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Well, whatever, I also took the plunge today and arrived at 5:00 am at Apple store in the Mall in Delaware. There were only about 20 vehicles in the car-park, with people waiting. As I approached the Mall door, police officers there told (in typical rude fashion) to us return and wait in our cars, until the mall opened the doors at 7:00. This apparently was on instruction from Christiana Mall 'management' By almost 7:00, hundreds were waiting in their cars, and for the...
yes, this is Apple, LOL, thankful is not MicroSoft, otherwise kiss good bye to $229
You bet, I have unlimited on Ipad, want to keep it going so I dont have to be concerned with usage. I would love a monthly option to add tether, while keeping my monthly unlimited,(I know - more money to ATT), but it still aint gonna happen.
3g WW +1 thunderbolt - not sure Backlit keyboard +1
With Mr. Jobs being out on Medical leave, his sarcastic email sent to his design department may not have been fully understood
Aha, two questions written as one.
No kidding, thats a much nicer pie chart than I ever produce, Would you mind telling me what s/w package you used?
As long as a bad download doesn't say Unsuccessful download is unsuccessful...
The ability to properly stream a movie thats on your computer, (not just your iphone/ipad) to your ATV
Yes, and for some othe app developers to add it in. Imagine goodreader or even invoke being able to share PDFs and the like on a large tv monitor
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