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I already did. Ive gone with each iteration, and honestly - the cost is well worth it. the real cost in the use is the plan. what i meant was i would prefer if the screen viewable area was greater, but the size of the phone changed only in that the drive was thinner, i would prefer it more. One thing apple can do, but are unlikely, is to significantly increase the size of the phone (like some of the 4 inch droid types - and this would prevent a lot of people buying it.
I, and most of the staff here with iPhones, want a bigger screen, ONLY if the overall size of the iPhone stay the same. Its not just the "Levi 501" peeps, its us who carry the phone all the time, even weekends and evenings, when we have no bags . jackets etc same width, height, but thinner with a slightly larger screen - yay
it was really terrific - now NO commands recognized. Cannot even say "Call xxx Mobile" well it would appear that almost nothing of siri resides in the phone poor thisupdate : if i disable siri i get back the good old voice recognition - this works fine - re enable siri and nada - not working at all its really disappointing
So all was good on the USA east coast until an hour ago - now SIRI won't works at all on two phones! So it seems the faster processor in the 4S just sends it out to servers
I own most of the worlds last stock of 5 1/4 - I have refused to believe so far there is no longer any need,,,
Yes - its the site thats not been updated - its the same verbage.
after reading headline - bullshit - apple site wasn't even up until 40 minutes after "insider" said apple began...Anyway I gave up on apple site at 4:25 EST, and returned direct to ATT site - which worked great, upgraded all 3 phones! (had to do them one by one" good night all
of course it was supposed to be - but the headlines and article suggested it happened, long before any one on this site for example had ANY luck, since apple store was still "we'll be back...
[QUOTE=AppleInsider;1959806]Apple and select partners began taking pre-orders of its new iPhone 4S smartphone early Friday ahead of its October 14th launch date. As promised, ...... AT 3:26 EST Att site unavailable - but apple store still "We'll be back soon." So are these headlines news or speculation?
+99 when i started my business, one-write and peach tree were the best choices. Peachtree has grown, and its not great but it gets the job done. Most people don't change lightly, its not like changing your favorite spreadsheet app. I run my business on a mac, but have to use virtualization for peach tree. Quickbooks was NEVER up to running a small business, and on a mac was much worse, and its so recent. Hence there are so few business running QB with any employees on a...
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