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Oh they probably cleaned up alright - After seeing this, Samsung probably cleaned the whole lab, the marketing folks, in fact everyone involved.   If you look at this picture long enough (after you stop laughing) its just a small regular phone on its side, with a strap attached.
I prefer "form follows function"  Not always true, but less mythical, and a good start
The meters run backwards? Well - yes until your energy supplier finds out. If it were only that simple. Once you get solar, almost all electricity suppliers demand you get an export type meter. That way they can pay you 20% of what you pay them per KWH   :(
Besides, if it were 100mW all day, the battery would need the same capacity as a good D size manganese alkaline (Duracell) just for the BT
looks like their P logo owes something to Phillies baseball
cool picture - & a design that iFixit could not complain about
Nagromme Thanks for the chortle. 1
  Eric the half  first you state that he is NOT an engineer, with the ludicrous claim that Apple dont employ them anyway, then you go on to say most likely he has expertise in other areas such as LCD manufacturing??? An expert in LCD manufacturing is rather odd for a marketing expert
Complex word documents are not always 100% formatted exactly the same when edited under office 2011 (mac) and office 2003 (windows) and office 2010 (windows) Fonts and other issues often cause formatting differences.
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