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  if you disagree with a poster, and claim his pretty straightforward posts makes no sense, that its a mess, try putting your fingers in your ears and make loud lala noises..im sure that way you can 'win'   I dont care for google practices either, but blind hatred of anything one of the founders is involved in is sad and pathetic. I enjoy my apple products, the way they work, and the way they well designed. I like Apple - they have been a decent company, with decent...
not google - brin, not cook, apple really think Brin's $300k experiment is very different to Apple's buy back - why would you compare them? Should i compare paddle board trip from Cuba to USA with a manufacturer of auto tires?
Thank you. I just read that 70% of the deforestation in the brazilian Amazon was for pasturing, compared to 3% for logging.....
really wa$teful - yup $300K for an experiment to see if a lab produced piece of beef can be compared with taste and texture to one from kiiling an animal... wanna see gross - visit an abattoir, slice a piece of meat for yourself and fry it up. guess you didnt do too well in grade school science
how about a cow that was slaughtered many weeks ago, and the steak aged properly?
cant argue with that one...
never the less, have you read how many millions of acres are cleared so that we can let cattle graze? If we need more meat, making meat without the suffering or inefficiency of using cattle is not in itself a bad idea, certainly its an idea to be explored 
Lets not experiment or try anything new cos the lawyers might be waiting ?
good documentaries - yet this experiment was to produce something that would be closer to "nature" not a burger made of refined corn. for $300K i think it was an interesting experiment.
The iPad iPhone backup is a good point. the only way you can 'backup to the cloud' is by NOT backing up music, photos etc... not much of a backup at all. This continues to be a disappointing state of affairs.
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