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Its bluetooth that is causing Airdrop to take forever to 'see' IOS devices. I can power on say 3 iOS devices, all on the same wifi, but only two of them on same icon account. It can take almost a minute before Airdrop on the MAC (Yosemite) sees them. IF one is NOT on the same wifi it takes even longer to see on the mac, and sometimes I only get to see it by toggling bluetooth on/off on the mac... the three IOS devices do see themselves a lot quicker.   I hope when they...
never mind - the current list is in "learn more' when you try to enter a credit card ...
is there a list of banks that support it? PNC said they were going to, but their lame website is still saying they are 'going' to with a 'check back here for updates' like you can't even have an email sent when they can.
you can stop by wall greens on your way home and try ApplePay there when you get your 'Tums'
The brown background one on the right really makes the thing look gorgeous.... wow, in fashion accessory, there is 'understated' and there is just plain ugh.
i use dropbox, and find it to be largely a very trouble free, well implemented system. Perhaps its biggest flaw, is if you share a directory with someone, and they at some point delete the files (rather easy in the windows version - my clients have done it several times) then those files are therefore deleted from your own folder. In my case, even time machine can be used to take care of that. - don't share folders containing items you don't want deleted by...
If you do find your mac has a telephone modem inside, you should immediately rush to an Apple store and buy something from the current century.....if you do get Yosemite to work on any mac that has an internal telephone modem, consider yourself a genius, and I for one am in awe.
if its not what know of as a netbook, then how is it a netbook? did it take you long to compose this sentence - hope not By chance i worked on large files of breathing data for a while this weekend, and since i had left my MBr at work, i used my 11 inch MBA, air played to a large projector, using matlab 2014rb. It was fast and effective.If you had ever used a netbook, for anything other than web surfing/email small word docs, you would never ever call the MBA a netbook....
Yes I agree, I hope they do leave it in, but they didn't do it for AirPlay tyen.It is quite expensive if you Just use it as a display, but it's really convenient. Often at my desk I want to show stuff on my iPad to a few people gathered, it would be nice just to be able to use it. In many ways it seems odd that I can't use my 27 apple monitor for my iPad or iPhone, but I can use the samsung display in a conference room ( via pile tv)
Maybe we will see a new iMac retina that can also be used as a retina display for a thunderbolt connected MacBook.Would be nice if it would even accept AirPlay, so you could use it as a display for your iPad / iPhone
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