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I designed an optical sensor used in quite large volumes, used a short piece of hemi-spherical  'rod' which contacted the (moving) part being sensed'. I tried so very long to get a thin piece of sapphire that i could bend- unless you know of some special method - Apple has somehow managed to modify the lattice structure to make it flexibleActually I doubt its a flexible sapphire window - I go with the consensus that says its curved, but still rigid
flexible sapphire screen? sapphire thats flexible  hmmmm
Any other tech people on this site the wrong side of 50 that feel like 7 year olds the week before your 8th Birthday?
I have, and almost always switched to the next variant when it became available. I didn't get the original AIR (2008) - but did get subsequent ones.Sure the gen2 are almost always better - but then you have to wait a year or so. Life is short, enjoy what you can when you can.
Sorry DC, i also own a Nikon SLR - the Nikon / Canon wars online can get quite heated, and often silly at times. When I attend a family function, such as one of my childrens weddings, rehearsal dinner, baby shower or the like, I like to hand out a Nion D90 with zoom lens and decent flash unit. Camera is switched to the green mode of course, and I encourage guests to just take lots of pics with it, and for them to encourage other guest to do the same. Its truly amazing how...
OTOH if you already have Nex series - and thus you already have some very decent glass - its not a bad option. If they significantly improved play memories especially could improve the pairing process each time, the possibility of physical separation of display and lens provides some neat opportunities.
I don't find a connection dropping  issue - but I do find it can get laggy. It "seems" better on my newer rx100iii than NEX-6I really wish they had ALSO used bluetooth 4 (ble) to auto-inittiate connection. Its a real pain to go to settings each time and use the ned wifi. Of course you can add the sony to your own wifi (infrastructure) but most of the time you are probably not at home when you want to connect.
Im at (past) the age i need glasses for reading - a non optical viewfinder can be adjusted so i can cope without glasses. I can't read the back LCD text at all.A true optical viewfinder is so much quicker and better - shame the cameras end up being so big and heavy!
Then they would loose at least half of the otherwise potential smaller / petite customers. 
I started my sony collection with NEX-7 - on 'long term loan' with a colleague. I bought the NEX-6 because i liked the built in wifi. I have a few lenses - and thats the problem - i can't ever just bring the hex-6 with only one lens - so i stopped bringing it. The rx100 is really quite small- and has the built in wifi. The killer feature for me was the built in viewfinder - i have a new grandson - and i find it a real pain to try to take pictures without a viewfinder. I...
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