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naaah time to hand out an award - 
comedy gold :) someone should write the minutes
dont think its a problem with the stats, as much as how accurate they are - how obtained - sample population etc...
I agree - shame it was not available at the launch of the iPhone 5 - I got around it with a bluetooth interface - that plugs into the dock connector where my old iP4S used to plug into - and I may keep the bluetooth - its more convenient than plugging my Phone in each time
well - i noticed it on mine too - ip5 suffers more so than ip4 - maybe it takes better pics in other scenarios though - truthfully  both take great pics in normal light
no its not my charaterization - its just wrong - like you its wrong
the bold part (at least it was when the article was new - is WRONG - there is no GPS when in airplane mode. OK thats what I said - the article has a rather large ERROR in its predicate OK OK? maybe - the article could get FIXED?
agreed - very poor (incorrect) wording in the article - GPS will NOT work under airplane mode - in fact when you turn cellular OFF (in settings - general) it ONLY turns off cellular data -  i hope no-one else wasted time wondering if something new existed under IOS6 that kept GPS on even in airplane mode
Yes - thats how I understand it... the headline is wrong, not just misleading
....for offline browsing and GPS navigation under Airplane Mode.... As soon as I am in airplane mode GPS is unavailable, what am I doing wrong?...
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