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and it will probably cope with all of that - statistically most people won't swim with it for example and the few that do - most watches will be ok. I intend to boat with mine, (maybe not jet ski (i lost a dive watch cos the pressure of a wave knocked it from my wrist!) When i design portable instruments, we usually do the 'survive 1m drop test on any side or corner) we pass, but I try to design it such that 1.5 meters will still be ok. If 10 meters is still ok - its a...
Possible also that Apple might under clock the processor to reduce current consumption.
MacBook, lowest build has been on the demo tables at my store for a while. I tried it last week, it's really a beautiful machine that seems very fast, and feels so much lighter than an air
and it supports Handoff" which mid 2011 air doesm'tI was almost ready to at at release day, ut foolishly decided to wait till i could check some real user experience in terms of speed, not just benchmarks. The I saw it in the Apple Store, now looks are not everything, BUT, its really incredible to see and use, and the store has only slowest ones for tryouts... I loaded up a bunch of numbers files, some page documents, combined documents, made them large, used safari, all...
I also own a MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2011), and despite it having bluetooth ble, and it seems all the right hardware, apple won't allow handoff, so I don't see the "Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices" 
I could not decide on a band when i ordered mine - so i went with stainless steel watch with just the 'sport band' the sport band is low cost - so no problem when i select my desired band. Also the sport band would be useful when I fish and boat, salt water doesn't care for leather too well...off topic but shame they don't offer the modern buckle in 42 mm
Done, although a ransoms were never paid for peasants, so they were never nabbed. Shame that original BBC computers (also 6502) are worth bugger all, even though the design team (some from Atom) went on from 6502 to the ARM core used in almost all mobile
I don't have one of these, but I do have some DIP 6502 processor somewhere. Any one want to offer me a kings ransom for one?
smart watches are already banned in my kids HS, from tests that is. As for lo-jack for your kid, an iPhone already has gps.
 where did i say anything WAS a fashion statement - i only said this moto is NOTjust because a product is made in china does not mean it cannot be a fashion statement - Not sure why the alleged son of an alleged god would need you to tell him that we are going backwards.you don't seem to know much about fashion - if you did you would know that fashion often goes 'backwards' body piercings for example last - A robin is a type of birdA robin has a red breastAnything that has...
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