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Really - don't make this a stupid which is the best soccer team/ league rant. Plenty of other sites for that. Of course la-liga is always exciting, no one ever knows which 2 teams will be at the top eh? bit like the SPL
Dear Professor,I normally find your comments to be usually well thought out, reasoned even. Is it really the beginning of the end????As for the EPL (English Premier League), you may have no interest in it at all, but why would you target it as a worse form of professional soccer, and professional soccer as a worse for of professional sports?How about WWWF for example?As for the antithesis - who would have thunked that my favorite computer company of yore would have...
1. e-readers as in e-ink you mean? Honestly I see glossy matte issues - i pay more for matte MacBooks, but i hardly think "embarrassment" is appropriates- Apple had to choose - many like the choice - some do not2. When one uses an iPad (by the passenger of course) for navigation while driving - Navigon for example - navigation is better in landscape mode - I think Apple got it right!
Kids, they carry a regular cheaper plan phone, and an iPod touch. I wish I could get them an iPhone with no data plan - and so do they. I have some staff employees that I provide iPhone - they are not sales people - they are either at work or at home - they have WiFi
One thing seems to help me, that is manually turn OFF the mirroring if you are going to airplay your iPhone videos. Its still slow as molasses to "send your 60 second video" but it usually works.
The man didn't quietly commit suicide- that would be in line with what you said, but committed his life because he felt that was the best thing he could do - what would you have him do instead? Yes the great nation of the USA & Plymouth rock - of course the revolution and the civil war played a big part too?
In what time frame? A revolution, can change the revolters world for the worse in the short term, in order for things to improve in the long term. So one great man - SJ would by this definition always win, over any amount of revolutionists?
I suspect (hope) some (many) of the responses are sarcastic - although apple 1.9 I'm not sure. I hate generalizations - but many people in the west have been clueless about the plight of citizens in some of these countries. Tunisia for example - its a nice warm sunny place where rich people take vacations right?
too funny
So I should get the samsung because if I want the iPhone I will have in a line up for 36 hours? I didn't know - I thought I could just order an iPhone on line or go to an ATT or Apple store.... Also - I know lots of iPhone users want to increase the LCD at least up to the size of the current frame, but it looks like when Samsung put the iPhone on the copier, someone had left the copier set to enlarge mode
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