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I am not even talking about BBC news in general, I am talking about the BBC news headlines app that appears on many web TV's including samsung.  According to your little rant, BBC must be more biased than the US FOX news network - sorry but that oversight further reduces your credibility. BBC news in general may indeed be biased, but its almost certainly one of the least biased, and most trusted news organizations in the world.  Now - no need to further derail this...
Wish they would add the BBC news App, common on many web enabled TV. Is a very good app, and a great way to see 'unbiased' news in just a few minutes
but if you can and do innovate - don't litigate  ? that makes sense
becuae its bluetooth 4.0 so only later iPads. BT4.0 is so much faster connecting, and better than BT2 or BT3  
looks like they do have exchangeable knobs - but if x/y accuracy is limited by capacitive touch - then its no use for technical sketching - even with pressure. Bet oyu cannot easily and precisely extend a previously drawn line.
Your jealous because although you can speculate, you cannot speculate to all 3 significant places. Im surprised this analist left of the decimal part, perhaps its in that decimal where he can hedge his bets.
While I bought a nex-6 because i like the convenience of the anywhere type wifi link to my iPhone, so i can send pics, even for example when out on a boat - i was hoping these lenses would connect to the lightning port of the iPhone - so there would be zero config to do each time
you know i have - well after city cities and towns, and urban development, there is TONS of space..... much of it not easily made into farmland, (water soil etc) but lots of trees and, if we find a way of producing more water (yes there is a worldwide shortage) we can keep cutting down the trees.... this is from worls wide preservation foundation - they have some interest in sustainability...   ...deforestation emits 2.9 gigatons of carbon annually, more than a...
Agreed - there are so many recipes saved by bacon! and Pigs are so much smarter than cows - (see Animal Farm) If I had a spare $350K I would invest in cultured bacon.
SO he is banned - maybe a troll - i know not nor care - but most of his posts in THIS thread have been clear, and reasonably well written, and they made a very good point. The blind hatred was not particularly directed at anyone, but at a majority of the negative haters on this site. I don't support the concept of leaving Brin to sort it out on his own - he may or may never read any articles here, but if anything encourages home to spend money on decent scientific...
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