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yes but you know what they say, beauty is on the inside....which means in this 'case' not so much
i went to one in Stockport UK, it reminded me of Best Buy in the USA the day after back friday sale.No Dixons?
cannot answer directly but i use it to stream BBC radio (1 thro 5) but radio 4 extra i like. I found some oddball radio stations stopped streaming, turns out the URL had changed, but apart from that it has for me been a terrific app.I was hoping "ladies of letters" would be in their (audio) book store but no such luck
I have one of theirs too - it was one of the first batch. It works - sure, and if i could sketch cartoons it might be ok, but for writing notes / small technical hand drawings, circuits, mechanical details, and annotating a web clip its just sad. A good stylus will have to be integrated at the OS level, for consistency throughout relevant apps.
i was expecting the new iPad (Pro?) to be revealed but the lack of any credible leak has convinced me otherwise. Unless they plan to reveal it months before availability. An iPad pro - if equipped with properly integrated stylus could be a new class of device entirely.  I would like a digitizer built in that offers precision and speed, but also use of haptic etc to give the drawer a similar feeling as that of a good pen or pencil on paper, rather than the difficult to...
I'm quoting you as it seems these points are lost on so many. Stylus support on MS Surface is way better than any existing stylus on iPad ( reasons you mentioned) but IMO its not good enough to sketch and annotate notes / drawings (its OK but not good enough)also seems Samsung has its own stylusgate (sorry)http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34051994
but have you used any of the bluetooth pens with an iPad - its not a good experience at all. One could have bought a smartwatch for an iPhone long before apple watch - but the experience of a pebble or similar v apple watch is night and day.I expect chalk and cheese with an Apple stylus (pen)
yes - ignorant and stupidly negative. He could have faintly praised the apple watch - while promising to overcome its 'obvious' shortcomings - battery life, display not always on, only works with iPhone, square shape etc...
yes - i thought the nightly routine of removing my watch and placing it on the charger would be a pain, but it isn't. In fact, I would often remove my previous watch sometime late evening, meaning i often had to search in the morning as to where i put it.My biggest gripe about the 24 hours, is when i travel for a single overnight stray (frequent) its annoying to take the long charger cable.
dont understand your last comment - if its about waiting for the watch - would you wait, or would you jump in now and buy one?i have a SS apple watch - if i lost it - i would be at the apple store the next day to replace it.
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