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i kept the unlimited on iPhone and iPad. I even have paid for it for years while using quite small data, because i didn't want to loose the plan. Oh the hypocrisy of some people on this forum complaining about complainers! i was offered this service, and I paid for it, so I don't know why anyone on this forum should take ATT side unless they work for ATT or they wish they still had an unlimited plan. Go elsewhere? Why should I? Thank you but ATT need to stand up to their...
Pop over the 'pond' Shaun, Costco just offered $400 rebate on a Sharp 80inch LED - my only problem is il be stuck with a few of the worst tunes in my head all weekend "silly love songs, and band on the run..
So easy to strap two or three on the body of a rocket - light - and VERY durable
Apple sales were approx 100B in 2011, so 17B in semi purchase suggests 17% of sales goes to semiconductors, ie not passives, LCD, enclosures, marketing, research, sales et. Didn't seem quite right is all
So on average on everything it sells, 17% goes to Silicon? Since labor is so small, that seems rather low. On some previous breakdowns of iPhone for example, at $187 BOM, semiconductors seem to account for 40%.http://www.isuppli.com/Teardowns/New...o-iSuppli.aspx
& it looks a tad thicker too
and its jolly good too. I bet many of our younger USA based members won't know that it was quite common back in the early 70's, for 'regular Joes' to come back from the pub of an evening, switch on the TV (we only had 4 channels) and we (they) would watch OU professors explaining laws of thermodynamics, modeling etc. So many people would actually learn stuff, even if they were not on the courses.
Apple are not going plasma, or OLED, so they have only LCD to choose at this time. When people refer to current large TVs as LED, they are really LCD, the LED is simply providing the backlight, replacing the older CCFL type of backlight
Really - don't make this a stupid which is the best soccer team/ league rant. Plenty of other sites for that. Of course la-liga is always exciting, no one ever knows which 2 teams will be at the top eh? bit like the SPL
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