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Does anyone really thinks it looks that much better than a pebble steel, while it lacks the 'app store' yet costs twice as much in stainless.
no mbr 2013 fully loaded on good connection - i see slowness, vertical bars etc.... terrible for a tech site
Those that are complaining that we should just wait 24 hours... tomorrow for me will get here sooner than these pictures finally load .grrrrrrrrr
I thought that was quite funny
I've never seen this concept implemented very well. Either the display fails to turn on when you want, or worse the display is frequently turning on (due to movement) but you didn't intend.Also sometimes you want to glance down at a watch (to tell the time) without the need to move your arm.
nonsenseeasy solution, add a couple of wires to this....
memories of waiting until early am (EST) and trying to oder the latex apple gadget as soon as its available, severs overloaded etc....sleepless nights
Thanks for that. John Hopkins is right round the corner from me too!
I designed an optical sensor used in quite large volumes, used a short piece of hemi-spherical  'rod' which contacted the (moving) part being sensed'. I tried so very long to get a thin piece of sapphire that i could bend- unless you know of some special method - Apple has somehow managed to modify the lattice structure to make it flexibleActually I doubt its a flexible sapphire window - I go with the consensus that says its curved, but still rigid
flexible sapphire screen? sapphire thats flexible  hmmmm
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