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Thanks=! mention of the new raid systems are bracketed in the article by Thunderbolt paragraphs, I inferred the raids were thunderbolt - guess i will stick with separate usb time machine drives for each mbp for now
Can anyone point me to any of the thunderbolt equipped raid drives. I AM in the market for raid backup at another location, an Apple sku number i can find?
Paper books, sure to stay for a long time, paper mags, whose content (apart from ads) is out of date so quickly, will gradually succumb more and more to e-tablets. As for embracing it, the time for this is not an instant, a day, or even a year. If some publishes did not start with the trend, then how would things ever change. A forest may not start with a single acorn, but it does start with a few
The way I read the article, it was against all electronic readers, the conversion of the mag, the programming etc. The iPad is perhaps singled out because its already become somewhat of a generic term
Agree about the fact its not a virus, and that the anti-apple fans have been enjoying blowing this up out of all proportion. Not fair to call anyone who installed it an idiot. I know several people who found using a pc difficult, and enjoyed life in the mac side. Not everyone that uses a MAC is so 'intelligent', just smart enough to know its a tool, and worse, has been encouraged to not worry about installing stuff, as the MAC "doesn't have viruses" For the record,...
I cannot agree more, about how slick it would be for a single magnetic connector for power, connectivity (usb, firewire etc) but as easily as the mag port can disconnect (its intended feature) Apple must solve a difficult problem of having drives and things suddenly removed, and reconnected, without data damage, or a visit from "colonel panic"
For some, and myself, its the aesthetics of the hardware, and software that helped convince me to move over from the dark side. I hope they keep the pace. I'm fortunate, & I mean that sincerely, not trying to brag,
no sarcasm, no offense, but is that not what happened? ie even reading the article, seems like out of 2000 so far, 92% were iPhones
Perhaps its a yawn because updating is so easy, its almost more work not to do it! I mean, click download & install button, get coffee, done. :-)
Perhaps you mis-understood the last point in my writings (i is an enjuneer - so i dont rite gud) my last point was why doesn't apple fulfill much earlier placed orders (on line) before shipping to the stores? they still sell the same amount surely, one way is more reasonable in terms if civility and fairness...
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