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yes -not a bad compromise - getting it out of power reserve not so good..
there is a silent mode, maybe in the future, adding a 'STEALTH button to that same screen as the silent button is on, could be usefulin STEALTH only taptic, no sounds, no raise of wrist, requires either a touch or even better a force touch to light up the watch?[erhaps if the watch detects its dark ambient when you press the screen to see the time, it would be a (RED) dim watch face there is room if apple make the iPhone ping locator button smaller.
yes, and even their blue panel Life time (LT70) is only 5000 hours. 
Can you source a spec sheet that claims 50,000 hours use for an OLED TV?I can't - LG is shy, and measles around it. Dont get me wrong, i would have no issue believing that the OLED life is good enough for TV type usage, whereas my MBr is on all day at work.Please share 
thanks for posting, brightened up a monday even more than SJ quote in rolling stone already had-  
me too, not often you really get a good answer to 'what do you REALLY think about ms over the last few years Steve?'
Win 8 is the worst you have used? win me and windows vista were so so bad, you were very lucky to have missed those.win me was installed on so many 'crap boxes' that passed for personal computers, seems like all my kids friends families got stuck with it. 
who he?
thanks, you helped bring the the temperature of this heated conversation down.
who loves ya baby  "...a picture paints thousand words"
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