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to manipulate the apple watch with siri, which to me makes sense when i am driving, both hands remain on the wheel.
didn't outlook etc used to have this years ago, you could set up outlook so it sent immediately, or say after a specified time....gave you an opportunity to go to the outbox and remove the expletives from the email you were to send to your boss...
but please dont hold your breath.....
 my wife just bought a 2015 ford explorer with ford touch sync....now i quite like the vehicle, despite it being an 18mpg monster- but its my wife choice not mine.now the touch sync isn't terrible, and in fact bluets carphone syncs each and every time flawlessly with her iPhone 5.BUTit has its own voice control, but its not natural speak like siri, you have to say things like "climate control set 72" or some such...so as a result you are often needing to LOOK at a 7 inch...
you said it  - options -
even additional bands are long order times still...
unless i misunderstand - you dont have to.play a tune in iTunes, lock you phone with the side button - the side volume controls still control volume.
I doubt a significant portion of 500Million AppleID accounts are >$200k though.I suspect Apple users earning >$200K are more likely to buy an apple watch.
honestly, you have never had to quit the app and reload, or reset the watch and re--pair the connections, forget the bluetooth etc.....?your very lucky - it was a weekly occurrence for me to do one or more of those..... ( and i had two pebble steel - on is at the bottom of a lake)
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