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A flat phone - ugh
following wither of the above links only gets to the UK arches site - no mention yet of these devices on USA site. Hopefully -unlike the otherwise useful wemo devices, you will be able to put devices in more than one geographic location, and access them from a single IOS device
how about a new blue pill - move over viagra i think a blue pill would solve so many issues.... bluetooth enabled, just swallow it. From within your stomach you could send all kinds of calorific data back to an iPhone, also heart rate, breathing rhythm, and conveniently - poop it out in time to change the battery, wash it off, then back in the old tum she goes.....
maybe we will soon have a full set of eating / drinking implements... already a bluetooth fork
not so fast, this seems like its just a lot more effort - washing it out so i can pour my yoghurt in it, then washing it out for my soda from a can - then - well you get the idea. Ohh can't wait to have to remember it when i go out for drinks after work, and to breakfast the next day - yes I'm too lazy to use one of these
 here it is
yes - but i think its still the interns job at apple to be responsible for plugging in the MS flash drive /s
yup its either pulled - or so awesomely desirable that demand overloaded the usb flash drive in the server with the MS apps on it
Also - i bought two similar products (not exactly the same - but very close) and the whistling from the built in switcher on both was awful. I tried to live with it - but the wife would not - (whistled differently but just as bad under load as off load)
seems a lot of people have a different opinion - and have voted with their check book.you may call it hideous - and while I think their are much nicer looking watches - there are many many watches that are much uglier. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - i think its neither ugly, nor disgusting to look at
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