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I'm no troll, check my posts...But first use maps to find the town of Grenada, in Spain.
Anyone that says they 'got' any modern computer, desktop, notebook or whatever PURELY for productive purposes is also either of the above. Even if you just read the news
certainly a blatant rip off - but not so much from Apple Inc. iCrab Apple anyone?
I like this new connector - its much easier to use than the old dock - but dissapointed that we have to wait so long for third party accessories. Surely the proper information could have been released to approved parties some time ago.
Full? really - they pulled that old trick when they went head to head against palm devices back in the day. People jumped from the (at the time) very capable Treo to some windows pocket OC because it offered MS Office. Now the palm office products (from various suppliers) were in fact more capable, and more compatible with the 'pocket' version of word, excel etc.. but slick marketing made it seem like you got FULL office features and compatibility.   Now another thing you...
yes - i think he might have meant the 3009 or 2010 13 inch SILVER macbook, it was the last silver macbook that also had swappable battery. Graphics was discreet, GeForce 320M It was faster in the graphics department than the 13 MB(P) that i think followed it
There was at least one 13 silver Macbook with decent discrete graphics, it was the last with swappable battery. I have a 15MBP retina maxed out for my own use - its truly fast fantastic machine - even if battery life is not as goos as i would like - the 13 version will surely loose at least one of the Thunderbolt ports
naaah time to hand out an award - 
comedy gold :) someone should write the minutes
dont think its a problem with the stats, as much as how accurate they are - how obtained - sample population etc...
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