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nonsenseIt would be like Nike making a shoe that fit the majority of people, and allowed them to run it in their best time, knowing however shoes progressed, they would never find a better shoe! That would permit them to run fasterThe retina is a good term, better than ultra, or mega, or hyper, because it DOES have a meaning, and is not a superlative. It means that w hat ever dell et al, even apple do in the future, the average person will not, under normal use be able to...
methinks one should eat ones hat
You can't believe Stewart is like glen beck but on the other side of a political middle???????
I persevered and scooped two new iPads on launch day, but the ordering process took so long i gave up with the apple TV, now online they are 2 weeks! Does anyone have any insight as to availability in store or other outlets, Walmart, Best-Buy etc for tomorrow morning?
On the other hand, if the similarities between the two phones seems as similar as 3 vehicles having tires, then I would suggest that cash907 is ill-qualified to make judgments on Design, especially one where Ive is the theme
no similarity here either ....
ha ha what a great windup ha ha /s
I have iPad 2 adjacent iPhone 4S, on AT&T in north east USA. several attempts, my iPhone saying 4G is averaging 2.8 MB download, iPad 2 with 3G is 1.8 Upload is 1.5 on 4G and .9 on 3G
Thank you, hope that's a what happens.
I have a new iPad coming, and will take the sim from my grandfathered unlimited iPad (ATT service). Now how will i know if i am really 4G, when my current 4S says 4G, but my current ipad 2 is still 3G? Will my new iPad say 3G or 4G if i use grandfathered plan?
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