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Do you understand what a revolution is?
Mr, Administrator I KNOW this may ne a weee but off topic - but when i view appleinsider on an MBP in SAFARI the nice little video appears above but the right part of the video is cut off. This happens on so many of your articles when you have video... is it a glitch or is it intended   thanks so much if you answer it this time, and thanks even more if you fix it
thanks! - I have same Build 8.0.18314 also
The update takes us to what version number - does anyone know - I updated a couple of days back - and its showing i'm up to date - so either this is old news or something is wrong -
Well I like the look of it, and since i am into the eco-system, especially with Apps, I ordered a ATT one, to replace my iPad 3. I like the idea of lighter and thinner - i will replace this if/when the iPad 3 replacement appears. KInda wish this version mini did have higher res display - but i can really only know that for sure after a couple days of use
I dont think Apple needs to be a cut above - Cars etc may be deductible from corp taxes - but the users will pay handsomely for every mile they are not on corp business. If your company needs to add to retained earnings, as Apple has been doing you cannot avoid the 15 to 35% tax, UNLESS you avoid it by registering income earned overseas. Why is there an enticement to send more of my work overseas to avoid taxes? you would think that you would get a benefit from investing...
I for one, like many probably, was blown away when i first saw Notes in Landscape on an iPad - beautiful leather and stitching - but im glad if we are moving away from that. Even the green Phone APP on the iPhone shows a very dated receiver - at what point are all the icons no longer representative of real world implementations? Back in the day, as window and icons took over from command line - every icon was essentially a picture of the staid real life object - but...
aha - perhaps in the 1970's - 
speaking as an ex-Brit - that generalization about british managers, just like any racial or ethnic generalization is silly. Just because he came from Dixons doesn't mean he would be bad either, but if Apple knew that he had a significant part to play in the way Dixons did their business, then it was odd that they hired him. To anyone in the USA not familiar with shipping at Dixons, its like a small best buy but without any of the redeeming features (!?!)
I'm no troll, check my posts...But first use maps to find the town of Grenada, in Spain.
New Posts  All Forums: