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I don't understand what purpose flyover is supposed to serve. Does anyone actually use it? If so could you talk about how it helps?
The patent royalty charged by the HEVC group for H.265 probably makes it MORE likely to become popular than Google's "free" alternative (although, the 0.5% of all revenue will probably get a lot of pushback and will likely be lowered, IMO).   The patent royalty fee is better looked upon as a patent immunity fee. The HEVC group protects you from being sued for using the H.265 codec. Google's "free" codec, OTOH, offers no patent immunity, and opens up the users of the...
I know right! Think of all the trees that were chopped down and the amount of space that was wasted on the internet because AI printed this article! It's a travesty! Especially since the government forces us to read every article that is printed on Appleinsider.com
Or rather have a disembodied professional voice replace us completely.
Google Voice has been doing this for years. I had Google voice enabled on my phone solely for the voicemail transcription feature (it also texted you the transcription).
It's BS spin. Maybe misanticipation of the curved model would have caused issues in the beginning, but it almost certainly did not affect total sales. What were people who wanted the curved screen but it wasn't available gonna do? There is no other manufacturer providing curved screens, so they would either wait, or buy a different phone (also uncurved) which would likely be the flat S6.
It's a beta?
It isn't. It really isn't. Profits means Apple is creating a sustainable business which can survive and grow on its own merits. A sustainable business means they dont insert the junk that PC makers install on their devices to try and make a profit. A sustainable business means no SuperFish, and no hijacking your internet usage to route it through the Device makers ads. A sustainable business means that Apple has incentives to provide support and upgrades for a much greater...
I'm pretty sure Samsung was closer to 30-40% a couple of years ago. Android sellers are getting crushed. Samsung will probably swing to losses very soon too.
Samsung actually makes about 15% of the profit. Samsung + Apple > 100% profit share because everyone else is making losses.
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