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ok we all saw it - it was tres droll. now please stop flogging a weak joke
 Perhaps he is newly rich, and hasn't told his uncle.
 I think he was pulling your (gold) chain
 LOL - an oldie but goodie, with more than a smack of truth about it.
 It will - just like the 3D Tv craze has waxed and waned. Right now, one of the better 'solutions' might well be the Pebble. Assuming Apple (or anyone else doesn't soon solve need (that most of us at this stage don't even realize we needed it) it will fade a way soon enough. Even sooner if some other 'next new thing' arrives.
LolAbsolutely adroit
did you read AnalogJack he clearly mentioned  smartphone.... and my point is that without IOS and the iPhone, Android would not have been hijacked from a camera OS, into an OS for smartphones. There would have been a linux/unix or whatver based smartphone OS eventually, but who knows when it would have been invented/delveloped if it were not for Jobs & Apple
 Linux, being just really a kernel, was written from scratch by Linus Torvald. It provides an appearance of the same OS as you say.
 Many people are going to be underwhelmed next week on the 10th, because expectations always run so high, given the track record of such innovation excellence. I hardly think Apple would put out anything gauche, but i like that word - it would be e more fitting replacement for 'gear' for new devices coming from other companies.
 +1000 ( I use Barclays, you wouldnt believe how much of an international bank they purport to be, but really are not so good at the user level
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