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dont we already have it? my iPhone certainly seems quick to get to 30% or so from flat....
but you can do a quick charge in the time it takes for your Nespresso to make you a nice frsh coffee.wall outlet - sure I can see that is lovely design, along with all the little adapters apple could sell for world compatibility. if you simply forgot the /s after your wall outlet suggestion- forgive me,
this double opportunity charging capability is excellent, offered on the new apple pencil. I hope to see this copied onto many other products, not just apple.
Agreed. It is said that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case its just theft.
Samsung certainly seemed to have embraced the colors, and do not seem at all embarrassed about it
on your apple watch can you do this? i hoped it was part of apple watch 2.0 software - 
it would be very conveneint if you could anser a facetime (video) call at least as audio only. the sort of default facetime is always video based, even when video is not needed. If im driving, facetime audio is handled by may car bluetooth in the same way regular calls are made, whereas if its video i cant even answer in audio only, and have to miss the call
Tag stop $2000 from me!ha, well I do own one tag watch still and i like it, but i wear my apple watch every day - so it's unused and sit in a drawer with some other (better) watches...anyway i have your story bettered (or worsened)many years ago i bought my first tag watch, $2,000 approx of chronograph. well after a few days, it would stop, at around 20 minutes before midnight (coincident with poorly synchronized data change. I called and spoke to tag ( i think they...
i have issues too- if i add some scribble in a note, and more text on my iPhone, it never syncs with mac running yosemite.also if a interleave scribble and test, and email it, it moves all the scribble to then end in the email. weak.
agreed, when you make a note with interleaved drawings and scribbles, it ould be nice to email someone a pdf so that the scribbles and text remain fixed at proper locations. Even pages etc... does do this
New Posts  All Forums: