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I had 2 17 pre-unibodies, and upgraded memory and hard drive. Fear not its easy, just print out a guide, and tape your screws to the correct part of the guide so that you wont forget which was which on replacement. Was your hands and touch your hand to a solid ground before you start, and and occasion during the process. good luck
att no tethering eh? still ordered my 32gb black, iphone user since the start, upgraded to 3g early, and my bonus for doing s? i got to pay $499 for 3gs 32gb black, plus 2x$18 att charges thanks att - you suck. I paid cos I can, but it left me with a bitter taste, after the sweet upgrade apple have delivered.
I had problems downloading package with the above error, also predicred time was always 2 hours + Finally I rebooted my macbook pro (unibody 17) and then tried again - try rebooting first
My 17 unibody pro suffers from horrible screen flicker, when the display is set for low ambient light levels. Certain web sites have areas that really make the flicker terrible. Even changing to the advanced graphics chip doesn't help. I have to turn the brightness way up, so wasting battery life. My unibody macbook (not pro) seems quite immune. Can anyone tell me whether this flicker is part of the problem mentioned? I have called Apple, (I have applecare) and have a...
Didn't the TV commercials (in the USA at least) mention something about the real internet, not crippled?
No need to get snarky. I design for a living, and I make a good living, which allows me to buy a whole lot of stuff like this I probably don't need. Mostly this stuff works as advertised. In the case of macbook pro, sold as having fantastic battery life and excellent graphics I expected better. In this case I would guess there are some issues with the silicon. I have had to use silicon with similar problems. A combination of tolerances on supply voltage, tolerance on...
I agree its tough to eradicate all hardware bugs, however the delays, associated (according to close sources) with nvidia chips and the many many complaints bout flickering lead me to believe it was a known issue with hardware. Considering these things end up over $4K, it should have been fixed. Having apple tell me - just turn up the brightness or use the additional graphics ship invalidates the fantastic battery life claims - and just plain sucks. Won't happen to me...
Thats what they told me two weeks ago - that a fix for the external monitor flicker was due any time. It also took two people, and almost 40 minutes to get to the point where they told me apple was aware of problem and will be issuing a software fix. I already had a 2007 17 mbpro - which i pulled rank and gave to one of my junior engineers, so i could have the new one. Tired of seeing his smug face!
I have an early 2009 unibody 17 inch. On low brightness, like many other users the display annoyingly flickers, Its as though there is a ceiling fan in the room, and you are seeing a reflection of the shadow. Of course there isn't. To fix, increase brightness (to above medium) or select the better performance graphics ship. This usually helps. Ths version 1.0 firmware did not fix this problem. Later tonight i will see if it fixed the external monitor - clamshell closed...
I agree the VGA needs to work well. I also frequent corporate clients with many different projectors - all vga. I will try to check my macbook pro tonight into my 5100 (using DVI) and see how it looks. I also have macbook unibody I can try.
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