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+99 when i started my business, one-write and peach tree were the best choices. Peachtree has grown, and its not great but it gets the job done. Most people don't change lightly, its not like changing your favorite spreadsheet app. I run my business on a mac, but have to use virtualization for peach tree. Quickbooks was NEVER up to running a small business, and on a mac was much worse, and its so recent. Hence there are so few business running QB with any employees on a...
I can't see how it could add that much to the bank, maybe a quarter of that, still when HP just exited left, impressive amount of iPadsI think I may hold off, wait until there is a glut, then pick up some iPads when apple discounts them to $99. /s
I enjoyed your sarcasm, but it's funny how much it looked like the first iPhone I want to play with a mango phone, see if I can find anything original or convincing in it Fact is, it's impossible for me to bitch about my iPhone 4, it does do what it needs, and lots more incredibly well
Well, except some apps, such as good-reader can either mirror, or use the iPad as a nav aid, while displaying the pdf doc on the big screen..... But maybe this could be over-ridden by the big mirror buttonairplay mirror would be great if it replicated the functionality of the hdmi cable mirroring
I already bought a 65 inch flat screen for the conference room, and an Apple TV. Using good reader to review spreadsheets and pdf docs is terrific. Its a pain right now when i want to show something else on an iPad - and have to dig out the hdmi cable. the HDMI cable and adapter really are not slick on an iPad. cable less presentations on a decent monitor work very well, the resolution is well matched - what you can read on your iPad shows well on a decent monitor with 5...
So if we had not had this feature on the otherwise nicely updated iPad2 - then Apple would not have been greedy. Only when they give it some, but not others, then they are greedy? I thought the hardware (graphics) upgrade was required for this Airplay. I was reading an old article demonstration that Airplay could not of games, due to the bandwidth required for real time (when you dream youtube it buffers. Having seen AirPlay work in realtime on some games - its very very...
Appleinsider site is affiliated with adult sites?
Not that clear, but when I just ordered my new 11 inch, I could upgrade proc speed and I could upgrade storage to 256MB - on the 11 inch! cool
Looks to be way too many pins for an SD. I hope future iPad put SD at least in it - PIA carrying the dongle Way too many pins for some special Thunderbolt too maybe its a new doc connector - doc2? faster and more powerful than current doc connector
Having 4 teenage boys - they too would have loved iPhones - even without data plan. Like the touch, WiFi would have been plenty for data. So they get to carry two items, cheap boring phone and a touch.... maybe verizon will......
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