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 good point, i was confusing my own reply earlier -its  android and linux that are directly linked, not unix
 Of course they are, from the same fork handle indeed. However - what AnalogJack claimed is very true.Perhaps just like without the US Apollo missions - TTL, WD40, Teflon etc... would not have been invented at that time. Had Jobs / Apple not revolutionized the smart phone and touch based computer with the iPhone and iPad, products heavily based on them would still have been invented, eventuallyAndroid inc was incorporated in 2003 originally to build a better OS for cameras...
I dont mean to be smart, but i think that last sentence about your aunt speaks volumes, more than all the rhetoric on many of these threads.
would rather have Marvin from BBC TV series HHGG. It would nt seem so bad when Siri fails to deliver (which is does, all too often)
mine too - i wics there was a method that some apps could be launched (selected by user) without entering a password, safari, video, kindle etc.. Anytime i lend my iPad to my kids or anyone else while im driving, means i gotta enter a password, or tell them out loud. Now my email and anything else sort of private is exposed.
kill it before it lays eggs...   (stolen from another site - no apology)
could not resist - gushing video - but look how sluggish it is - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6PCLXgKhbk
+100plus that picture is worth seeing again!
maybe not much, but now I hope anyone (even Pebble) just does one right, so everyone can see just how crappy this one really is. 25 hours life - and look how big it is. All thats needed is a wrist strap for an iPhone - surely it wouldnt look much dafter on a wrist..
Whatever Apple might do in this arena....  - it has to have >>> 25 hours battery life, otherwise, it will be out of juice most of the time. I don't even remember to put my iPhone on charge every night - but at work or in the car it gets charged. I would not take off an iWatch to do it    - it has to add useful features, and i don't think a 2MP camera is that useful in a smart watch    - there has to be ways of customizing it, or "fashionizing" it. Assuming Apples...
New Posts  All Forums: