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Well I am going to get me one I already added the search to my ebay account.... wont be long before I have plenty of choice.   My grand-kids will have this as a collector item - it will probably stay in production about as long as the Kin
Thanks for the tip 4!   I am using on 15 Retina - and as for this blurry complaint i read about sometimes..... sometimes i look at a regular screen and I think it looks sharper, its nice when you can see the pixels since they help delineate the image!! /s
refurb iPads (2's) from the Apple Store... we have purchased more than a dozen - mostly 16G WiFi only - apart from the label on the box you wouldn't know it. Not a single mark anywhere - and they have new batteries installed. They ALL looked absolutely brand new - and at a good saving over a real new one.
one for me to 'replace my iPad3), and white for the Wife - to match her iPhone. I have family & a business - so the iPad 3 will not be consigned to a drawer. I am hoping I can switch my ATT unlimited to the new mini we were a verizon family, and verizon at work, but i jumped ship when first iPhone came out, despite ATT coverage being inferior in this area - the wife refused to carry a phone that would not get calls half the time (go figure) so now we have 4 iPhones on...
my verizon white unit just arrived, but my ATT black ordered at the same time has been "in shipping" for days
yup they are all gone now
safari on MBP retina - what can i do?
thanks - i plan on leaving town Nov 20 - and I was hoping my ATT mini will arrive in time to join me. Wife's Verizon mini will be here this Friday - and would be envious -
anyone found out if any ATT unit shipped yet - seems just Verizon?
All the stupid ? random ?? punctuation that appear in articles is making them hard ? to read ?!" 
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