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While this is theoretically true, it ignores the reality that airlines have only used iPads so far. This may be due to multiple reasons. Features which it make it more secure. Software development is far easier. Build quality and reliability is far higher.Additionally, as pointed out above, the FAA has only approved the ipad to use in cockpits, so it is fair to say the ipad is currently fully responsible for this.
The worst part is that the ios app is still miles better than apps on other platforms.But they have a tremendous user base.
Actually, what is ridiculous is that Facebook doesn't yet have a phone out yet. They have the best communication platform in the world, with the best and most popular contact management system ever.
In practice, users don't really like updates. Especially UI changes. It just means that instead of actually getting their work done, they have to relearn aspects of the tool they use to get work done.Our company switched to Google docs, and then back to MS Office, because the non-tech users grew sick of randomly having changes in their workflow forced upon them. At least with MS Office when they were upgraded, it could be planned to coincide with a period f time which was...
Agreed. Dividend is nothing but losing shareholders money (because of double taxation, and transaction costs).   Apple should buy back shares, because they are heavily undervalued.
Makes sense and completely explains why analysts have been bad mouthing apple.
What does this give you that the Square product does not? And what about your electricity costs? What about maintenance and the risk of getting viruses?And can you carry this to different parts of the store to charge up people not necessarily at the register itself? Can you use it to easily and conveniently also maybe display items which are not currently on display but you have for sale?Finally, that thing is just plain ugly (and the touchscreens usually don't work well...
Yeah, try programming your inventory in I e if those things. The PoS software they usually provide (I am not even considering the ones which do t provide a hookup to a computer to program) means the time you put in would probably make up the difference at minimum wage. I setup a store for a friend, and after he had 3 other very intelligent people try, he turned to me. It took me over 50 hours to program everything in (admittedly they stocked a lot of inventory, and the bar...
Are you serious? People trust Amazon? The company which retroactively goes out and disables books on your Kindles? I am really amazed, tbh.
I have stopped wearing a watch, unless I am doing an interview, or something. Currently, it does largely only serve as a fashion statement.   However, a smart watch (such as the Pebble) changes the equation completely, because it offers easy and immediate access to a lot more functionality. And if the smartwatch had some stuff like a pulse reader mixed in, it would be a tremendous workout device.   A smartwatch can be awesome. It can handle the vast majority of your...
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