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yes he was speaking english - didn't seem to hard to understand
so the whole bit about "if you travel" you may be able to switch to a local carrier is a lie, since ATT have 'dedicated' it, in other words, irreversibly programmed it only for their own networks - which ought to be illegal. It makes it a long term commitment after all, particularly for the SIM, i.e. lifetime   Now its just like getting an ATT branded iPad, can only be used on their network. 
don't they have a team of over 250 people on this? (just on Knox) If this is the case, they have poor or non existent processes and methods.
Could be because 2011 MBA is not enabled for handoff, so airdrop MAC to IOS won't work on your 2011MBA. I have a 2011 MBA also, and BT on that is fine, its just a tad frustrating that Apple didn't include handoff for that product, despite it having capable BT/WiFi parts.
if you have one or more IOS devices, just try Airdrop on  the mac, and see how long it takes for them to appear. If you get bored, try toggling bluetooth on/off
but that wouldn't be bluetooth - If your extolling many benefits of Yosemite - I have to agree. Its a great upgrade in general.
Its bluetooth that is causing Airdrop to take forever to 'see' IOS devices. I can power on say 3 iOS devices, all on the same wifi, but only two of them on same icon account. It can take almost a minute before Airdrop on the MAC (Yosemite) sees them. IF one is NOT on the same wifi it takes even longer to see on the mac, and sometimes I only get to see it by toggling bluetooth on/off on the mac... the three IOS devices do see themselves a lot quicker.   I hope when they...
never mind - the current list is in "learn more' when you try to enter a credit card ...
is there a list of banks that support it? PNC said they were going to, but their lame website is still saying they are 'going' to with a 'check back here for updates' like you can't even have an email sent when they can.
you can stop by wall greens on your way home and try ApplePay there when you get your 'Tums'
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