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Btw, that CNet article absolutely reads like a paid advertorial. It probably isn't as obvious as that, but I bet it's something like "Hey CNet, we will give you exclusive interviews with all our top guys if you write a positive article about the Gear's development". And while even CNet isn't going to stoop as low as to call the turd that is this "smart"watch a decent product, they made it about Samsung, and how impressive they were in quickly delivering this (crap) product.
I dont understand something.   Samsung has been working on this since 2011, but at the same time they finished it only in "6 months" with massive changes in the last few weeks of release displaying the strength of their vertical integration.   So which is it? 2 years, or 6 months?   And the review claims it is style over substance. While that does seem to have been Samsung's attitude while developing this POS, I will quibble and call it "lack of style over substance"...
 Hmm...So Apple should build a device which has 5 times the most expensive component in the iPhone and sell it for the same price as the iPhone. Okay. Little Pedro needs to go back to his meds.
 In what way does it limit the device from an end user perspective. And to counter your question about 256mb of RAM, What is wrong with you? Why are you demanding only 4GB. Why not 64GB of RAM? Or 256GB of RAM? Or Gazzillion GB of RAM? Like most things in life, you need to balance out several different consequences. And Apple has decided that 1GB allows them to meet that balance the best. And considering the success they have had (and that their devices have always been...
 Agreed. Qualcomm aint going anywhere. You can't be in the cellphone business and not see some of your money go to Qualcomm. Apple would be stupid, at the very least, to dump Qualcomm based on these comments (even if they don't use Qualcomm CPUs and SoCs, they do use their networking chips, which are the best in the business and will only get better).
 RAM sucks up a lot of power when idle. Adding more RAM than necessary is a surefire way to battery power hell.
He basically just said that his own companies major products provide "zero benefits" to customers.
 You gotta understand Qualcomm's perspective. 5 years ago, Apple wasn't even in the chip business. However, this is pretty much ALL Qualcomm does. The A4/A5 CPUs were a little behind the contemporary processors, but made up for it using the GPU. A6 and variants almost caught up to the contemporary chips. The A7 has taken a leap forward which demonstrates the unique advantages Apple's integration gives it. Something Qualcomm just cannot replicate. Like the guy points out,...
They would not be right based on the information in this article alone. For all you know, the ipad is an even bigger money generator. And the Mac makes even more money (we know both aren't true, but I am talking about the logic of your statement based solely on the information provided in this article).Until we know how much money Apple makes in other business lines, it is impossible to call them a 1 trick pony.
 I can't get over a Blackberry enthusiast complaining about innovation at any other company... (except maybe Moto and the Razr).
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