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not just thunderbolt, not even displayport, preventing using this new macbook with usb-c from being used with apples own 30 inch external monitor. I expect either Apple or a third party will soon make such an adapter
not sure its a lot of effort, per se, but its a pain.I design electronic instruments for a living, when I'm in the lab I am frequently plugging unplugging usb - not all nice cables either, mostly cheap versions. I have emulators, programmers, debuggers, rs232 dongles, all kinds of stuff. Its not a first world problem, but it's a pain in the ass.Considering when USB was invented, engineers actually knew about human user interfaces, ergonomics etc, AND we had all this legacy...
oh boy, please read a few more posts first to see the 50:50 argument...., grab some popcorn first
IMO it should be the other way round- 30 minutes is needed for cheapskates like me to try our the cheaper watches - aluminum v stainless for example those that can easily drop $10K-$17K won't waste 30 minutes, probably just need the minute or so to use ApplePay.
5 hours to sit an an Apple Store trying out a watch - you must be a total die hard fan, i salute you sir.
nice find - anyone know when Apple are opening up pre-order?
Paralleles and Vmware ought still to be able to work without VT-x and VT-d, but it has to make it much slower. I used to run both on an ATOM processor (before Apple made the Air) and yes - it ran - but very slow. This is something you may need to try - it could be a showstopper in your particular application.
What a good comment! Rather interesting when you follow you look, and after seeing that Core M is clearly NOT "aka atom" its so much faster, impressive benchmarks against cinebench, but then compare Core M to I5, and the differences are much smaller. Core M is positioned by Intel to sit between Atom and I5 etc, but its a lot closer, performance wise to I5. For those other people on this forum, complaining about the new MacBooks lack of performance, ports etc, please just...
you may vehemently disagree, but as someone who owned several MGB in UK, all from the late 60's to late 70's, the MGB is alive and well, but lives under the miata mx5 badge. the new 2016, although way too  little horses for me now, looks incredible. Pisses me off the was BL screwed up the MG marque.
New Posts  All Forums: