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Really? What specs? Heck, the Galaxy S4 barely surpassed the year old iPhone5 when it was released a month ago. The iPhone 5s absolutely crushes the latest Androids. Crushes them so bad that Samsung went out and released a press statement Osborning their current product ("Hey, we will have 64 bit soon too!!!").
I think the issue with the media and the "analysts" is basically that Apple is an unconventional company.   Apple has ALWAYS done things differently and not listened to the pack. The analysts wanted a cheap phone, but Apple does not DO cheap. This is netbooks all over again. The only difference is that when the netbooks phase was happening, the Apple CEO was Steve Jobs, and by virtue of his LONG and extremely SUCCESSFUL track record, the analysts knew that only they...
Good points. Yours was probably the only decent response to my comment and brings up a point I did not consider. (The fact that someone managed to read my words and think I was implying the 5c is a failure is crazy. How does 9m phones in 3 days ever mean failure?).I am trying to determine the Apple strategy with the 5c.I speculated that based on the fact that it didn't outsell the 5s in the first week apple either mispriced it (unlikely) or they never wanted it to be the...
 My narrative? I don't have a narrative. It is clear the iPhone 5c is selling far less than the 5s. Are you doubting that fact? Based on that I am speculating whether Apple mispriced the 5c, or if it was their plan all along. Based on their track record it is probably the latter. I don't have a narrative, and I am not saying Apple is doing it wrong.
Apple did awesome. But I think the 5c sales show that the 5c might be overpriced. I think Apple could have made it about $50-$100 cheaper and it would have done a lot better. There is no reason for the 5c to ever be priced the same as the 5s (which happens at the $200 level).   Although that may be part of Apple's upsell strategy, and low 5s yields are the driver behind them marketing the 5c so heavily.
The most annoying type of comment on the Internet are comments questioning who would be interested in the story and stating that since the commenter themselves might not be interested the story should not have been posted.It's the freaking Internet. If you aren't interested in the story don't click the link. Instead you yourself gave this story several page views and wrongly inflated the measure of interest in this story.Talk about shooting your own foot..
The HTC phones have always been better than the Samsung ones. And the One is way better than the S4. Unfortunately, HTC did not "slavishly copy" Apple (even Google was worried that Samsung's designs were too much like Apple's).For all the jokes fandroids like to crack about the rounded corner issue, it was exactly stuff like that which Samsung exploited, especially with their S2, to get some of the positive emotions people had towards Apple products towards their products.
iOS 7 is at least another 4 months to wide release. Apple has been releasing versions with design tweaks and changes every 2 weeks. And you don't think it is possible Apple may make more changes to improve the design?
I owned and used an S3 for months. Just a terrible, terrible experience. Honestly, my original iPhone (bought in 2007) was performing better than the S3. I really could not fathom how people were even comparing Android to iOS (about the only thing that was good on it was being able to make Whatsapp my default messaging service and quick controls to turn on/off some settings).However, since the S3 was a hand down from my dad (he used it a few months and gave it to me after...
Here is the problem with that theory.Where is the "monopoly" which Apple could abuse? Windows is a true monopoly. iOS, as fandroids love to remind all and sundry, was never a market share leader. Maybe in tablets, but when you consider ebook readers (this is a lawsuit about ebooks, after all) the ipad is certainly wasn't a market share leader (Amazon had already sold millions of regular Kindles before the ipad was ever demoed).
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