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I understand the bible says homosexuality is a sin, the same book also serves as an excellent reference for how we should treat our slaves. If Tim doesn't have any slaves, can he be excused the other bit?   about 10% of sheep are also prefer their own gender, so clearly sheep can make a 'choice'   If you believe the word of god, as written in the bible, homosexuals are in for a nasty time, they will spend an eternity in pain and suffering in hell that being the case,...
Seems PNC have enabled personal accounts only, no business cards -
yes - understood - and i agree- its still protected, at least for me, but not protected by GOVT.I mentioned the $100K since I have met people that think that the FDIC has been put back to that original amount (pre-crash)
Yes - sorry that was a typo. I use Excel 2011. Truth is when dealing with large spreadsheets with 100's f data points, its MUCH faster to copy the file, and open it in Windows excel 2003 and chart, plot the data, on a virtual machine, than it is to open the same file in MAC office 2011.So my 2 wishes for the next MAC excel, is that it remains available as software that can be purchased (not rented, a la 365) and that its as fast as older windows software.
You could instead buy yourself a delicious breakfast sandwich from McDonalds for the same price. So you have to ask yourself, what will it be.......What's scary is that one may actually have to think about that decision for a few seconds,,,,
Feature parity for me isn't so bad, But when I have large excel with hundreds of data pints, and I need to plot, it's more than 10x faster to use office 2003 On a virtual mâché than it is to use Mac excel 2010, which makes no sense
at least let it be a office package i can buy, I don't want to rent every day use software
not surprising, Alexa is an amazon company..bit (maybe except the Fire TV stick) if Alexa's so called amazing insight analytics engine really finds most of the above as hot items, i would be surprised if customers using Alexa would trust it at all
you should check this out - if your from UK you probably heard it - very funny, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS37SNYjg8w
the Pebble steel manages to display text messages, and other alerts, so not sure if iMessage is the reason this ms-band won't do it,
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