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if you were answering my post, its why i said..'maybe I'm missing something' (I'm not a Troll btw, i have some history on this site)from USPTO...In order for an invention to be patentable it must be new as defined in the patent law, which provides that an invention cannot be patented if:“(1) the claimed invention was patented, described in a printed publication, or in public use, on sale, or otherwise available to the public before the effective filing date of the claimed...
surely there is nothing new or innovative in this patent. Its a nice method - but surely its prior art. Maybe I'm missing something but i dont see whats 'new' we designed a small data gathering device for scoliosis vests several years ago. To access the data, you placed it on a reader which used two optical paths to communicate, configure and download the data.
Im getting very poor battery life since i upgraded to IOS9went to DC Sunday, charged in my car until 9:00 am, then made only 1 short call, took about 100 pictures, watched 15 minute video, used find friends about 20 times to reconnect with other members of trip, switched on low power around 5:00 at 20 %, phone flat by 7:00 pm.i checked the battery and it just showed percent of applications i was using... nothing weird.
ApplePay might be supported, but it seems Best Buy gift/store_credit/ cards cannot be added to Passbook.
thanks for that - the last fix i had from apple was a defective speaker (ear) i usually back up to computer - but the encrypted way is cool if it even saves passbook ( especially when you sometimes have to add cards twice - phone then watch)
i just found that - was this new to iTunes 12 ?i hope this remember all my apply pay data as well....i have a dodgy mute with on my iPhone, when muted, it turns on/off just from touching anywhere near the switch - driving me crazy, but re-enetering so much stuff has prevented me from taking it to apple for repair - now i can do that!
well not so easy - once restored you have to re-enter quite a bit of stuff, including entering your passwords multiple times, re-entering your credit cards for apply pay, fingerprints etc....  then some apps require re-entering of some data
i too use wifi much of the time, and often I'm below 1GB on my unlimited plan. My main concern is that if they now say 22GB, no one complains because thats very high, but then they could put to 3gb or lower in the future, because customers have 'accepted' unlimited is limited...
me too - even if they limited the tether to an even smaller amount, id take that, since they are still taking away my unlimited and replacing it with 22gb, 
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