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so ASE break even is 24 Million watches annual, for an entirely new product? Not only were ASE overly ambitious, i doubt they will remain a supplier leaking out info like this
yep - but - right now i can't plug my rMB into the thunderbolt (or even mini-display port) monitors we have around the place. thats a little frustrating.
as USB became so widespread, i suspect each and every committee member, in addition to becoming as frustrated as the rest of us with constantly trying to plug it in upside down, was also considerably embarrassed at such a poor decision.
Some on Netflix etc, getting to be more. If you ever ‘surf’ together with someone using your iPad for example, it would be nice if the resolution on the big display was better.I review circuits and designs at work with iPads and a big TV, it would be awesome if airplay was 4K for that.
I guess the next Apple TV will remain HD only, no 4K, airplay is still not always 100% in terms of connectivity on 1024 resolution, even with apple routers. I do hope it has 4K support though.
thats not what this is about. What you have is how most BT products are supposed to work. Example - i have a BT (audioX) device on a boat thats always powered. When I get back to the dock and stay relatively close, it is still connected, so its a pain to take calls cos my boat (that I'm not in) answers them. I have to "forget" the device if I'm staying close, and re-pair the next time. I could just turn of BT on the phone, but then my watch is disonnected. This new IOS 9...
no audio - just silent video and text - this is going to be HUGE /s
why not?When I'm asked - i suggest if they are not a watch person, they may not be wanting to keep using it, but I wouldn't stop someone. I bet some people have converted from not being watch people to being apple watch people.
I have one - wear it everyday - have my pebble steel to on of my kids.When people ask if its worth it get an apple watch - i say providing you have an iPhone (duh) and you normally wear a watch. and to all those who think its pointless - it helps me a great deal with the running of my business, and in the evenings its very nice to be still connected, yet my phone sits on a charger in the house, and i can still take the rare call, or infrequent text, and check my emails...
New Posts  All Forums: