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Should have my 'beta' 17inch on Monday - fedex tells me it will be here. I ordered a glossy. Originally ordered the matte, but then when I noticed the matte screen looked like a kluge i changed my order. Hope those 8 hours are realistic
The TG01 does have a very impressive display, its incredibly thin, and bosts A2DP Of course it runs an OS where you have to go into settings to set processor speed for improved performance OR battery life. I hope the next IPhone is smart enough to figure out optimum processor speed, however thin design, A2DP, and an even better display are on my wish (hope) list
I hope they don't make that kind of rule. Eventually there will be very useful apps that will only appeal to a minority. These apps would not make the top 500 even. I would lie to see better search methods on the app store to find and /or categorize these apps better
Predictable : that when ever a piece of technology is discussed anywhere that originates from sweden (rare of course) you just have to wave your swedish flag. I wonder how much of your current technology has more to do with obtaining technology from the Germans in the last war, while all that time maintaining an air of neutrality
don't forget a very nice massage technique.
Ha very amusing. I had an annoto pen, and then bough the POS logitech version. Although the livescribe uses annoto books, the recording and the whole implementation is the reason this pen works very well.BTW I heard the suicide rate in Sweden was one of the highest in the world. Can't imagine whyGlad you on a mac site, as we know the swedes are responsible for much of the excellent mac technology.
I bough the pem with a bunch of the books from Costco fro $179 as soon as beta release mac software was made available for download. Basically the microphone part is gimmicky, and i don't use it often, The ability to record all my notes and drawings is fantastic, and the software so far has worked very well. There are some features that are only in the windows version, but I can live without them for a while. Build quality is excellent. Additional docking stations to...
I don't care how you take it, seriously, a spoof, whatever - its truly obnoxious. Thanks for comparing it to a Pixar movie though, that made me see it in a different light altogether
quote "he first laptop is a Sony vaio and even if it was a mac" well you just said it wasn't a mac. I looked at the video I don't think it was a sony. Your right it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it is ironic that a mac was (imho) used. I'm not a fanboy, but now I own several macs, and hardly use a WIN-PC much. Like many people, I don't worry that MS will come bounding back with Windows 7. First I doubt they will, but if Windows 7 is as much an...
I was hoping that they were applying the anti-glare to the seamless glass. There are techniques that can apply super thin AR coatings to glass.
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