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From Tallest - Plain and simple drawing... reminds me of one of those "spot the difference" drawings we used to get in magazines and puzzle books years ago. "Look the third knuckle on the right has a scar, missing on the other"
I ended up buying several - and they sucked for various reasons, one system was $900 for 4 cameras. I ended up with drink (using about 9 DCS-932 and 1 DCS-942) the iPhone and iPad app are quite good, and there is no monthly fee. The units are quite easy to setup. I have them in 3 entirely different locations, and each of my IOS devices is able to reliably view all the cameras, unlike the junk from Belkin (WeMo) good luck
perhaps like pollsters, guesses from so called market analysts should have to stipulate the margin of error, as in -100% +1e9%
4 times the speed of recording, so its slow motion replay, or 1/4 speed replay
ok,  but the article is about iPhone - and that is 30fps now  from Apple: (Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio) so 120fps could give us 1/4 speed slo-mo   - but its still not SUPER - slo mo - not sure why the article uses super
wouldn't 120fps be 1/4 speed, (i thought 30fps was 'normal' even if 120 fps is 1/4 normal - its slow motion - can hardly call it SUPER slow motion
as a wearer of a watch (esp during working hours) who enjoys the convenience of being in sync with meetings, daily routines without grabbing my iPhone out of the pocket like an old fashioned pocket watch, and who chooses not to look around (depending in the room or office i am in) to look for a clock - i can see the need for such a device. A problem many of you dis-likers of this sort of thing is that the usefulness and 'need' depend entirely upon the occasion....
compare to the amount of radiation from close proximity fluorescent lights, and all the other broadcast radio signals - bt 4.0 is extremely weak.
well spotted
+1 even if it means 2 connectors - 
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