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yes, and MS did trademark Windows, so no idea why Apple (right or wrong) should not TM Startup
it was BSOD (TM) trademarked
I dont agree with some of your points. I would not describe some newspapers or news sites or news TV as entertainment. They neither amuse me, nor do they provide me with enjoyment. The possible use of chemical weapons on some of the people in Syria is certainly none of these. Its too bad that you think that there is NO good journalism in 30 sec or 5 minute televised bursts, as you say. Given so many reporters have lost their lives trying to bring us this news. Who said...
sorry to tire you out. on a site like AI, where iSheep, Samesum, Samscum, samesumg are used so frequently, i would think one would mind calling a 24 hour TV channel by its proper name, Faux News.  More Apps for the apple TV are great - otherwise its only good for (dangerous..... overpriced rentals) and for me its greatest feature Air Play. Netflix, HBO, news, might make the ATV more sellable to non Apple product users. Someone mentioned maybe sky news prevented bbc...
Ha - thanks - at risk of derailing thread, for the first 10 years ago - i reserved the use of an english phrase for 'effect' but after 20 years, and with my memory aging, i have the same problem. Now I cant remember if I have to get a cart or a trolley when i go food shopping
not sure it contains a lot of files about feet, but it certainly was a haven for some pedophiles. Not exactly riddled though. As an ex-pat living many years in the USA, and someone who watches the APP (ok on a samsung TV, shame on me) i insist that it is in no way anti american. The coverage is wide, and accurate. Now I also read daily the BBC web site- and comparing that to LA times, Huffington post, NY times, as well sometimes as Al-J, its simply not particularly...
I am not even talking about BBC news in general, I am talking about the BBC news headlines app that appears on many web TV's including samsung.  According to your little rant, BBC must be more biased than the US FOX news network - sorry but that oversight further reduces your credibility. BBC news in general may indeed be biased, but its almost certainly one of the least biased, and most trusted news organizations in the world.  Now - no need to further derail this...
Wish they would add the BBC news App, common on many web enabled TV. Is a very good app, and a great way to see 'unbiased' news in just a few minutes
but if you can and do innovate - don't litigate  ? that makes sense
becuae its bluetooth 4.0 so only later iPads. BT4.0 is so much faster connecting, and better than BT2 or BT3  
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