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waiting for your Apple Watch I got mine - eventually, faster than promised, 42mm SS with black strap... to anyone putting apple on shitlist  - it was frustrating waiting, but they made good on their promise delivery date - made when i ordered.    also i have pebble steel - with always on display, waterproof etc... i have NO desire to ever go back to the pebble, despite the couple of apparent advantages.....   its worth the wait people, it doesn't do much, but it...
If it's any help I ordere my. Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band Several hours after launch on same day. Just today it finall went to preparing for shipment and just now shipped!!!!So hang in there,,,
would be nice if they allowed a tethering add-on to grandfather - even if they data limited the tether
I just did at a store in Delaware where it worked a week ago, apple pay does NOT work nowWorse, it my never because Home Depot does not have a deal in places with Apple ?????From their chump,,,,“It’s something we’d like to do,” Steve Holmes, a spokesman for Atlanta-based Home Depot, said on Tuesday. However, a deal with Apple isn’t in place, so the plan isn’t final, he said. The chain, which currently accepts PayPal, also may add other kinds of mobile payment, he said.
I half agree, all current Bluetooth stylus I have truly sucked. Most only work with some apps, the lag, accuracy, and method are horrible,My time spent trying surface pro is pretty much, that the stylus experience is marginally better, it didn't suck as much
This device is going to be very thin!
jNot sure I agree, care to elaborate, with BLE
Each to their own. For many of us, it's a great way to watch premiership soccer, and was great in a previous incarnation to watch some Olympics.I have so called HD TV, but I also have found even streaming via AirPlay live extra from my iPad was better than the cable TV channel
may i ask how many minutes or hours after launch did you place your order?
Actual selling prices on eBay right now are crazy. mine is still 'processing' #frustrating
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