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No. Unless they want to sell their products there.Samsung can very well choose to ignore US law, but then they should also be prepared to withdraw their products from US markets.
  I'm sorry, but this isn't even close to true.   Smartphones were trending in 2 directions:   1) QWERTY style phones, with trackpads to control a cursor (kinda like how laptops work, like how BBs were designed, and how all Android prototypes till mid 2007 were designed) 2) Touchscreens which implanted a desktop style interface on the phone, and were operated with a stylus (like Windows Mobile, O2 and Nokia phones)   There was absolutely no movement towards a touchscreen...
This is true. Which is why Apple continues to make much greater profits than Samsung.That being said, Apple almost certainly needs to enter a lower price point (without contract) to be competitive in non-contract bound markets. Apple is extremely uncompetitive in markets where pre-paid, and bring your own phone models are prevalent. And these are the markets where future growth will occur.If Apple is able to release an iPhone for 200-300 without a contract, they will...
Good job by Samsung. Even better job by Google, which continues to barely break even (and not even come close to recovering all the costs of acquisitions and development) with Android, so Samsung can gain record profits. If anyone thinks Larry Page isnt fuming right now, watching Samsung make all the money while Google does all the hard work, they are dreaming. As far as Google is concerned, the Motorola acquisition cannot be completed fast enough.
Lol at Google taking huge losses on Android so they can gift profits to Samsung.
I think the answer is Yes. I think that is the best point. If you want to set a reminder while you are working on your laptop at work, you do this, and whatever device you have in handy (i.e. your phone, or your iPad) will remind you about that then.
What I want to know is whether you can set the GeoFencing alerts to open an App, like you can right now for events in iCal. The reason is that I can then use the geofencing to automatically run a script which changes my network profile depending on whether I am at my office, or at home. That would be Awesome!
People don't usually stand in lines because they are worried they won't get it. They almost always do it for the fun factor. E.g., anyone think that music stores would run out of the second Lady Gaga album on the first day? Yet there were huge lines outside multiple stores of Gaga fans.
True, but will times ever be so tough that Apple will need over $100Bn to bail them out? Has any company ever held such a large cash reserve?
A stock buyback makes most sense when the market is suffering, and the stock is cheap.
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