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      Please me out of my misery, and at least point to some available LED TVs that do not incorporate LCDs.
i wonder too. Here in the USA - surely a prime market - even so called HD, if its not mainstream (example the other sports such as soccer) is so compressed HD is wasted, at least whenever there is any movement on the picture
BMW re-programming RS232 USB dongles are your friend - we use lots - and one of the most expensive is one from Radio-Shack - but we try to stick to them because they some to always just work - on Mac as well as Windows
well not around here  - east coast USA. You can get it wired as an option - by the time you figure out exactly where you want the ports, which room, which wall, and then paid the man $2000+ for the work -  oh yeah - i hope apple leaves out the wifi /s
agree on the cloud bit - frustrating to have rented a movie on the apple tv, then can not watch the rest on an iPad, iPod or anything else - its really quite pathetic
unless you use the convenience of renting it on your apple tv, then you CAN NOT transfer it anywhere, iPod, iPad, iPhone or anything else. I have good performance with Netflix, bit had seen several buffering problems with the apple content - i complain they credit me, but it makes for a disappointing evening
new site is it me or is AI comment section awful to read on an iPhone - its just what high resolution is not about
but in defense the picture with the pathetic caption was posted by someone who claimed they had to fast forward articles because they were so sick of a picture of Hugh... never mind
the implication in the title - where there is no mention of "the back" just replacing the glass... PLEASE the witty remark made in the first place wasn't that great - but these comments have forever squashed any hope of funny comments in the future
similar here, I use vmware & parallels (depends) but other engineers here run bootcamp 100% The hardware (mbp 17 mostly) is terrific - rugged, reliable, sleek, but 90% of the software we have to run is all windows. There is NO decent pcb layout / schematic for mac, most of the good cross compilers run only under windows. Some suppliers (microchip) are now offering java based compilers, so they can run windows or linux or mac - but thats rare
New Posts  All Forums: