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yes - this would be a nice upgrade, although for me the pencil is what i really want, i don't see Apple allowing pencil in the smaller iPads.
what would you expect in an Air 3 that the Air 2 doesnt have? I will most likely purchase a PRO, but its contingent upon the pencil experience... I have an Air (1) and the only thing i miss on that is the fingerprint reader - having to swipe and enter 4 digits gets to be a bit of a niusance..
I disagree- if you see the wifi symbol, you assume you are not using any of your plan data, so when you leave you can easily see the wifi symbol being replaced, and you know youre using plan data... what if your watching a video, and have set it to use with wifi only, is the iPhone now going to use a little LTE to help thigs along, if wifi is poor?I LOVE this feature tha Apple added - simply turning it off by default could have prevented these claims (maybe)As ha
Apple made a great smartwatch. If they want to sell millions and millions, they cant only provide it through online, the apple store (& a few specialized high end boutiques) They have to make it more accesible, more mainstream. Its a good move   I suspect there are a few that want to keep it elitist, there was a lot of bitching on here when iPads and iPhones started selling through walmart etc.. If you want the masses to buy, you have to sell it where they shop, then it...
I had a devil of a time wafter install, ith 'activation' tried many things, said it was activated, but when i er-launched it warnde me sonly so many uses left beofer i must activate. Anyhow, MS had me delete the whole installation ( again) and then a bunch of other files in the library. Cant remember which ones, i was on the phone with a tech support person - very helpful - then after a reboot again of my mbpr, i was able to install and activate.in use i have not had too...
possibly he looks like a dork anyway, Watch cant help him.maybe I look like a dork, i do know that most people dont even notice what i have on my wrist when i meet them, anymore than they notice what color shoes i'm wearing.Apple may or may not do a round watch, personally i doubt they will because round is not an optimal shape for 90% of my Watch does.we have all become acostmed to round wrist watches, because for a mechanical based time piece, round was optimal,  and...
you may be right, in that its nothing to do with apple Watch, however the trend is not 'coninuiung' its 2 to 3x lower than expected (from the trend)I may be in a minority, bit i have several swiss watches in the $1k to $5k ballpark, and the reason i am not interested in adding to those, is simply the Apple Watch is too convenient to leave at home in favor of a nice piece of jewelry. I would miss its functionality, even when out for a nice evening.
 ApplePay is not consistent, if the terminal supports contactless, it should support Apple Pay, except where it doesnt. Home depot, did, then didnt, then some places do, but most dont,... Food stores, Acme (ApplePay) works in Delaware, but not at at least one store in Maryland. I was in UK recently, and found ApplePay to work at many places, but still, you cant leave your wallet at home just yet, cos you just cant be sure it will work
Looking forward to trying out the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. I have always wanted a 'stylus' for making quick technical sketches, taking notes, and so far a surface 2 that I recently borrowed came closest to usable - but was still for me, a long way off. I use a livescribe paired with iPhone and iPad.
I did - when i first saw the all - in one - white ones, i bought 3 for my small business, i loved the design, loved the speed, and liked the look of mac os. I bought them though with the intent of loading up windows, assuming that mac os would not work. I never did load windows...
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