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me neither, as in NEVER!  This is a good move for MS. It make it simpler to write for multiple platform apps of course. Im tired of some stuff still not being available on a Mac.
Agreed. Beautifully constructed lines of code ( example in C) can make me smile, sometimes with a little envy. Then there is the rest - without realizing it, I might have worked with some obfuscated C champs in my career.
its ok, the watch is supposed to mean you don't have to keep taking your phone out to check stuff, well these days I'm taking my phone out 4 times a day just to see if my watch is shipping! I wanted the sport, but by the time i woke up, sports were June. Not much to choose between them - they both look great.
Stop with this - for many of us still waiting for Apple store to move on from "Processing items" this just added to my frustration. I ordered two hours late, a SS with sports band. I could just pucker up and get one tomorrow from eBay - you should see the crazy prices they are actually selling for....
so many negative reviews, complain that this machine doesn't meet their particular needs - you would think they would be selling cheap with Groupon, but NO, 512 versions are actually selling >$500 over list on eBay, and 4 to 6 weeks from Apple.
so to is using it with some of the WiFi capable cameras, such as Sony RX100 and Nex-7I understand these methods may not suit the pro photographer - but a pro photog, in addition to carrying lots of stuff anyway, also would be better with MBpro
and it will probably cope with all of that - statistically most people won't swim with it for example and the few that do - most watches will be ok. I intend to boat with mine, (maybe not jet ski (i lost a dive watch cos the pressure of a wave knocked it from my wrist!) When i design portable instruments, we usually do the 'survive 1m drop test on any side or corner) we pass, but I try to design it such that 1.5 meters will still be ok. If 10 meters is still ok - its a...
Possible also that Apple might under clock the processor to reduce current consumption.
MacBook, lowest build has been on the demo tables at my store for a while. I tried it last week, it's really a beautiful machine that seems very fast, and feels so much lighter than an air
and it supports Handoff" which mid 2011 air doesm'tI was almost ready to at at release day, ut foolishly decided to wait till i could check some real user experience in terms of speed, not just benchmarks. The I saw it in the Apple Store, now looks are not everything, BUT, its really incredible to see and use, and the store has only slowest ones for tryouts... I loaded up a bunch of numbers files, some page documents, combined documents, made them large, used safari, all...
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