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Except that you cannot do internet (not even maps!) while making a voice call - so the whole ">" is nonsense.   Fact is the iPhone was supposed to be the whole internet - not just the ports that ATT like. This is only ATT lame attempt to take back those grandfathered unlimited plans.   The problem is seems with ATT contracts (and other carriers) is that they are NOT contracts - ATT can bend its obligations however it sees fit.
I ordred one - simply don't want to wait until i can hook up my iPohne 5 to may car - i may keep it as a spare once i get the official apple product. Shame apple could not have foreseen the demand for the adapters better. I see on eONE star review on amazon by someone who simply won't try it - pathetic review - I know it was not left by anyone on these threads....
5v tingles a bit - 9 v tingles better - its often how i check a 9V pp3 i just found in the draw - before i discard it
I have both - i used to switch frequently - whatever worked best for the myriad of apps i stil have to run under windows. Seems they both do a similar upgrade policy - but as several posters have pointed out - you are not forced - i still have an old macbook with Vmware 4 something  as for which is quickest - depends upon what you are doing. When I run some weird networking stuff - I occasionally run my test program on one, and use the mac and the other virtual machine...
stop it - your making me home sick! ya think Currys customer experience is worse than Dixons - both are sooooooo far different (in a worse kind of way) to an Apple store experience -  however - i have never seen so many forum members unite - 
born and raised in UK, been there until he just joined Apple
Hostility? Perhaps my experience is unique... I have 4 iPhones on an ATT plan - all with grandfathered "unlimited" and 3 iPhones and 1 dumb phone on Verizon (some of my family) one of the iPhones is also unlimited, the second was registered too late and is on the lowest data plan. When I went to add the third iPhone - i was told i should change to the shared - but it was much more expensive. When I declined - OI was told, in fact I didn't have a choice!!!! Only the...
Except Power Nap is (by default) NOT enabled when on batteries.
Agreed - I always paid the extra $50 for matte, and clearly the Retina is MORE glossy than the older anti-glare option - true - but it aint much, and i find the Retina to be a very good compromise between the older glossy and matte. Im using it now in a car, IN bright sunshine - 
can anyone else anwer this? I filled mine out 2 hours ago - nothing
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