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I'm pretty sure Samsung was closer to 30-40% a couple of years ago. Android sellers are getting crushed. Samsung will probably swing to losses very soon too.
Samsung actually makes about 15% of the profit. Samsung + Apple > 100% profit share because everyone else is making losses.
This is great. I am an Office 365 subscriber, and my most used apps (outside the browser) on my iPhone and iPad are all MS apps (The Office Suite). The Mac apps were unusable, so I didnt do much with them, but if th enew apps are good, then it will make life even easier for me. As others mention above, Apple had a great opportunity to unseat OFfice. Keynote was head and shoulders beyond Powerpoint. Pages with styles and layouts was much nicer to use than Word (although it...
Credit to Daniel Eran Dilger. He had predicted the underground images a few weeks ago, based on Apple's Maps displays in China.   http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/05/23/apple-maps-in-china-offer-a-sneak-peak-whats-in-store-for-maps-in-ios-9
Really? Why can't I replace set a default Maps app then? My original workflow used to be: 1) 3rd party app opens location in default maps app2) I click directions, and I get transit directions from my current location to my destination. My new workflow is:1) 3rd party app opens location in default maps app2) I click on the transit tab, and wait several seconds for iOS to load all the installed registered transit apps (btw, why the hell is this not cached so it opens...
+++ I am as big an Apple fan as any, and I don't understand why people are happy with a world where Apple controls all my devices as well as all the services I can access. And what makes it even worse, my only legitimate alternative (at least for services...no way am I entering the Android cesspool again until the manufacturers fix their support at the very least) is Google, who only wants to mine my personal information for their benefit. I love (loved?) OSX because it is...
Google has no reason to dump Apple as a supported platform. In fact, Google cannot afford to dump Apple as a supported platform. Apple, on the other hand, has massive reasons to dump Google if they can. By keeping Google, Apple is providing Google with a ton of data and information which allows Google to enhance its services as well as enhance Android, the iPhone's largest competitor, and easily Apple's greatest existing threat.
I agree that right after a launch, Apple keeps stock to sell directly. However, AT&T continues to lack Apple (and other manufacturers) models well after the initial launch, while other stores, including T-Mobile, Verizon, and independent sellers like Best Buy have all models in stock. It's clear that AT&T is either poor at managing their inventory, or decides to only stock 1-2 models of iPhones in their stores. I switched from AT&T to TMobile recently, and more than the...
Ugh, IMO, Ping was the beginning of the decline of iTunes. Another Ping is not a reassuring thought.
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