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5v tingles a bit - 9 v tingles better - its often how i check a 9V pp3 i just found in the draw - before i discard it
I have both - i used to switch frequently - whatever worked best for the myriad of apps i stil have to run under windows. Seems they both do a similar upgrade policy - but as several posters have pointed out - you are not forced - i still have an old macbook with Vmware 4 something  as for which is quickest - depends upon what you are doing. When I run some weird networking stuff - I occasionally run my test program on one, and use the mac and the other virtual machine...
stop it - your making me home sick! ya think Currys customer experience is worse than Dixons - both are sooooooo far different (in a worse kind of way) to an Apple store experience -  however - i have never seen so many forum members unite - 
born and raised in UK, been there until he just joined Apple
Hostility? Perhaps my experience is unique... I have 4 iPhones on an ATT plan - all with grandfathered "unlimited" and 3 iPhones and 1 dumb phone on Verizon (some of my family) one of the iPhones is also unlimited, the second was registered too late and is on the lowest data plan. When I went to add the third iPhone - i was told i should change to the shared - but it was much more expensive. When I declined - OI was told, in fact I didn't have a choice!!!! Only the...
Except Power Nap is (by default) NOT enabled when on batteries.
Agreed - I always paid the extra $50 for matte, and clearly the Retina is MORE glossy than the older anti-glare option - true - but it aint much, and i find the Retina to be a very good compromise between the older glossy and matte. Im using it now in a car, IN bright sunshine - 
can anyone else anwer this? I filled mine out 2 hours ago - nothing
can you deprecate pins? sure they're obsolete, so no longer required.
Other reasons - well if one already has iPhone, iPod touch or iPad - there are the apps you already bought. I have an iPad - use it daily, and i Would buy one - at least for GPS in the car / boat etc.. My Wife has a fire - she decided an iPad was too big - she only reads, and checks the weather, and fact is Fire was a lot cheaper. I would junk it with a $299 smaller iPad
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