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This device is going to be very thin!
jNot sure I agree, care to elaborate, with BLE
Each to their own. For many of us, it's a great way to watch premiership soccer, and was great in a previous incarnation to watch some Olympics.I have so called HD TV, but I also have found even streaming via AirPlay live extra from my iPad was better than the cable TV channel
may i ask how many minutes or hours after launch did you place your order?
Actual selling prices on eBay right now are crazy. mine is still 'processing' #frustrating
I have NOT tried this  - i started to do it manually on my mid2011 macbook air - but got distracted,   https://github.com/dokterdok/Continuity-Activation-Tool/     this is the long winded way...   http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=20015070&postcount=609
me neither, as in NEVER!  This is a good move for MS. It make it simpler to write for multiple platform apps of course. Im tired of some stuff still not being available on a Mac.
Agreed. Beautifully constructed lines of code ( example in C) can make me smile, sometimes with a little envy. Then there is the rest - without realizing it, I might have worked with some obfuscated C champs in my career.
its ok, the watch is supposed to mean you don't have to keep taking your phone out to check stuff, well these days I'm taking my phone out 4 times a day just to see if my watch is shipping! I wanted the sport, but by the time i woke up, sports were June. Not much to choose between them - they both look great.
Stop with this - for many of us still waiting for Apple store to move on from "Processing items" this just added to my frustration. I ordered two hours late, a SS with sports band. I could just pucker up and get one tomorrow from eBay - you should see the crazy prices they are actually selling for....
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