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just because he 'won' the honor of being called Lord by the Uk House, doesn't mean he has to wear it like a mantle
I would like to thank the Rabbi for making these couple of threads on Appleinsider some of the best in recent times. Funny, enlightening, and surprisingly quite uniting in spirit and opinion.
It was a lot longer ago than that when JObs, in some interview, (before he came back to apple?) said he wanted to design the best universal remote - the Controller Of Remote Electronics. I doubt he was serious at the time, but he was complaining about the number of boxes he had to play with, just to watch a movie
Joined at the middle? Oe layered? Some of the new flat screen edge led are really bright.
All this person does is troll,, sometimes with flame bait. I think its a racist remark.
Not really - the rubber type cases don't scratch - but would lack rigidity - thats why they are a cover. The hard plastic - sure it protects the glass, and yes it gets scratched - and is SO EASILY REPLACED. I don't use any covers on 4S, Pad2, they are thin, and i don't want to fatten them up
i cannot put myself in the same reference, but i live and love to work, and i work to love and live. My own dedication, pulling all nighters, missing parts of a vacation, have all been made up in being on other vacations, getting out of work as i wish to see my kids soccer, or whatever - inexcusable? - thats cos you never walked in his shoes
YES - i would not mind a small increase in width, 3-4mm, if we could take 30% of thickness. The girth would be similar or smaller. i don't use a case, even on my iPad2, because the thinness is very appealing. I was one of the few that liked the mtorola Q. Wasn't that bad in its day, and one of my kids still uses it. Before that I had the Treos - OMG I have one in my desk draw, its truly a brick - more useful as a personal defense weapon than my 4S
I already did. Ive gone with each iteration, and honestly - the cost is well worth it. the real cost in the use is the plan. what i meant was i would prefer if the screen viewable area was greater, but the size of the phone changed only in that the drive was thinner, i would prefer it more. One thing apple can do, but are unlikely, is to significantly increase the size of the phone (like some of the 4 inch droid types - and this would prevent a lot of people buying it.
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