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Thanks - Still odd, that the macbook is not yet available, but its up and spec'd on Apple website, and in the specs it says it can drive an external monitor of 3840 by 2160, but there is no mention of an adapter. Maybe Apple will out a new monitor with usb-c?
thanks - seems like an odd omission - for the new macbook not to be able to be connected to Apple's own monitors...
I can't find an adapter or dongle that will let me connect to my Apple Displays
that doesn't seem to work - I would want it to connect my Apple monitors - 
so how do you connect an Apple display to this new notebook?
pebble steel time is color - not as rich a color, or as fast responding, but it is always on color. the pebble steel time and apple watch share many similar capabilities, and then there are differences. they may appeal to different people, besides Pebble also works with Android...
yes - how can a round gold watch look bad - well this one looks worse than bad...and notice the awful writing - and when would a watch ever say that? if you need to get it - then it should have got it - thats not smart thats stupid.....
i agree about many of those subtle but nice details where Watch has class.to my eye and heart, the Watch looks aesthetically much more appealing, which also proves that the pebble is not a rip-off. But this new pebble is hardly ugly, and its always on color display, and the 10 day battery life are great features.I will probably buy both - still wish apple had an always on display, and mutual day battery life - then there would be no reason to buy pebble.
whatever - i don't have the viewing angles for the display - i know existing pebble has very wide angle.i do know that the digital camera will not probably show the display as dimmer than the strap, due to very narrow wavelength of e-ink color.Pebble is transflective display, so in very bright outdoor conditions it will be easier to read than display type used in Watch I like what i have seen so far in both - i may probably buy both - they are not the same, but do offer...
no it doesn't look as though the screen is off.... besides its one of many many screens and unlikely to be the one always chosen by..you are clutching at straws, physically the Watch and pebble look similar, because they are similar colors and a similar shape - but in normal wear, its not difficult to tear them apart - if it is for you, its reflection of your own limits - thats too bad
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