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not seen one on, they had them for sale in a discount warehouse near me - when i first saw it I thought it was a scuba dive compass - I don't think it looks good - except from above - and then the famous flat tire would annoy me....
yes- either square faced, or, squishy. In squish mode the shape changes - round when its displaying analog hands, square when its displaying anything else. Samsung managed to bend an LCD round a corner, to dramatic but sofa useless effect - maybe they can do the Samsung Squishable.
Yup not ugly, but hardly a fashion statement is it? they could have 'hidden' some of the depth by making the strap connect anywhere except where they had to do it, and the reason they had to fit it there was otherwise the diameter would have been effectively increased I would imagine, that every 'smart' watch manufacturer that wants to become relevant, is going to go away from round faces to square ones. Round can look cool when displaying the analog watch face, but for...
please mind the language - and the mild attack, but the person is trolling. Its clearly NOT and iPad with a keyboard, it runs OS X - Im getting one, as my rMBP lives on the bench a lot (i design electronic insstruments) and I want to replace my 2011 (or 2012 i can't remember) 11 inch MBA. The MBA is what I travel with, and what I take home at night, its great, BUT I love retina screens - makes a big difference, especially to old eyes!
its because Apple still don't want to reveal the built in laser pointer. This is the Killer Feature (and maybe literally on the high end watch, which has an extra powerful version.
me too - only issue for me is the 38/42mmit would be nice if Apple Stores allowed the try on appointments before this date - 
not if it was damaged internally for example, water damaged. So Gazelle offers some kind of warranty that the phone will be properly operational.
agreed, most of us should remember (not that long ago) replacing our 5400rpm drives with 7200rpm, or even better solid sate drives and wow, did that make a difference!
Same here, and a new macbook too.
First time I'm at a neighbors party and i see one of these, Im pressing it!
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