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It would be hilarious if Apple is deliberately delaying their SmartWatch waiting for Samsung to waste as much money as possible, before releasing theirs, and showing how it is done.
This just sounds dumb. Spend a small percentage of that 3.2bn to keep good employees like the Core Animation developer within the company instead of something silly like this. This may be a worse move than Brewett.
Since NPD thinks wearables are hype, for the first time I believe wearables are the next big thing.
This may have been possibly true with iOS 7.0, but is completely false since 7.1 (not sure about the exact version). iOS7 did not make the phones slower (it made them faster) but the time durations for animations were too long, which made the phone feel slower. With a subsequent update (again, not sure which version this was) Apple changed the time settings, and animations take much less time, making it a much faster and smoother experience than iOS 6.0. Or you may be...
As a storeowner maybe you want different sizes. But that is precisely the point. For Groupon (and all the other people creating POSes), adding 1 additional size would cost so much more than the cost of an iPad simply in testing costs. And this isn't a silly fart app. These are apps which deal with significant chunks of money, so any bugs could lead to issues which could shutdown the company. Flexibility = Greater development costs. Which is precisely why the creators of...
 Many reasons: 1) An iPad looks better.2) The few $100s extra an iPad costs will be more than made up in the lower development costs.3) They are easier to maintain.4) A developer can develop an app for the iPad, and storeowners can continue updating (so they aren't exposed to security holes) and the apps are almost certainly gonna continue working, since Apple is really good with BC in iOS. But really, #2 it is. The money saved in developing and maintaining an iOS app as...
My biggest problem with Groupon is how it skews Foursquare and Yelp reviews. Especially smaller businesses struggle to handle the large influx of Groupon users, who then leave a bunch of 1 star reviews, making some really good restaurants, etc. look bad. Of course, the small business should have known better, but a lot of them get fooled by Groupon's really good salespeople. And their business suffers massively because of it. Besides, I am amazed how entitled the Groupon...
Agreed. Maybe they should take that $3.2Bn and buy Foursquare, instead of junk like Beats.
If I want to meet more than 1 person, it is way more cumbersome to dial both, and coordinate their times, and agree upon locations. This seems like it will make the process far easier and friendlier.
AppleApple never denied the Apple HDTV. Yet you can't but it anywhere.The fact that Apple has not even given a no comment is good indications that this is BS.
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