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not sure I get your point?are you saying it IS TRUE? That performing this procedure really fixes a battery drain issue? If so - how have you confirmed that to be the case?
Ive read this technique before in several places.Bu this - if its true is rather sad and pathetic - that users are expected jump through hippos like this, to maybe correct for old bits of code lying around - if its true then certain engineers / programmers at Apple should be embarrassed.
I like and find very useful a pebble steel - my iPhone stays in pocket. I like to use it on boat etc also - even on the beach - i can see any texts while leaving iPhone in plastic bag.should maybe have offered steel in a few nice colors - but these plastic, nasty colors are awful. I would need to be paid to wear on of these
I think I may have confused the issue - my point is many embedded devices are not open sourced either, but in any case in order to reprogram firmware on a lot of embedded devices you must remove the board from its enclosure. Not all embedded devices are equipped with boot-loaders.I didn't think the article was just about iOS, but rather, that usb devices can be re-flashed to carry some kind of computer threat. slightly off topic - Most of Windows XP was also no open...
Many small embedded devices do allow firmware to be overwritten, since almost all devices uses flash for firmware storage. However many of these require access to a couple of dedicated pins, usually implemented as a zero cost couple of pads accessible before its put in its enclosure.
judging by the avalanche of dis-interest, maybe only a few will be disappointed, the few that bought that is.
I use one like this on a boat - for both a MBa, and a MBr, its worked really well.http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0042QNFDM/ref=dp_olp_all_ro?ie=UTF8&condition=all
Delaware requires at least 30 minutes but break must be after first 2 hours and before last 2 hours fora. 8 hour dayQuite reasonable
A flat phone - ugh
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