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power supply could be for the new wifi ac version of then Apple TV. No longer a built in PSU?
I agree the playmemory app is poor. It works - but I could have thrown together a pice of dog and pony demo in a day or so that would be nicer to use. It does do its job though. My bigger concern for this system - is generally how convenient is it really going to be. Sure - you take a lens out of your pocket, clip it onto your iPhone , but then what? I would hope pressing a button on the lens is going to wake the phone and send it directly to the control app. I Hope - but...
maybe this is or is not what you mean...i use a nex-6, and the iPhone app allows me to take any pictured from the nex-6 (using the mini wifi generated by the ned-6) and push them directly into the apple camera app. ( i think the app is play memories)
a new social site, no longer called "face"book, but xxxbook ?
rumors are no raw, jpeg only.
ill bite - did you read the article before commenting? The come with Exmor sensors.   I think this is a very good idea - hope its implemented well. I often carry nex-6 when i'm somewhere that i might be wanting a better camera than is built in to the iPhone. These lenses will be much easier to carry, and hopefully even easer to email pictures from them (via iPhone) while on location somewhere.
the good old days, January of this year http://blogs.technet.com/b/microsoft_blog/archive/2013/01/22/growing-the-surface-family-surface-windows-8-pro-availability-confirmed.aspx
except they have to then use the term in a manner in which it was trademarked correct? you cannot just TM a word or phrase and not use it.
yes, and MS did trademark Windows, so no idea why Apple (right or wrong) should not TM Startup
it was BSOD (TM) trademarked
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