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someone is going to complain about the glossy screen.
Good morning Australia, read a few of the earlier posts, see why 50% is not 50% for inserting USB, including cartoons..... get your coffee first, goodnight.
not just thunderbolt, not even displayport, preventing using this new macbook with usb-c from being used with apples own 30 inch external monitor. I expect either Apple or a third party will soon make such an adapter
not sure its a lot of effort, per se, but its a pain.I design electronic instruments for a living, when I'm in the lab I am frequently plugging unplugging usb - not all nice cables either, mostly cheap versions. I have emulators, programmers, debuggers, rs232 dongles, all kinds of stuff. Its not a first world problem, but it's a pain in the ass.Considering when USB was invented, engineers actually knew about human user interfaces, ergonomics etc, AND we had all this legacy...
oh boy, please read a few more posts first to see the 50:50 argument...., grab some popcorn first
IMO it should be the other way round- 30 minutes is needed for cheapskates like me to try our the cheaper watches - aluminum v stainless for example those that can easily drop $10K-$17K won't waste 30 minutes, probably just need the minute or so to use ApplePay.
5 hours to sit an an Apple Store trying out a watch - you must be a total die hard fan, i salute you sir.
nice find - anyone know when Apple are opening up pre-order?
Paralleles and Vmware ought still to be able to work without VT-x and VT-d, but it has to make it much slower. I used to run both on an ATOM processor (before Apple made the Air) and yes - it ran - but very slow. This is something you may need to try - it could be a showstopper in your particular application.
What a good comment! Rather interesting when you follow you look, and after seeing that Core M is clearly NOT "aka atom" its so much faster, impressive benchmarks against cinebench, but then compare Core M to I5, and the differences are much smaller. Core M is positioned by Intel to sit between Atom and I5 etc, but its a lot closer, performance wise to I5. For those other people on this forum, complaining about the new MacBooks lack of performance, ports etc, please just...
New Posts  All Forums: