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I don't care what media or on line service its on, since like many I have no wish to see it, but a strong wish that i could see it if i wanted to, and truly hate the idea, if true, that North Korea can dictate what movies are appropriate. I wish Apple jhad it on iTunes, because otherwise people may think that Apple pussied out, whatever the real reasons. Certainly its hard to believe Apple could not have hosted it in time if they wanted to. Im sure the movie will now be...
Me to. I have a 6, love the apple pay, love the camera quality - but would downsize (but not down feature) if it were possible. I only went to a 6 for the apple pay, and i wanted larger memory than the one i had.
if so, the framing is not very impressive - not well balanced left/right with the flags at all, and the seal 1/2 cutoff at the top....I looked at this Photogs work - some really amazing stuff for sure - this xmas tree just doesn't seem to be one of them
Not available anymore! If anyone is still interested, according to their Facebook page, they are automatically refunding everyone who were charged already of iOS version, and canceling all iOS orders. Seek claim that once Apple approve the device, they will offer it again. Brings an end to weeks of bullshit from them.
maybe your watch has a sapphire window ( or crystal as some watch makers like to call it)
by the time its actually available, you might be able to afford it   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seek-Thermal/628554970550411
don't hold your breath, I have received just one from 17 email requests in the last 2 months.
Many users (android since no-one has the iOS device yet,- see their Facebook page) are complaining about 9 degrees of difference across a uniform target!
Beware the thermal seek Like many others, I ordered the seek device months ago, when delivery was "one to two weeks". I have still to receive it! They almost never answer emails, I have had one in 17 responses. My card was charged weeks ago. First the iOS excuses were that they were waiting for Apple to approve the App ( they should not have accepted orders until it was" then, after the App was approved, there were "component' shortages. Now they are STILL waiting for...
mba is great, I have one, but since i have unlimited plan on both my iPhone and iPad Air, I can't do tether, so the Amba sucks a bit for traveling, except when I'm in a WiFi hotspot. Many of us that won't give up the unlimited plan are in this boat.
New Posts  All Forums: