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i confess i don't know my own score. A few years ago my wife obtained a mortgage, which is already paid off to purchase a property, and, she needed to do some stuff to get her credit score improved - took a few weeks but she was able to do that.
NO way they will only accept plastic if you have a walmart store credit card... they would not last the week.
im in the USA, and I choose to give some key employees a debate card also. There are spend limits on it, and a very small limit on it for cash withdrawal. These debt cards also provide fraud and purchase protection, insurance if they rent a vehicle. I chose NOT to give my employees credit cards, since then I am required to give my bank personal guarantees (PG's), (since its revolving credit) which I won't do. 
I prefer and use debit card much more than credit card. My debit card (also has visa logo on it) provides for fraud protection just the same. I don't need the free month float, and i don't have to remember to pay off my cc ever.
Have patience grasshopperAny channels you don't want, remove them from the main screen.i wish for more content, but then some will argue it's becoming too cumbersome!The Apple TV is great for AirPlay, and apart from Netflix its mostly what is use all mine for, at work the AirPlay is a fabulous feature.I did start watching some stuff from red bull, although I think I'm in the wrong demographic, but I found some fascinating stuff on there
not even the bbc news - that is fed to samsung "smart' tv - at work we watch this during lunch - (yes we have a large samsung tv in the conf room - sorry all)
if you want to know what we all think, look back at a previous thread - over 400 responses- no need to re-create it all here
c'mon PNC, get your apple pay system finished, and how about giving us $50 to try it out?
it helped me, I had mostly good wifi, but on some networks, it would often be laggy/slow.I did step 1, and its improved considerably - i don't even think i have any kind of wifi issue now.
yes he was speaking english - didn't seem to hard to understand
New Posts  All Forums: