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Thanks for caring.Only twice a day (unless I'm on a promise....) morning and before bed.Philips Sonicare - 2 brushings a day, 2 mins each is supposed to last 2 weeks on a single charge.I don't know if mine lasts that long, if I'm away for a few days I don't take a charger. If Im away for a week or so I do bother to take it.
What an odd point. Im fortunate to own more than one vehicle, but I don't have to top them up every night. I can go for days without having to fill up with gas. Regularity is a good thing, if you are charging, or dis-charging (esp solids and fluids). BUT having to take of a wrist watch to charge every night, and take its special charger with you every time you spend the night way from home will be a PAIN, of the sort that non-regularity in discharge might bring. 
Thats true - most days I take NO pictures, somedays quite a few - and yes - I have extra batteries always on charge. SO what I don't have to do, is habitually plug in my cameras nightly. I can easily to away for the night, and now perhaps take my RX100, and don't have to remember a charger, or even a spare battery.
My iPads get heavy use too. In fact we use iPads as document distribution for things we build and design. They are amazing for this ( good reader)   but they are plugged in enough while not being used, and simply not charged 7 nights a week, habitually like you do. The watch is strapped to my wrist - so its not going to get plugged in to something as frequently - if you can deal with charging a watch nightly - great - many people will dislike the pain.
Rocket science isn't that difficult to comprehend - now rocket engineering can get pretty tricky...I think I can just about grasp that routines would have to change, they WOULD, thats obvious (not being rocket science and all) but my point is that having to do that to something strapped to your wrist, and having to take a charger every time you travelled is a big pain in the ass.I believe Apple will NOT ship, until that can get several days of moderate use between...
pebble steel - I do not charge every nightsony NEX / Nikon cameras I do not charge every night,  
NO - Everyone does NOT do it with every battery device they own. Thats an absurd statement. Does everyone even on this forum charge their iPad every night? I have a lot of battery (chargeable) devices - most do NOT need an overnight charge.Worse is having to take off something strapped to my wrist to charge every night.
Not convinced at all. Many people don't charge their phones every night - I for example have it plugged in (charging / syncing ...) a lot during the day at work, and in the car when I travel. At weekend I charge at night.If Apple can get 2 or 3 days (modest usage) then fine, requiring nightly charge - not fine.
right but its not charged. Don't forget to take the charger with you when you stay overnight anywhere. As daily pebble steel user ( useful at what it does for me) I would pay double if it lasted 2 weeks instead of 4 days. 
I agree with your second sentence.Notwithstanding - and time may prove me correct, but nightly charging is hardly a feature. Its a PAIN, and will (in the unlikely event Apple actually releases it that way) result in lowered sales, and buyers remorse when they end up leaving it unused in a drawer
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