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hey - thanks for this, after stone comment, i thought i would hold off until BH have parts for this new one. I may order your friends suggestion - i have kids - they can always use it afterwards
I thank you for doing so - i have yet to buy a drone - but have been thinking about it for a while - i dont want to spend that much but  do want really decent quality video. Any drone, by its nature is likely to suffer damage, and this is an item where customer service and spare parts are much more important than for products that stay on the desk. 
thats sad. I do need to use MS just for compatibility with clients (larger corporations)when i get a big excel demo them its faster to use excel for windows 2003 in parallels than native mac excel 2011 ( seconds compared to minutes!!)i did make the mistake of installing 2011 outlook - that fucker still has things running that spoils MS own update, even though i never use the outlook and tried hard to delete every bit of it.maybe by the time the new 2016 version ois ready...
agreed - many expensive watches are heavier - implies quality. Weight of my SS is fine - simply not an issue. Thinner maybe good, although again its current thickness seems just right. Thinner would suggest smaller diameter wheel - which would not be good.
they'll get mine too, as i will upgrade. You maybe saving money by not going with the first gen - but I'm really enjoying the experience. I dont get many calls or texts in the evening, i do get iCloud photo updates from a grandkids folder shared with my kids, end even their spouses in-laws. Just the watch on my wrist, phone is usually left on a charger in my study, and i can be anywhere in the house, or in the yard with an adult drink - and i can take the odd call on my...
update - sad, because find friends still nit available, as of 5:20 pm here on the east coast. I was effected by outages today, but when you check apples website it simply says they were "slower than normal" Why can they not be truthful?   Multiple iCloud Services - Some users were affected Users may have noticed slower than normal performance when using iCloud Drive, My Photo Stream, iWork for iCloud, Backup & Restore, iPhoto Journals, iMessage attachments, Mail Drop,...
surely it would use its built in sensor to orient the nighttime watch the correct way, depending on watch orientation. Unlike apple to miss things like that
perhaps should have been pointed out in the review.
Not quite sure why removal of home button is always seen as a good thing. Whatever menus appear on the screen, a separate home button can always be relied upon to be consistent.I would like to see force touch added though (on the screen) I like it on my macbook 12 inch, with the only complaint is thats its under utilized at this point
so what about when you have several apple tv, situated miles apart, and that maybe your kids have signed in under their account on one - it would still have to function as your hub for home kit.
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