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i too use wifi much of the time, and often I'm below 1GB on my unlimited plan. My main concern is that if they now say 22GB, no one complains because thats very high, but then they could put to 3gb or lower in the future, because customers have 'accepted' unlimited is limited...
me too - even if they limited the tether to an even smaller amount, id take that, since they are still taking away my unlimited and replacing it with 22gb, 
I'm on east coast us, south philly, iPhone doesn't see any updates, but iTunes does, currently downloading no - I'm not stupid, just reporting a fact so others can see.
A few weeks ago while traveling, I paid for some flowers and chocolate at a CoOP in Glasgow with apple watch. Easy and quick but despite being less than 20 pounds i still had to enter my pin. I dont care if i have to enter a pin, what i dont like is the payment system is a little inconsistent 
I have Honeywell wifi units at different locations. Operation has been excellent. One is on a heat pump with 25KW 'emergency' heat and it too works the same as my original digital (manual) control.I LIKE the fact that the honeywell is remote but NOT smart. I set 76 and it controls to 76. No mucking about trying to set what it thinks is correct. I wish i could put my WeMo in more than one location though - they work just fine put i need one IOS device PER location i have...
lots of people in us can't stream when traveling even by car - thanks to small GB limits on cellular. Even in eastern USA - streaming video when moving in a car is subject to annoying dropouts from time to time. Its high time all streamers ( Amazon / Netflix) allowed some amount of downloading, even if its limited to a few hours total content, and even though downloaded is only available for say 24 hours.
perhaps you can use just pictures in the future - like a comic. A few people here don't bother to read anything more that the headline
i wish att would let me limited tether my iPhone, since i grandfathered in to original unlimited plan, no tethering at all seems to be a ploy for me to give up the unlimited.
For this to take off they need to integrate the functionality with iOS as the apple watch is. I owned a pebble steel, and when it worked it was very good, but occasionally i stopped either getting text notifications, or phone notifications, usually one not both, and then the weather app would not be updated, giving me totally out of date data. The occasional unreliability was a killer.
New Posts  All Forums: