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I dont - i use my iPad Ir frequently through the day, and evening, ( i have a couple) and I don't need to charge them nightly.When I go on a couple of day business trip, i too take my cordless toothbrush, but i don't need to take the charger.nightly charging of the watch would be ( & I doubt apple will let it happen) a reason that many people will either not buy, or buy, then neglect it in a draw after the novelty wears off
What on earth has that go to do with having to charge something strapped to your wrist every night?
Im impressed so far with the watch - & i expect Apple will keep working to get the between charges to several days. Otherwise, I for one will be deterred.What kind of BUM is going to sleep with watch on ? You really said that - I sleep with my watch on, so do many other people. and we are not bums - you think 10 seconds for the routine ???? ( take it off, charge it in 10 seances or less - WOW
Thanks for speaking for all of us./sI find my pebble steel very useful, its very good at what i use it for. It lasts 3 or 4 days, and its just about acceptable. I keep a charge cable at work, & one at home.I want to replace my pebble steel with a watch, but having to charge nightly is a deal breaker for me. Thats too much of a pain in the ass. I don't have to do that with my iPad(s) - not even with my Phone, since I often out it on a desk charger when working, and plug it...
Poor as in poor network performance, (around where I live it's awful) or designed for those with less disposable income ( who may be hoodwinked into thinking its cheaper. In the ling run)?
for all the people complaining about lefties - i suspect many of them are righties - and just being ornery - it seems you can already invert the display - putting the crown towards your wrist if you wear it on your right hand. I have a couple of nice TAG watches, an Omega - hey I'm not bragging, but they are very nice watches - and guess what - wear them on the wrong hand and there is no magic invert button - 
33 minutes in and ages back, along with stuttering video..... now no video again -  I know a lot of you were looking forward to this -  I think I will bail and try to watch it tonight. Kinda like watching the soccer world cup final the day after.....
wish i could say more - never thoughthard to judge the content, when its a bunch of broken up video, noisy overdubbing and restarts of the sameits amateur hour.
agreed - its amateur hour, (or at least the first 15 minutes
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