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the implication in the title - where there is no mention of "the back" just replacing the glass... PLEASE the witty remark made in the first place wasn't that great - but these comments have forever squashed any hope of funny comments in the future
similar here, I use vmware & parallels (depends) but other engineers here run bootcamp 100% The hardware (mbp 17 mostly) is terrific - rugged, reliable, sleek, but 90% of the software we have to run is all windows. There is NO decent pcb layout / schematic for mac, most of the good cross compilers run only under windows. Some suppliers (microchip) are now offering java based compilers, so they can run windows or linux or mac - but thats rare
and in that region, after i finish up hoovering, I go fishing, taking my thermos with my hot tea...
of course CDMA can't be unlocked via sim - thats true - but many of us took Sprint phones in the past - and via only s/w hacking made them work on Verizon - it was years before Verizon bothered with the TREO. a CDMA (Verizon) iPhone can be unlocked to work on other CDMA systems via software only - thats unlocking just the same
Here in the US, i would have thought a carrier that offers a sim (plan) that can do voice only - no data plan at all would become very popular. I, and several friends have older phones that could be used by other members of their families (kids) and with this plan the phone is no more expensive on a plan than any other phone, and data is only Wifi
Current 15 inchworms well with 16gb. I hope we get option for 1000gb ssd
So incredibly well designed products, with great user experiences, and good marketing lead to high market penetration. How is this absolute power I see this as good news - its a success story, unless I'm insane..
I missed out the /s BTW Rumor has it that Galileo didn't really drop anything of the tower, he just thought about it. He figured if a 'heavier' object would fall faster than a lighter one - then you could chain them together and they would exert an increasing force between them as they fell - and if such a force exited then surely objects would try to explode as they fell....
The extra weight makes it fall faster as well - Apple should have warned us
nonsenseIt would be like Nike making a shoe that fit the majority of people, and allowed them to run it in their best time, knowing however shoes progressed, they would never find a better shoe! That would permit them to run fasterThe retina is a good term, better than ultra, or mega, or hyper, because it DOES have a meaning, and is not a superlative. It means that w hat ever dell et al, even apple do in the future, the average person will not, under normal use be able to...
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