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can anyone else anwer this? I filled mine out 2 hours ago - nothing
can you deprecate pins? sure they're obsolete, so no longer required.
Other reasons - well if one already has iPhone, iPod touch or iPad - there are the apps you already bought. I have an iPad - use it daily, and i Would buy one - at least for GPS in the car / boat etc.. My Wife has a fire - she decided an iPad was too big - she only reads, and checks the weather, and fact is Fire was a lot cheaper. I would junk it with a $299 smaller iPad
Ah, OK, but I have to say - how could i have known you were referring to macs?
Glad you love it - "keep em coming" why has there already been more than one? and if global moderator didn;t have to do with anything, why is it bold underneath your avatar?   My simple point, was that if you want your phone in all sorts of colors, buy a case - there are beneficial side effects of doing so - 
what - mr global moderator? who said anything about replaceable parts- fact most people use a case with their iPhone - available in many colors. I don't use one myself - I like the iColor, and don't like adding thickness Edit - i meant a case of the type that already exist for all phones - surely you didn't think i meant Apple should sell some kind of skeleton and we add our own Enclosure
but iPods are available in colors - and many people want to have a replaceable case - that can take care of the daily knocks and scratches - surely for a phone thats where you get your vibrant colors?
because in Apples case its more accurate - although i bet it contains at least some analog circuitry along with the logic. pretending its sometimes called a mommy board was silly, often referred to (for many years) as a motherboard, since those would have daughter boards plugged in - see mother ship 
Thank you.
+99 Whats disappointing to me is that Apple even removed product that was already EPEAT gold! I believe, based upon specifications the Apple is doing an excellent job environmentally. Still - standards are standards, I work with one fortune 500 company that has a requirement like EPEAT in its quality documents, for purchasing IT parts. The standard means we don't have to specify in our buying guides every company and manufacturers that can be bought from. Clearly Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: