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Same here, and a new macbook too.
First time I'm at a neighbors party and i see one of these, Im pressing it!
that was funny
I really liked Apple Pay, and this artical may be overblown, but so is the lies lies liesgood that you have never had an issue, and no one that you know has,I have, and I know quite a few people with iPhone 6, and all of them have experienced occasional problems.Some stores (Harris teeter for example) At first it worked great, then i had issues where it would say "done" but it wasn't done, it might take 2 or 3 attempts then it might go through. Its unreliable enough now I...
someone is going to complain about the glossy screen.
Good morning Australia, read a few of the earlier posts, see why 50% is not 50% for inserting USB, including cartoons..... get your coffee first, goodnight.
not just thunderbolt, not even displayport, preventing using this new macbook with usb-c from being used with apples own 30 inch external monitor. I expect either Apple or a third party will soon make such an adapter
not sure its a lot of effort, per se, but its a pain.I design electronic instruments for a living, when I'm in the lab I am frequently plugging unplugging usb - not all nice cables either, mostly cheap versions. I have emulators, programmers, debuggers, rs232 dongles, all kinds of stuff. Its not a first world problem, but it's a pain in the ass.Considering when USB was invented, engineers actually knew about human user interfaces, ergonomics etc, AND we had all this legacy...
oh boy, please read a few more posts first to see the 50:50 argument...., grab some popcorn first
IMO it should be the other way round- 30 minutes is needed for cheapskates like me to try our the cheaper watches - aluminum v stainless for example those that can easily drop $10K-$17K won't waste 30 minutes, probably just need the minute or so to use ApplePay.
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