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yup its either pulled - or so awesomely desirable that demand overloaded the usb flash drive in the server with the MS apps on it
Also - i bought two similar products (not exactly the same - but very close) and the whistling from the built in switcher on both was awful. I tried to live with it - but the wife would not - (whistled differently but just as bad under load as off load)
seems a lot of people have a different opinion - and have voted with their check book.you may call it hideous - and while I think their are much nicer looking watches - there are many many watches that are much uglier. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - i think its neither ugly, nor disgusting to look at
Tip calculator - and it has to be one that calculates each individual contribution if some one had extra pepperoni - qualifies it as a smart phone - /s
good one!
Clearly he's offering the air up to Zeus, so that lightening will restore power
it doesn't do much - but it does do what it does very well, allows me to check the time, use a stopwatch, see who's calling me, read texts, and, when i leave for home, allows me to start playing my radio app thro bluetooth in may car, all without taking my phone out of my pocket.it has decent battery life, (shake to turn on backlight is very useful) its light, waterproof, and despite the fact Im an engineer thats always managing to hit it against things, the glass on this...
Isn't that because airdrop drops between say your mac and other colleagues, whereas handoff is only between ones own devices...
Agreed - it also helps if you have to occasionally carry a projector - now you could hook that up to an ATV and then present direct from wireless iPad.
alliteration always adds an alluring and alluding acceptibility
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