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I have a new iPad coming, and will take the sim from my grandfathered unlimited iPad (ATT service). Now how will i know if i am really 4G, when my current 4S says 4G, but my current ipad 2 is still 3G? Will my new iPad say 3G or 4G if i use grandfathered plan?
I am in a small business, and frequently have to share power points, excel and word documents with many others, many of them working for large corporations. There are too many slight but inconvenient incompatibilities. I HAVE to use office for mac, other wise i will loose business MS Office remains just not compatible enough, with iWork, and especially with open office
not at all - new apple TV on its way, available March 10
assuming i didn't miss your /s Every intel based MBP that I bought is still in use in a business. That flicker one one particular generation used to drive me nuts, i think it was the first one with mini display port...
see the pattern?
support, well i still get updates for Snow Leopard, so its not support they are dropping so much as just not developing new OS
well the really cool thing is that even all the old plastic black and white (albeit intel) MacBooks still work just great, with either leopard or snow leopard, so why would i even want to upgrade those. A 4 year cycle for your main PC in a business that evolves this quickly is really good. To all those that would have apple hinder new methods and performance just so it can run on your old hardware, please write to the RIAA and demand all turntable manufacturers put back 78RPM
He forgot /S
agreed - good reader etc on iPad for design reviews to a big TV is really powerful, but its just let down by inability to see the smaller fonts
i kept the unlimited on iPhone and iPad. I even have paid for it for years while using quite small data, because i didn't want to loose the plan. Oh the hypocrisy of some people on this forum complaining about complainers! i was offered this service, and I paid for it, so I don't know why anyone on this forum should take ATT side unless they work for ATT or they wish they still had an unlimited plan. Go elsewhere? Why should I? Thank you but ATT need to stand up to their...
New Posts  All Forums: