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Agreed.. Apple is moving into business. Ethernet is very important here. The optical disk is worthless. Better to carry an external one.
RSS was so poorly implemented in Safari, I am amazed people actually used it. RSS in Safari served 1 purpose only. And that was to popularize the format, and bring it to masses which had never heard of it. It has served that purpose, and most people are far better off using a dedicated RSS Reader (seriously, just give NetNewsWire a try, and you will wonder why you ever used Safari).
Except, Apple isnt curtailing who benefits from the assembly line. They are simply saying that if a competitors is using that same assembly line, they will choose to go to another assembly line.
Would this cause anti-trust scrutiny? Apple is unlikely to have said "Hey, you cannot build stuff for them". They would have said "Hey, if you continue building stuff for them, we will take our business elsewhere". I dont see why that raises anti-trust concerns. Apple has all the rights in the world to do business with whoever they want (except, they cannot discriminate on grounds of sex/race/etcÂ….I doubt competitors are protected by this).
Resolution Independence is dead. It doesnt work. Apple found a much better (in terms of actually being achievable) solution in "Retina" resolutions (i.e., simply doubling resolutions). Resolution Independence is unlikely to happen within the next decade (unless we find an easy way of converting all bitmap images to vector images).
Yup. In fact, I think it is more important for the phone than anything else. With wireless syncing, people rarely connect their phones to their computers, so their phones rarely get fully backed up (or if they do, the backup takes a long time...). Faster WiFi speeds should solve this.
My mom got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. It goes unused because shed much rather use my iPad. However, the reason she got the Kindle Fire (over an iPad) still applies, in that it is something she can fit in her purse, which you can't do with the iPad. I would really love to see a 7" iPad Mini, even if it was a limited device, which only served media, kind of like the Fire.
While this is true, it was a consequence of the European court's illegal-monopoly judgments against MS rather than any actions taken by Ballmer that caused this to happen.
I agree. WP7 is actually very nice, and is a legitimate iOS competitor, which blazed its own path rather than slavishly copying Apple. I think MS does indeed stand a decent chance, especially if they get some enterprise features working well (and the Office suite on it, maybe).
Exactly. I was sure we were gonna see the iPhone 4S2. This guy has blown my mind.
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