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no its not my charaterization - its just wrong - like you its wrong
the bold part (at least it was when the article was new - is WRONG - there is no GPS when in airplane mode. OK thats what I said - the article has a rather large ERROR in its predicate OK OK? maybe - the article could get FIXED?
agreed - very poor (incorrect) wording in the article - GPS will NOT work under airplane mode - in fact when you turn cellular OFF (in settings - general) it ONLY turns off cellular data -  i hope no-one else wasted time wondering if something new existed under IOS6 that kept GPS on even in airplane mode
Yes - thats how I understand it... the headline is wrong, not just misleading
....for offline browsing and GPS navigation under Airplane Mode.... As soon as I am in airplane mode GPS is unavailable, what am I doing wrong?...
i didn't buy retina MPP just so I could carry around another windows machine - maybe the Virtualization people are in the minority - but a long long time ago -i decided to try out mac (bought a couple of iMacs) with the knowledge that if they didnt work out - I would just put windows on them.... now apart from this business buying a lot of macs, iPhones, and almost 40 iPads, that decision has helped friends etc go apple. Well apple will do whatever - but they should...
for me too- as I look around the lab - i see 11 MBPro - including rwo retina, - a couple running win 7 bootcamp, but all needing vmware / parallels for some programs - it would end the apple system here - unless of course the new processor could run intel code at native speed
f people on here only posted on subjects they understood - there would be fewer posts... except for the mac spell checker chnaging CDMA to coma.... I said that CDMA as implemented by Verizon does NOT support simultaneous data and talk - so you maybe wrong on this.... LTE sa implemented by Verizon may allow it ( ithink it does but i dont know for sure - ) but i understand that iPhone 5 will still not allow simultaneous usage - that may be verizons or Aplpes issue - i dont...
  Well - my intent of the first post  was not to derail the thread - which is about ATT charging for unlimited intent on older contracts, and then deciding that its not all the ports - so no facetime for example, which I would imagine for the average user would be small compared to streaming netflix.. as for the  voice and data, the CDMA networks used by Verizon and Sprint don't permit simultaneous use of a data connection and a voice connection - dont know what you mean...
Except that you cannot do internet (not even maps!) while making a voice call - so the whole ">" is nonsense.   Fact is the iPhone was supposed to be the whole internet - not just the ports that ATT like. This is only ATT lame attempt to take back those grandfathered unlimited plans.   The problem is seems with ATT contracts (and other carriers) is that they are NOT contracts - ATT can bend its obligations however it sees fit.
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