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Isn't that because airdrop drops between say your mac and other colleagues, whereas handoff is only between ones own devices...
Agreed - it also helps if you have to occasionally carry a projector - now you could hook that up to an ATV and then present direct from wireless iPad.
alliteration always adds an alluring and alluding acceptibility
I hope when you grow up and donate your car to one of your offspring, you don't tell them that they probably can't keep up with the herd, and that they're easy prey for the jackals.I purchase every new iPhone as soon as released, and I have offspring that also get new ones, and some that get the old ones, and then sometimes they donate the previous to a friend. A 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 are still in circulation.If its possible, Apple should make an attempt to patch a serious...
Agreed. Even smaller spreadsheets, with only a few 1000 rows, once charted can take many seconds to load and update. Its MUCH faster than the previous office for Mac, however its still much faster to load and change the data in the files within MS office 2003, running under Parallels. That's quite sad really.
of course, regulations, maritime or otherwise, building codes, they should all be bendable. In fact, why even have them. There are a few countries in the world that have almost none of these stupid rules, and perhaps we should use them as an example, nay, use them as a goal. If it were not for the se dumb regulations, I would be able to build a much bigger dock for my boat, screw the neighbors and there petty needs.
well - it nothings truly obvious - because it remains a rumor....but then according to your comment of record, the iPhone isn't really a phone, since i bet most people spend more time emailing, browsing, and playing on an iPhone than they do using it as a 'phone'
Its a shame your admiration is limited, so if a new musician arrived that you admired, you would then have to stop admiring one of your current ones?Try to put the Beatles in the context of the time they arrived - they did much, wrote much and sang much that can be admired - not all of it certainly. If you never admired them - too bad for you - if you did and now don't what did they do (presumably after 50% of them died) that changed your view... all you need is love, love...
from the article ..."AirPlay mirroring on an 802.11 b or g WiFi networks"   I just noticed this - maybe this won't fix it for me - everywhere we use Airplay its always 'n' sometimes at 2.5GHz, sometimes 5GHz
Another issue that affects more than one MBR we own. This is the only thing i did not try. Truth is "just works" cannot be applied to Airplay. Even with iPad devices, it works most of the time, but too often drops out, then you have to re-select iPad, then re-try selecting the ATV device. We have numerous ATV in multiple, separate locations around the area, with differing routers etc... and it is never guaranteed to just work. Occasionally - when you need it to just work...
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