was a major windows flaw... ( who would have thought that - said no one ever)
probably you have all seen this -  Home Depot says about 53 million email addresses stolen in breach http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/06/us-home-depot-dataprotection-idUSKBN0IQ2L120141106
We know who could play Sorkin in his movie biopic, makeup not required...
just like other higher end watches, Rolex, Tag, a $5000 version is obviously not being sold based on accuracy, or gold content, but based on desire.
I decided to stop for chicken nuggets at McDonald's on my way home.... Same iphone, same default debit card and even tough the drive through server had not seen it used before, apple pay worked flawlessly, no need to enter a pin on their machine, and they accept debit and credit cardsApplepay should work the same, regardless of the store, and not a different method sometimes
I did, but BJ's wholesale does not accept my visa (i.e. credit)cards - only master card, so the iPhone just buzzed said ok, but there was no way to conclude the transaction. ( the default card in my iPhone remained a debit card)
i hope so, but i got to try it out for the first time today  and it was more involved than i realized.Went with the wife to BJ's Wholesale - 'watch this i said as i attempted to pay' so you hold the phone near the nfc, with your finger on the fingerprint, and iPhone vibrates and says done, WOW....BUT then the stupid terminal is still prompting me for a payment method - so i have to press debit, then I have to enter the PIN on the terminal, before the sale concluded....
with an app store and more reliable mirroring esp from iOS devices. How about starting with the ability to mirror slow mo video
I understand the bible says homosexuality is a sin, the same book also serves as an excellent reference for how we should treat our slaves. If Tim doesn't have any slaves, can he be excused the other bit?   about 10% of sheep are also prefer their own gender, so clearly sheep can make a 'choice'   If you believe the word of god, as written in the bible, homosexuals are in for a nasty time, they will spend an eternity in pain and suffering in hell that being the case,...
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