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as a wearer of a watch (esp during working hours) who enjoys the convenience of being in sync with meetings, daily routines without grabbing my iPhone out of the pocket like an old fashioned pocket watch, and who chooses not to look around (depending in the room or office i am in) to look for a clock - i can see the need for such a device. A problem many of you dis-likers of this sort of thing is that the usefulness and 'need' depend entirely upon the occasion....
compare to the amount of radiation from close proximity fluorescent lights, and all the other broadcast radio signals - bt 4.0 is extremely weak.
well spotted
+1 even if it means 2 connectors - 
quite.. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3743?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
if you could find it (its on US iTunes) you would be amused by the 68 bad reviews.... you cannot browse for content, you have to use safari to find what you want, then go back to the app to download it.... sad and pathetic really. I wonder if they even have a ceo....
forgot your /s cos you know someone will read it wrong
despite the 50 plus claims, it seems the patent is based upon the use of side channel communications. An entirely digital smartphone would not be using side channel methods at all. The Wifi is on an entirely different carrier frequency than the "voice" part. That is not sideband or side channel
Oh they probably cleaned up alright - After seeing this, Samsung probably cleaned the whole lab, the marketing folks, in fact everyone involved.   If you look at this picture long enough (after you stop laughing) its just a small regular phone on its side, with a strap attached.
I prefer "form follows function"  Not always true, but less mythical, and a good start
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