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you may vehemently disagree, but as someone who owned several MGB in UK, all from the late 60's to late 70's, the MGB is alive and well, but lives under the miata mx5 badge. the new 2016, although way too  little horses for me now, looks incredible. Pisses me off the was BL screwed up the MG marque.
Yes - its great, its why i mentioned you have to have latest generation aTVIts great that You don't need to bring an airport anymore - and no need to access the clients wifi - which can be impossible with some clients.
Yes, take cdmi, dvi and even a nasty old VGA,=, one never knows....I take an Apple TV (has to be latest edition) also for doing presentations. Ill use that if the have HDMI. I can do the show from macbook or iPad. USB-C charge overnight, work entirely wirelessly - I love theis new MBP, its kinda like iPad all over again - but with real keyboard and real IOS - Im getting one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hnOCUkbix0
no need to add etc etc, they only mention 2 you mentioned, HDMI, VGA. As I stated none of these will work with Apples own Monitor, which needs thunderbolt or display port, which the new macbook says it can support. Yet there is no mention adapter that can connect the new macbook to an apple monitor.
Thanks - Still odd, that the macbook is not yet available, but its up and spec'd on Apple website, and in the specs it says it can drive an external monitor of 3840 by 2160, but there is no mention of an adapter. Maybe Apple will out a new monitor with usb-c?
thanks - seems like an odd omission - for the new macbook not to be able to be connected to Apple's own monitors...
I can't find an adapter or dongle that will let me connect to my Apple Displays
that doesn't seem to work - I would want it to connect my Apple monitors - 
so how do you connect an Apple display to this new notebook?
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