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Okay, let's look at the counter-argument. What if the article had said "American Airlines is the first airline in the USA to have been approved by the FAA to use an iPad...". That would mean that it is possible that British Airways, which is not a US based airline could have already got approval from the FAA. The statement was absolutely accurate. Its okay to make mistakes (I don't even want to count how many stupid comments I have made on AppleInsider itself) but...
So? You do realize that Siri, by virtue of being purchased by Apple, is now Apple, right? Oh, btw, Android was purchased by Google. As was the only money making operation in their entire company, Adsense. So basically, by your definition, Google does not have its own Mobile OS, and does not even make any money. Brilliant.
I don't get your point. The statement you quoted was completely accurate. You do know that airlines based outside the US also have to fly into the US and need FAA approval for that, right?
To be fair, the Macbook Air became an "ultra book" only with the release of the late 2010 models, and the price drops which accompanied it, still giving Apple at least a year's head start.
iAds exists for one major reason. The fear that Google can greatly subsidize Android phones because of ad revenue in the future. Unless Apple had a Google ad competitor they would not have been able to counter that. The current failure of iAds is not a problem because mobile ads are not as big an industry. However iAd gives Apple a foot in the ad industry and experience which will help them compete if this market ever becomes big enough. Apple is still tweaking iAd to...
ThE "light" iPad sales are not surprising considering all thr competitors are clearing inventory at fire sale prices. Additionally, the Kindle should hurt a bit right now, but once customers realize it is no iPad, the kindle effect should subside also. Finally, most are expecting a big iPad 3 update, so that is the next step for Apple
Despite my previous comment I hope this spurs Apple to offer even more to developers.
Lol. If by downward trajectory you mean upward trajectory. And if by killing it you mean making a few millions a year after losing many billions to establish it. And if by killing it marketshare wise you mean competing neck and neck for the 2nd place spot in the industry.
The same way they prevented theft in the past without EasyPay. If you were planning on stealing, you could pick up te item and leave with it in the past even before EasyPay existed. EasyPay does not change any of that. If theft becomes a problem, the simple solution would be exit scanners at the door. Maybe hae RFID chips which broadcast a unique item number on each item which can be read by the scanner, which looks into an online database to make sure it was paid for.
I disagree. AT&T is the only network that even CAN provide HSPA+ speeds. What about the Verizon/Sprint people? Frankly, LTE is not yet ready for primetime. The network coverage isn't all that great, and the chips are battery hogs. However, this will change very rapidly by mid 2012, and Apple really needs the next iPhone to be LTE capable.I think Apple certainly needs a second screen size. Not Android like mini-tablets, but a 4" screen size would be good. Personally,...
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