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for all the people complaining about lefties - i suspect many of them are righties - and just being ornery - it seems you can already invert the display - putting the crown towards your wrist if you wear it on your right hand. I have a couple of nice TAG watches, an Omega - hey I'm not bragging, but they are very nice watches - and guess what - wear them on the wrong hand and there is no magic invert button - 
33 minutes in and ages back, along with stuttering video..... now no video again -  I know a lot of you were looking forward to this -  I think I will bail and try to watch it tonight. Kinda like watching the soccer world cup final the day after.....
wish i could say more - never thoughthard to judge the content, when its a bunch of broken up video, noisy overdubbing and restarts of the sameits amateur hour.
agreed - its amateur hour, (or at least the first 15 minutes
no sound - and back to the tv truck bars hopefully he incompetent clowns responsible will be fired - what a waste of time
what a long way we have come /s , hey, who loves ya baby  
http://shop.meta.watch/products/mw4006$250 to $450no mention of sapphire or gorilla glass - it certainly NEEDS something like that
Does anyone really thinks it looks that much better than a pebble steel, while it lacks the 'app store' yet costs twice as much in stainless.
no mbr 2013 fully loaded on good connection - i see slowness, vertical bars etc.... terrible for a tech site
Those that are complaining that we should just wait 24 hours... tomorrow for me will get here sooner than these pictures finally load .grrrrrrrrr
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