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you said it  - options -
even additional bands are long order times still...
unless i misunderstand - you dont have to.play a tune in iTunes, lock you phone with the side button - the side volume controls still control volume.
I doubt a significant portion of 500Million AppleID accounts are >$200k though.I suspect Apple users earning >$200K are more likely to buy an apple watch.
honestly, you have never had to quit the app and reload, or reset the watch and re--pair the connections, forget the bluetooth etc.....?your very lucky - it was a weekly occurrence for me to do one or more of those..... ( and i had two pebble steel - on is at the bottom of a lake)
if the pebble was 100% reliable in its connectivity (no dumb dual bluetooth) feature for feature its hard to differentiate pebble v apple watch. the difference is pebble is in the seamless level of integration. the pebble is not a bad smart watch, the apple watch seems as though i have a useful chunk of my iPhone on my wrist, when you have tried both, they are like chalk and cheese.
when you find those alerts and notifications stop working occasionally, and the need 'occasionally' to re-pair the watch - you'll end up putting it in a drawer. That dual bluetooth connection ( two types of bluetooth required for pebble) is a problem. It worked great for me, 98% up time. Its the 2% when I ended up missing calls, and could no longer rely on leaving my phone on the desk is when my pebble hit the drawer. There was much to like about the pebble - but...
I think that connecting to exposed pins of a connector (albeit inside a strap) with the humidity of wearing on a wrist (washing hands etc...) may make connectivity less than stellar. This is possibly one reason why Apple won't allow battery straps - they connection would probably not be that reliable.
waiting for your Apple Watch I got mine - eventually, faster than promised, 42mm SS with black strap... to anyone putting apple on shitlist  - it was frustrating waiting, but they made good on their promise delivery date - made when i ordered.    also i have pebble steel - with always on display, waterproof etc... i have NO desire to ever go back to the pebble, despite the couple of apparent advantages.....   its worth the wait people, it doesn't do much, but it...
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