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thanksso starbucks card will not show when i double click apple watch because starbucks doesnt participate in 'that' - even though i add funds to starbucks  with apple pay - I guess it will become clearer as more rewards cards are added
ok...I added Walgreens to my wallet, so its on my iphone AND apple watch...now if i click the button on the watch twice, it will bring up my credit cards, and a BIG blue walgreens badge ( with no useful info on it!!! but if i scroll it up i can see the barcode...note the starbucks app NEVER appears when double clicking the button - you have to select wallet from the watch menu to see that.it seems inconsistent - and its a little confusing - IMHO I still think its a little...
some interesting history - thanks !a third option then - ( not preferred at least my me) is to do the starbucks type reward, where you top it up (from Apple Pay if you like)its only a single transaction - and you get your rewards, altough in this case, before the reward ( a free any price coffee) is redeemed, you have to tell the sales person - so they know to re-imburse differently.... Now something else thats a little confusing, I added Walgreens to my wallet, so its on...
im confused, I have some rewards - which can be used for payment - i dont know how these are redeemed.It may be me, but the whole rewards card on apple pay is confusing... its not even that easy to set up, never mind use.
Not sure why they would boast about the hack if they couldn't actually do it, except great publicity, who knows if they have actually done it? if they have, can they truly hack a remote phone, or do they need a local user to do something special first? 
good grief - did anyone watch thistechno-bullshit - poor acting, dreadful dialogue - is it necessary for one actor to use the acronym, and the other to spit out the translation for stupid enough to watch this shitthis is horrible - i almost threw up
thanks - maybe these giants would at least get their membership cards into passbook / wallet
be nice to see costco and BJ's wholesale add it to reward card i could also use to gain entry and also purchase items..
So nothing, i was replying to the poster that mentioned he had to enter PIN, as though it was not normal, but was for that particular store....i found i always need it, at first there seemed to be quite a difference in how you used the phone at any particular store...
Some are against it of course, because they either want some of that small % that apple gets from the banks, I have ot enter my pin with almost every Apple Pay NFC transaction... even Staples...i cant remember that last time i used Apple Pay and did NOT have to enter my 4 digit pin ( credit or debit - i 99% of time use one of two debit cards)
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