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from the article ..."AirPlay mirroring on an 802.11 b or g WiFi networks"   I just noticed this - maybe this won't fix it for me - everywhere we use Airplay its always 'n' sometimes at 2.5GHz, sometimes 5GHz
Another issue that affects more than one MBR we own. This is the only thing i did not try. Truth is "just works" cannot be applied to Airplay. Even with iPad devices, it works most of the time, but too often drops out, then you have to re-select iPad, then re-try selecting the ATV device. We have numerous ATV in multiple, separate locations around the area, with differing routers etc... and it is never guaranteed to just work. Occasionally - when you need it to just work...
Its a suboptimal solution for any user, not just power user. Besides, when my MBR seems afflicted with this bug, this sequence doesn't seem to help - sometimes quitting mail does (usually) otherwise i have had to reboot. Strange that something as well used and common as mail should be experiencing issues as of late.
i invested in $20 in indiegogo for one similar to this, received it last week. Cute - and it works - slightly more convenient than a loose cable in my pocket.   Quadra - "You still need a wall adapter, Mac, or car adapter in which to plug it in." Not always. Even when I travel, i can ALWAYS find a usb socket somewhere to charge my phone or iPad.   Article conclusion "...It's also a unique product, the likes of which we haven't seen elsewhere on the market." not...
I think it was a joke, i.e. Pebble OS, has acronym of POS
I would be happy with that, especially if they also offered a reverse magsafe, so all MacBooks could make use of the built in power supply.When i get extra PSU's for benches and desks, i still get the older one and buy an adapter for each
Hi nathaminal, Todd couple of points (3?) but apart from that Mis specificationYour entire point 2 is based on fallacious argument, since you say... If they forego the workstation graphics cards..... What if we forego mutilcore, and just fit an 8088? You can't compare apples with apples, by saying well, if they were both bananas they would be the same.1. It's not just reasonable, it's great value2. Bs argument see above3. You are still missing thunderbolt, and a myriad of...
I was just in SD a few days ago - still no luck in getting Retina Mini, ATT, 128GB - even now apple utility can't fined me one. I have been checking regularly. Good news the one I ordered is being delivered Monday.Still seems the good versions are hard to find
not sure if your being sarcastic - but original iPhone was advertised before you could buy one
 yes chosen forever - really a site like AppleInsider that SUCKS on Safari, and iPhone or an Ipad - the ???????? are really annoying - WHY CAN?T THEY BE FU???NG fixed???
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