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same here, altouhj i did not kickstart it - but steel is excellent iPhone companion, waterproof, rugged, long battery.
Funny but I'm adapting well, but I would still downsize, but not down feature. Reason is simply that no matter how much I love my 6, it spends most of the day in a pocket. At work it's ok, burst weekend jeans etc, not so much.
yes.Thin is very very good, I always wanted an iPhone as thin as the iPod touch, and voila.I hope they bring out a 6s soft small, fully featured iphone 6, just smaller, maybe even sligh,y smaller than 5s
no - it wasn't a mistake. larger phones suit a lot of people, if it was a mistake i doubt sales figures would have been so amazing. we are almost an apple household, but one of my sons insisted on a larger phone last year - passed on the iPhone.what would have been welcome for me and many others would have been a smaller iPhone 6, similar size or possibly even smaller than 5S
Excellent review.. I don't need to have Apples latest, I choose to, because I like to. I too was hoping for a iPhone6 s(mall) i.e. 3 versions. Same display size as 5S, but with all the chamfering and all the other features. Carrying my iPhone 6 in my jeans front pocket is not really an issue, simply using it one handed is simply not as easy as with the smaller phone, its just too big.
for what its worth i just purchased another apple TV from bricks and mortar apple store, since i wanted latest release so i can allow people to airplay when not on my (or apple tv) wifi. They give you a $25 iTunes card, so the device ended up being only $75
I agree - if you like Skype, or 'need' its features why on earth would you use it but NOT install on an iPhone?mostly I use it to call my mom (she is>90 and lives on another continent, and my wife uses it to call her parents (she is verizon and so can't make international calls to a land line even if she wanted to
accordng to Apple - its called peer-to-peer Airplaybut from some other website, it might not work on ALL apple tv 3rd generation, only later versions of the 3rd generationunderneath the device it should say A1469 Peer-to-peer AirPlay discovery and playback.With iOS 8, you can wirelessly connect iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to Apple TV without first connecting to the organization’s network. Which means you can present or share your work even if you’re offline or the...
seems though there is a difference, only on a iTV 3rd generation, once you stream a video or music it seems to go direct, rather than via the router. for sure (for me) it does not do that on a 2nd generation
well - he said ex-girlfriendnot necessarily an infidelity - maybe there are cases where you would prefer than an iPad in another room is not going to alter, each time you may get a call or text while working in another area of ones house?i imagine "do not disturb" applies to each individual device and is not global.so i sit down to watch a movie - setting my phone to DND (except for favorites - there could be a family emergency.) but a call arrives and the iPad in the next...
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