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  The argument can easily be refuted by the Motorola Rokr. It arrived well before the iPhone, and pre-iphone it was the only phone which could play iTMS music. And it failed. Miserably.   Clearly the lock-in factor didnt do anything at all for it. And this was during a period when Motorola was amongst the hottest phone manufacturers (largely because of the Razr) with only BlackBerry competing with them in terms of consumer desirability.
Lol..I actually owned that phone. And to call it anything like the iPhone is ridiculous beyond words. Just at the external design level, how many Samsung phones have SAMSUNG and VODAFONE printed in bold across the front? And don't even get me started on the software. When you scrolled a list, the list scrolled in the opposite direction it does in phones today (so if you move your finger down, in current phones, you see things above in the list....in this phone, you saw...
While you are right, Applecannot be blamed. That report came out on the first day of the "quiet period" before any earnings report where executives should not be speaking publicly or else the SEC will probably she their asses off.That in itself should have given investors a hint about the BS the report was, however, our stock market system is no longer an investment tool, but a con game designed to scam the little guys out of their money.
    These are naming conventions, not decimal numbers.
Ummm...no.   He is saying that just like they used 10.4.10 and 10.4.11, they can use 10.10 and 10.11
Looks really ugly. Sorry, but in today's world of smartphones, the only purpose a watch serves is as a fashion statement. This makes a little bit of a fashion statement because of the coolness factor, but the extreme ugliness just ruins it. The iPod Nano makes as much of a "geeky cool" fashion statement, and is pretty good looking to boot.
Actually, even there, Samsung simply made LG knockoffs (which made Japanese knockoffs).   Samsung has a long and storied tradition of copying. Phones are only the latest category in which they bring their unique replication talents.
If it wasn't for Samsung, WP7, and even Palm might have been doing better, both of which weren't iOS rip-offs. If it wasn't for Samesung, maybe even the Nexus line of phones would be doing decent, which while largely an iOS ripoff through Android, at least had differentiating hardware.
But, but, but Android is winning.... And Apple is DOOMED!!!
They WERE trying to be the new IBM. Which is why they hired Leo. However, when he started making the moves that IBM made (selling off the PC division) they promptly fired him, although the board was absolutely in favor of that decision. The market did not react as they expected and they pinned the blame on Leo (which was successful, because Leo was indeed incompetent. But let's not forget, it was the same board that hired Leo in the first place).The reality is that HP has...
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